Richard Pryor Radio: four-day only uncensored channel on Sirius and XM
“Richard Pryor Radio” will launch December 30 at 5:00 am ET and will run through 11:59 pm ET on January 2 on SIRIUS channel 108 and XM channel 139. “Richard Pryor Radio” will offer listeners the chance to hear Pryor’s work in its purest form: raw, unedited and uncensored. The channel will feature hundreds of tracks from live concert performances, stand-up gigs and his seminal comedy albums spanning 1968-1992. [Read More]
Tracy Morgan to Miss 2-3 30 Rock Episodes Due to Kidney Transplant
Tracy Morgan, who suffers from diabetes, received a kidney transplant earlier this month. Because of that, he'll miss two or three episodes of 30 Rock airing in March. "Executive producer Tina Fey and her team of scribes plan to address Morgan’s absence by saying he has some... [Read More]
Rob Brackenridge, Mike Merryfield: Double-Your-Trouble Comedy Christmas
Christmas Week in Appleton is getting all shook up with not one, but TWO hometown comedy heroes taking the stage December 22-23 and 25-26. Rob Brackenridge returns from sunny California to share the stage this week with Appleton-based headliner Mike Merryfield for back-to-back comedy acts that’ll leave you grinning in the comical spirit of Christmas. Skyline Comedy is open Christmas Day for two must-see events, plus a special show at 8pm Sunday, December 26. (We knew you’d need someplace to cart... [Read More]
What's Your Calling? Adam McKay talks "Anchorman," "The Other Guys," and chasing the funny feeling
A new documentary debuting tonight on PBS isn't particularly meant to be funny. The Calling follows seven young Americans as they follow their religious faiths to serve humanity. But in a side project called What's Your Calling?, the filmmakers have expanded the idea to just about anyone and everyone to discuss their own callings in life. [Read More]
The Depressive's Guide to Comedy: Laughing to Keep From Crying | SplitSider
"I often joke about being depressed and uninsured* because laughter is literally the best medicine I can afford right now –- and I’ve shopped around." - Rebecca O'Neal [Read More]
In review: Kathleen Madigan in "Gone Madigan" on Showtime (and on DVD on Jan. 11, 2011)
In "Gone Madigan," Kathleen Madigan's first hour-long stand-up set recorded for DVD since 2006, she proves that she remains one of the best women, if not the best, working on the stand-up comedy circuit. [Read More]
Review: Ricky Gervais in "Out of England 2" on HBO
Ricky Gervais is a beloved comedian here in America and also in the U.K. for knowing just how to tiptoe across the line into offensive humor without being so offensive as to lose our love for him.. [Read More]
Colin Quinn And Jerry Seinfeld to Give a Special Performance benefiting Giraldo family
for one night only comedians Colin Quinn and Jerry Seinfeld will give their best in “Big Time Comedy Show.” The event will be held at the Beacon Theater in New York, and hosted by Tom Papa (host of “The Marriage Ref”). The proceeds from the show will benefit the family of the late Greg Giraldo. Lewis Black, Dave Attell, Jim Norton, Judy Gold, Ted Alexandro and Jesse Joyce will join Quinn and Seinfeld as well. [Read More]
New Details on The PIT's Future Home | The Apiary
There are already ads running in the print version of The Onion touting The Peoples Improv Theater's new/2nd home, but the venue isn't slated to open until sometime in January or so. Here's some info about the place.. [Read More]
Looking Back at the First Five Years of SNL
it's time to tackle another giant of sketch comedy: Saturday Night Live. Rather than try to cover this show's 35 years in one short post, I'll be doing several articles covering the show's many phases and transitions. Today I'll be looking at SNL's early years, 1975-1980. This first period covers the show's inception and quick rise to prominence with its initial cast, the Not Ready for Prime Time Players. [Read More]