Hands Up, Who Likes Me?: High Spirits With Shirley Ghostman
An overview (with videos) of High Spirits With Shirley Ghostman - An impossibly over-the-top send up of all things psychic. Premiering on BBC 3 in 2005, High Spirits enjoyed a popular, 8 episode run. [Read More]
First Impressions of The People's Improv Theater's new location | The Apiary
Over the weekend, The People's Improv Theater formally moved to its new location on 24th Street between Park and Lexington. You will be blown away; the place is sick. [Read More]
First look: Season two of Funny or Die Presents on HBO presents more funny than die, redux
However you may have felt about the first season of Funny or Die Presents on HBO, well, get ready to remember and relive those feelings later this month, because the second season is a lot more of the same. And then some. [Read More]
Patton Oswalt's Zombie Spaceship Wasteland Is Available Today
national treasure Patton Oswalt has a book of essays, appropriately titled Zombie Spaceship Wasteland, out today. [Read More]
Who is This Idiot? First Impressions in Stand-Up Comedy Part 1 | Premise PUNCH Tag
"Much like in real life, a first impression onstage is formed in moments and will continue even in the face of contrary evidence. You can overcome a bad first impression, but it takes time and finesse. Wouldn’t it be better to come out of the gate strong, and get people backing your horse instead of waiting for it to fail?" [Read More]
Turner Classic Movies to air 24 hours of Our Gang comedies
All this month, Turner Classic Movies is hauling out classic films produced at the Hal Roach Studio. Tomorrow night, you can watch or record twenty-four hours of Our Gang comedies, including a lot of silent films. [Read More]
Jim Carrey: Inside “Inside the Actors’ Studio” transcript, Part II
part II of guest blogger C.J.’s account of Jim Carrey’s Inside The Actors’ Studio taping. If I had to guess, I suspect much of what’s documented in this half – primarily Carrey’s ideas about creativity and philosophy – won’t make it into the broadcast on Bravo! coming up on Jan. 10. [Read More]
'Daily Show' Executive Producer Josh Lieb Steps Down | The Hollywood Reporter
The executive producer of The Daily Show, Josh Lieb, is stepping down after four years. He'll move to Los Angeles to pen a workplace comedy for Warner Bros and NBC. Steve Bodow, Jennifer Flanz and Jim Margolis have been promoted to co-executive producers, Jon Stewart announced Tuesday. Tim Carvell has been named head writer and Pam DePace a supervising producer. [Read More]
Sarah Silverman's dad Donald Silverman tweets about hating Boca Raton @RantsFromBoca
Donald Silverman hates Boca Raton. You can read it in his tweets. The New Hampshire snowbird, and father of comedian Sarah Silverman, has spent the past six months skewering the city's excesses on his RantsFromBoca Twitter account, which has more than 7,000 followers and is one of the most popular from the city. [Read More]
'Seinfeld' Actor Bill Erwin ("SId Fields") Dies at 96 | Backstage
Bill Erwin, a character actor best known for his roles as Sid Fields on NBC's "Seinfeld" and as Arthur the Bellman in the 1980 film "Somewhere in Time," died Dec. 29 of age-related causes in Studio City. He was 96. [Read More]