The week in "Late Night," which really was the week in "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"
We all heard and saw a lot of press about late-night TV in the past week, but would you believe that the person who got the most beneficial coverage in the past seven days was the guy you'd least suspect? Unless you were considering Carson Daly.... [Read More]
Early 'Conan' Ratings Rival Leno | THR
Conan O'Brien could have some sweet, sweet victory when the national ratings come out later today. The early household metered market numbers show the TBS premiere of Conan rivaling NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Conan drew a 2.8 rating. Tonight a 2.7. Late Show with David Letterman a 2.5. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a 1.2. Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson a 1.4. These are shaky local market household ratings, but they do suggest good news for O'Brien. [Read More]
Laugh Track: Full Benefits, Very Mary-Kate, and Hello My Name Is, plus Nick Vatterott | The A.V. Club
it’s a great time to be a comedy fan. From the Internet: Full Benefits, Very Mary-Kate, and Hello My Name Is, plus Nick Vatterott on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. [Read More]
Is the Good-Natured Jimmy Fallon the Logical Heir to the 'Tonight Show' Chair? | New York Magazine
in the past year, in the relative safety of his 12:35 a.m. time slot, Fallon has been cultivating a distinct, and refreshing, strain of humor: the comedy of unabashed celebration. If other late-night shows have come to feature a familiar crankiness—directed at politicians, our trashy culture, or rival talk-show hosts—Fallon, by contrast, now presides over a goofy, raucous, playful, innovative hour of shameless shenanigans. It’s Jimmy Fallon’s late-night house of joy. [Read More]
Things you may or may not see on Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars" benefit show tonight
I don't know if you can ever have too many stars on a benefit show, but Comedy Central certainly tries every two years on behalf of autism research with its Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education, which airs again to... [Read More]
Nick Vatterott Whips Out Giant Set List On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Nick Vatterott is one of the few I can un-ironically call a merrymaker. I laugh at Nick the way a kid laughs at keys jangling, shiny keys. Unlike jangling keys, there's always a strong premise behind his work. Since I am a fan of Nick, I was so glad to see him perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Friday. It starts out pretty normal and slowly evolves into something else entirely… [Read More]
Chris Gethard appeals to Diddy on Jimmy Fallon show
In case you missed Friday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon because you were out laughing your ass off at a comedy club like me, all you need to know is #DiddyGethard. And if you find that hashtag as inappropriately funny as I do and want to know more,... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon's got America's Got Talent
Jimmy Fallon, in Los Angeles this week preparing to host the Emmys this coming Sunday, showed up last night on the set of America's Got Talent to show off some of his talent impersonating various other comedians. As in: Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosb... [Read More]