"Chinaman: Comedy Wok-Star" | Q&A with Mark Britten
"...Chinaman sells out stand-up comedy like it’s an arena rock concert – with thousands of loyal fans (self-ordained “Ninjaz”) willing to drive hours for a show, and a few who’ll stay for the week-long run. “A lady in Salt Lake came up to me after my show and said, ‘I’ve been to seven of your shows.’ And I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s great.’ And she’s says, ‘THIS WEEK,’” Chinaman recalls. “I don’t know what the appeal of my show is. I know I’m true to me, my show’s true to me. I kinda notice what pe... [Read More]
Funny = Money: Hunting the Next Hot Comic / NY Times Profile of Principato-Young Entertainment's Peter Principato
The trend toward ensemble comedies, and the scarcity (at least, relative to former days) of money thrown at pre-A-list Hollywood talent, says Jonathan Stern, a TV and film producer who is a client of Principato’s (and, for the sake of full disclosure, a longtime acquaintance of mine), means comics can’t just sit around waiting for the phone to ring. Comparing comedians to bloggers who self-publish or musicians who put free samples of music up on their Facebook pages, he said: “You have to get yo... [Read More]
First Look at The Onion News Network's IFC Show
2011 looks like it's going to be the year of The Onion. They also have The Onion News Network set up over at IFC and it looks great too. They released some clips from the show over the holidays. They even made a video about last week's blizzard. [Read More]
Nick Griffin: Bring Out The Monkey (album review) | Punchline Magazine
And woe is the tale of the single, white, veteran comic who, despite his stylistic similarity to contemporaries like Marc Maron and Doug Stanhope, (and despite is half dozen Letterman appearances) hasn’t found the relatively massive respect of the latter comedians. But that only makes Griffin’s constant self-loathing and dark – and yes, hilarious – philosophies more sincere. [Read More]
Reimagine Bill Murray from Caddyshack, topless Aziz Ansari and more at new Gallery1988 exhibit in L.A.
Gallery1988 in Los Angeles, with help from Funny or Die and 100 artists, will kick off 2011 with a massive display of love for comedy and comedians in the exhibition, "Is This Thing On?" It opens with a nighttime reception on Jan. 7, 2011, ... [Read More]
Jon Lovitz: "Anybody funny can be serious, but people who have no sense of humor, they can never be funny" | The A.V. Club
"the real question is, why do all these people want [comedians] to be serious? The reason they want that is these are people who aren’t funny. Anybody funny can be serious, but people who have no sense of humor, they can never be funny—and frankly, they’re jealous. There’s very few comic actors. Think about it. There aren’t that many. It’s hard because you have to be able to do both." [Read More]
Zach Galifianakis' Risky Superstar Year | SplitSider
“The Zach Galifianakis thing” hasn’t been exhausted yet. Not nearly. As an innovator in a post-Frat Pack wave of awkward, self-deprecating humor, Galifiniakis has demonstrated his value as surprise scene-stealer rather than overt leading man. [Read More]
Chris Hardwick on podcasting, how it affects his comedy and how nerds are the new drug dealers | The A.V. Club
As part of our year’s best podcasts coverage—the Nerdist podcast is one of the best out there—The A.V. Club spoke with Hardwick during downtime for his fourth pilot this year to talk about podcasting, how it affects his comedy, and how nerds are the new drug dealers. [Read More]
The Comedy Trends of 2010 | SplitSider
2010 had much to celebrate in the way of new comedy styles. Movies, not so much.. but there were more than a few people picking up cinema's slack and revolutionizing the genre from a different medium. And with revolutions come trends. With trends come power. With power comes responsibility. And with that, I give you the Comedy Trends of 2010. [Read More]