AFLAC fires Gilbert Gottfried over controversial Japan jokes
Over the weekend, Gilbert Gottfried tweeted several jokes centered around the devastation in Japan. This morning, the comedian found himself not only under fire for his seemingly insensitive tweets, but literally fired from his long-time gig as the v... [Read More]
Bobcat Goldthwait's New Film Marginally More Terrifying Than Shakes The Clown
by Halle Kiefer Apparently Bobcat Goldthwait's new movie God Bless America is filled with all the murder you always suspected lurked in the heart of Mr. Floppy, too. "There’s this middle aged guy and he’s at home watching a show like My Super Sweet 16," director Goldthwait explained o... [Read More]
Alec Baldwin Reminds Us, Charlie Sheen That He Had A Career Before 30 Rock
by Halle Kiefer I'm kidding! Come on, guys; I've seen Beetlejuice. Our favorite part about very handsome and long-time famous person Alec Baldwin's advice to Charlie Sheen is that it's 98% about getting sold out by a studio exec after The Hunt for Red October, 2% inflammatory adv... [Read More]
Larry King in talks to join The Daily Show on Comedy Central
During the taping of Comedy Central’s Roast of Donald Trump last week (it airs tomorrow night, by the way) Larry King — one of the roasters — said out loud that he wasn’t enjoying his retirement from his long-running CNN chat ... [Read More]
Comedian Rodney Perry Joins Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea’ Movie Franchise
Rodney Perry is the one of the new faces joining the cast of "Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family." Perry plays Harold, a henpecked man who has completely lost control of his family. [Read More]
Join Jeffrey Ross for a Pre-Roast Fireside Chat
Tomorrow night at 9:30/8:30c, before you tune-in to an all-new Tosh.0 and the premiere of The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump, you can get your Roast juices flowing with a special Fireside Chat with Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross live on [Read More]
RIP James Vernon, comedian
FOS Murv Seymour called to let us know that James Vernon passed away this past weekend of a heart attack. According to his Facebook page, Vernon was born June 12, 1951. (There are multiple comments on Vernon’s wall and that would be the plac... [Read More]
Learn How Adam McKay Channels "Cosmic Rage" In His Therapist's New Yorker Profile
by Halle Kiefer If you're wondering if seeing a therapist will help your bizarre comedian tendencies, well, help is such subjective word. This week's The New Yorker profiles Adam McKay's therapist Barry Michels, who's unorthodox methods are designed help creative people figure ou... [Read More]
Video: Backstage with Morgan Murphy, Jen Kirkman, Kristen Schaal
Over the weekend, I dropped by the Women in Comedy Festival, which was going down in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. The third annual event, which ran from March 9 – 13 hosted comedy panels, workshops and of course shows– lots of sho... [Read More]
Eight Types of Hecklers and the Comedians Who Shut Them Up
by Megh Wright In the 2007 documentary Heckler, Joe Rogan says that “the number one thing about hecklers is 100% of them are douchebags." A stand-up comedian's act depends on the audience reaction by nature, but when someone attempts to derail the performer's work, well, that's s... [Read More]