Podcast of the Week: The Joe Rogan Experience w/ guest Dane Cook | Third Guy Ducks
Cook might be doing these shows at the perfect time. He's past his peak of popularity; the controversy surrounding him is dying down; his act is moving (just perceptibly) away from the manic physical performances that got him his early attentions; his early self-promotion online is now so standard in the industry that he really can't be accused of anything but being way ahead of the game when he vaulted using MySpace; and even if he's still not your favorite comic, his longevity is more and more... [Read More]
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton: Interview on The Sound of Young America
Rob McElhenney had a short film idea. He roped his friends into helping him film it, and soon it was a sitcom pilot. They took that pilot to FX, and the result was It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. McElhenney, who stars on the show as Mac, is our guest on The Sound, along with one of the buddies he roped into the whole affiar, Glenn Howerton. Howerton plays Dennis, and along with their third co-conspirator, Charlie Day, helps write and produce the show. McElhennye and Howerton talked to us abou... [Read More]
Fresh Air Remembers Comedian Robert Schimmel | NPR
Portions of this interview were originally broadcast on March 12, 2008 Comedian Robert Schimmel, who was known for his self-deprecating, sexually explicit stand-up act and for his frequent appearances on Howard Stern's radio shows, died Friday from injuries suffered in a car accident. He was 60 years old. [Read More]
Comedy Writer and Performer Jon Glaser: Interview on The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun
Jon Glaser is a comedy writer and performer. After beginning his comedy career on the mainstage at Second City, he wrote for and gave life to various characters on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Glaser has also written for The Jenny McCarthy Show, The Dana Carvey Show and Human Giant. His newest project is a show on Cartoon Networks' [adult swim], Delocated, about a reality show centered on a man in the witness protection program. The show is entering its second season. [Read More]
Joke Stealing: Is Comedy Justice Blind? | The Comedy Nerds
Thievery. In the comedy world there is no greater crime. Should you ever steal? The answer is simple: No. Never. Don’t do it. Except… [Read More]
How Personal Is Too Personal? | The Comedy Nerds
Some people reveal every last terrible detail of their lives. But do you want to walk around in the world having everyone know your deepest, darkest secrets? What about the people in your life, can you talk about things they may have done? Or do barriers equal the death of creativity and comedy, so just throw it all out there? [Read More]
Denis Leary to release songs “Douchebag,” “Bless Me Father” for Comedy Central
Denis Leary, star of FX’s Rescue Me, and his band, the Enablers, are set to drop two new digital singles on Aug. 17. The new songs are “Douchebag,” a melody about the kind of people who wear soc... [Read More]
Going Inside The Comedy Mind With Inside Joke | The Comedy Nerds
Is there a big comedian of which you are a fan? If so, then Carl Arnheiter has probably talked to them on his fantastic show Inside Joke. Carl specializes in smart, fun, insightful talks with the bi... [Read More]
The Daily Show's Gayest Conservativest "Haggard's Law" Moments
nFrom Indecision…nHey, have you heard the good news? Turns out that gay conservative pastor Ted Haggard who was caught having multiple gay sex encounters with a gay sex male prostitute isn&#... [Read More]
Reviewing The 30 Rock Adult Parody (VERY NSFW) | The Comedy Nerds podcast
This week The Comedy Nerds are joined by guests Lou Fernandez and Rachel Korowitz as they review the 30 Rock adult parody. [Read More]