Andy Samberg Will Officially Leave SNL
Saturday Night Live will be without another one of its incredibly talented cast members. [Read More]
Maronzio Vance talks about the career that has led him to become an “Angry Smiler”
Maronzio Vance spoke to me about the highs and lows of his burgeoning stand-up career, which reached new heights over the weekend with his first Half Hour special on Comedy Central. Vance gave his half-hour its own title, "Angry Smiler." Here is a cl... [Read More]
Scott Aukerman talks about bringing 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' to TV | LA Times
A q&a with Scott Aukerman, whose podcasts, “Comedy Bang! Bang!” and "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakas" have turned the traditional celebrity interview on its head. Aukerman talks about the future of comedy and the TV version of “Comedy Bang! Bang!,” premiering on IFC. [Read More]
TV comedy writers must be paid more, warns veteran producer Jon Plowman
Former head of BBC Comedy, Jon Plowman, said that increased demand for shows means that pay rates will have to rise [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld and Maybe You to Appear on 'Louie'
During an interview about Madagascar 3: Madder, Gassier and More Scars, Chris Rock picked up his cell phone because he cared so much about the interview and because Jerry Seinfeld was calling to tell him about his day shooting Louie. Rock didn't say what Jerry was doing on the show but here are the ... [Read More]
Steve Martin's Specials Finally Coming To DVD
Shout! Factory and SOFA Entertainment have announced they are releasing a Steve Martin box set, featuring his acclaimed specials, including: On Location: Steve Martin, Steve Martin: A Wild And Crazy Guy, Steve Martin: Comedy Is Not Pretty, All Commercials…A Steve Martin Special and Steve Martin’s Be... [Read More]
Michael Cera and Reggie Watts Sing the World's Most Friendly Song
We've been posting a good amount about Comedy Bang! Bang! but it's hard not to when the clips are as lovely as this. This is the perfectly friendly friend song to get you in the mood to leave work and eat pie. I can't wait for the inevitable Reggie Makes Music spin-off!---See more posts by Jesse D... [Read More]
'Portlandia,' 'Whitney,' and 'Up All Night' All Get New Executive Producers and/or Showrunners
It's new job time! Over at Portlandia, Bill Oakley has been promoted to co-Executive Producer (and they start writing season three next week!). Whitney just got a new showrunner in Friends' Wil Calhoun (old showrunner Betsy Thomas is heading to NBC's Guys With Kids), while Up All Night will now be h... [Read More]
Betrayal Planned for 'Anchorman 2'
And not just by milk! Adam McKay was on the improv4humans podcast today to do some improv, which is pretty cool in of itself. However, doubly cool is that host Matt Besser was able to squeeze some sweet, sweet Anchorman 2 gossip out of him. Other than revealing that they finished the outline and are... [Read More]
Odenkirk and Cross Filming a Film this Summer
Bob Odenkirk will be directing and starring in Girlfriends Day with David Cross, Bryan Cranston, Amber Tamblyn, David Koechner, and Fred Armisen. Odenkirk also wrote the film with former Mr. Show writer Eric Hoffmam. This opportunity is a big deal for Odenkirk, whose last two features The Brothers S... [Read More]