Whatever Happened to the Flagpole Licker from A Christmas Story? Answer: A Stint in Porn
For a few years in the 90s, Scotty flirted with the adult film industry, even snagging an Adult Video News Award for Best Actor in a Non-Sex Role for Silver Screen Confidential. He took a shot at a sex role just once, but unfortunately “there wasn’t any wood in the lumber yard.” [Read More]
Ed Helms' Cedar Rapids Shows a Small-Town Insurance Man How to Party
Cedar Rapids is Ed Helms' first starring vehicle, a comedy about a sheltered small-town insurance agent who gets a taste of the wild life… in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The rest of the cast includes John C. Reilly, Sigourney Weaver, Anne Heche, Stephen Root, Kurtwood Smith, Alia... [Read More]
Academics Making Forays Into Stand-Up Comedy | NY Times
Three professors walk into a pub. That’s not the setup for a joke, but an average evening out for Steve Cross, a former geneticist who is completely serious in his crusade to find new ways for academics to interact with the public. Dr. Cross is behind Bright Club, “the thinking person’s variety night,” which each month puts university lecturers in front of a stand-up comedy audience. [Read More]
Comedians With Disabilities Act - Michael O’Connell, Steve Danner, Eric Mee
When “Wheelchair Comedian” Micheal O’Connell saw Steve Danner, a little person, performing at a comedy club his first thought was, “Damn, if we could find a blind guy we’d make a hell of a team.” Soon after he began hearing about a comedian named Eric Mee who is not only blind, but who loves to crack wheelchair jokes. The three comedians enlisted Sacramento California producer/comedian Keith Lowell Jensen of the national touring group, The Coexist Comedy Tour and the debut performance of The C... [Read More]
Lisa Lampanelli to Host 2011 AVN Awards - the "Oscars of Porn"
They call her Comedy's Lovable Queen of Mean ... and come January 8, 2011, Lisa Lampanelli will turn her notoriously venomous tongue on the most sordid crowd in showbiz as host of the 28th annual AVN Awards Show at the Pearl Theater inside Las Vegas' Palms Casino Resort. [Read More]
Al Murray to host Chortle Awards
The awards, celebrating its tenth year in 2011, have become one of the biggest events in the comedy calendar. Previous guests have included everyone from Eddie Izzard and Michael McIntyre to Nicholas Parsons and Tim Brooke-Taylor. Murray will be handing out more than a dozen prizes to winners, who will be chosen by the thousands of comedy fans who visit the Chortle comedy website in January. [Read More]
What's weirder: Pauly Shore's upcoming Vegas show at the Palms, or the fact that you could open for him?
When I saw this poster for Pauly Shore's "Vegas Is My Oyster" show at Palms Las Vegas, I didn't quite know what to make of it.. [Read More]
A Somewhat Obsessive Guide to All 36 Seasons of SNL Streaming on Netflix
With hundreds of episodes from each season of Saturday Night Live finally available on Netflix Instant Watch, we thought we'd put together a few of the highlights to help you get your bearings. Obviously, it's an overwhelming amount of material that's available, so this guide will help point you to interesting or historic episodes, notable guest hosts, and where the appearances are of classic characters. [Read More]
Aziz Ansari Interview Turns Combative About Tacos
Aziz Ansari has a brief interview in Esquire that seems to go off the rails pretty quickly. It starts off well enough, but then he and the interviewer get into an argument about the difference between corn and flour tortillas (admittedly a common point of contention) and they never quite recover. [Read More]
In case you missed it: Maria Bamford wished you a happy holiday on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
..if you had stayed in and tuned in Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, you would have enjoyed "the adorable and hilarious" Maria Bamford -- now with pink hair! -- noting that the holidays remind her that she's not real big on relationships right about now. [Read More]