Q&A | Joan Rivers has no plans to quit
"The freedom of not caring frees you onstage so you can say what you want. It’s so much better than the old days, when I had to second-guess." [Read More]
Nick Griffin on Letterman and working out when you’re older
Nick Griffin eats like a kid but wants to act like an adult. Can you help him? He's a bachelor, people. "Which is a fancy way of saying I'm alone." Roll the clip of Griffin's recent appearance on Late Show with David Letterman. ... [Read More]
Out of character: Michael Ian Black drops the act in a new book
“A lot of times, all you have to do is stand there and tell the truth, and people will find it funny,” Black recently told The Daily. “If you can just find your own truth and present it in an honest way, it will be entertaining to people, because the deeper you get inside yourself, the more universal those emotions and experiences are.” [Read More]
Would You Like to Go to SXSW with the Workaholics Guys?
Don't look now, but SXSW is right around the corner. No, I don't mean the biennial Saskatchewan Xylophone Ska Workshop (I wish!), I'm talking about the big South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. The guys from Workaholics are goi... [Read More]
Doug Stanhope: "I hate London more than anything in the world" | The Skinny
Relaxing in his bathtub Stanhope comes across as comfortable, content and surprisingly personable. He interviews well and speaks openly, honestly and often misguidedly about any topic you wish to throw at him. We found it appropriate to discuss Scotland given the the circumstance ahead of his upcoming tour and more importantly: independence and the possible break up of the United Kingdom.. [Read More]
Bill Maher
The headline-grabbing stunt that ended Bill Maher’s first live-streaming concert instantly overshadowed the hour of topical, laser-focused political and religious critiques that preceded it, and that’s a damn shame. Love him or hate him, Maher is at the top of his game when it comes to puncturing th... [Read More]
Colbert Report: Best Videos of the First 1,000 Episodes
The Colbert Report marks its 1,000th episode this week, and Third Beat is celebrating in Colbert-esque big-thinkin’ style by recapping 100 of the show’s best clips of the past 6 1/2 years. We’re looking at the most important and most ridiculous, with and... [Read More]
Comedians and health insurance
The Male Half of the Staff is quoted in a Las Vegas Review-Journal column by Mike Weatherford entitled “No Joke: Comedians May Lack Health Coverage.” It also appears in the hard copy of the Sunday edition. We’re talking about this ... [Read More]
Bill Maher launches Yahoo!’s live comedy channel
Some in the media made a big deal about Bill Maher donating $1 million to a pro-Obama Super-PAC, and yes, that's something to make a deal about, but it'll be more interesting months and years from now to see if anything comes from Maher performing a ... [Read More]