Mark Malkoff's 14-Hour Cab Ride Cost $468.10 | Village Voice interview
A few weeks ago, we posted on comedian Mark Malkoff and his attempt to give out free cab rides to New Yorkers. Malkoff ended up driving around in that cab for 14 hours, and he filmed the entire day. "You can imagine how long of a shower I needed," he said. In addition to regular old cab rides (one of which lasted for over an hour), Malkoff managed to sunbathe along the West Side Highway, dress people up in dinosaur outfits, fill a cab with popcorn, and stop for some Shake Shack. Runnin' Scared t... [Read More]
Philly Sketchfest Continues Comedy Month October 10-15
Following the hilarious week of improv that is the Philadelphia Improv Festival, the fourth annual Philly Sketchfest is set to take center stage for Philadelphia Comedy Month. From October 10-15, the Philly Sketchfest takes over the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, 2111 Sansom Street, 2nd Floor. This festival features sketch performers from the East Coast, the Midwest, Los Angeles, and the stars of Philadelphia's extra talented sketch comedy scene. [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld talks comedy, critics, cars | Seattle Times
"Americans, when they write about comedy, they just try to remember the jokes, and then they mangle them and misquote them and print them," he said. "And it's like, 'Well, what did you think?' They're (European critics) actually interested in the craft of being a stand-up comic. Whereas, in America, we just sort of take it for granted that a person can do it, and 'here's what they said.' " [Read More]
Marc Maron to Interview Comedy Fans' Favorite Dramedians Next Week
Good news for AMC fans: Marc Maron will be releasing WTFPod episodes featuring Jon Hamm on Monday and Bryan Cranston on Thursday. Should be quite a week for getting to know two of comedy fans' favorite dramedians, which is a word I just made up and which has the same definition as the word "actor." ... [Read More]
Dane Cook on his new deal with NBC, and spend an hour with him on Google
Dane Cook is among several comedians who have scored pilots and/or development deals with broadcast networks in recent months. Cook, who broke ranks with manager Barry Katz and New Wave a year ago, hasn't decided what his potential sitcom will be jus... [Read More]
New York Comedy Festival To Tribute Mike DeStefano
In March of 2011 the comedy world was dealt a crushing blow as beloved New York City comedian Mike DeStefano suffered a fatal heart attack. A recovering addict who dealt with and overcame many tragedies throughout his life, Mike dedicated his existence towards helping others through the gift of stand-up comedy. Always candid and genuine, Mike always wore his heart on his sleeve and managed to touch so many people’s lives by being incredibly honest & caring towards whomever he crossed paths w... [Read More]
It’s official: Ricky Gervais is back on Twitter
Since late yesterday, Ricky Gervais (or @RickyGervais, if you will) has been Tweeting non-stop. Before that time, the hugely famous comic was silent– since Jan. 9, 2010 when he signed off with, “I am sorry, but I am going to stop these tw... [Read More]
Comedian Matt Goldich launches Twitter talk show
As if you needed another reason to leave Facebook — with all of it’s unnecessary changes — Twitter, in addition to being mostly non-invasive, now has it’s own talk show. Former writer for the Late Show with David Letterman and... [Read More]
Vince Vaughn, Steve Byrne ink deal for TBS comedy show
Looks like TBS is continuing to take its tagline, “Very funny,” very seriously. After nabbing Conan O’Brien last year and continuing to develop Tyler Perry’s many comedy projects, the cable network has ordered a new pilot from Vince Vaughn’s producti... [Read More]
We’re very happy to announce that submissions are open for third annual Magners Comedy Festival. Comics can submit their best 1-3 min worth of material (Oct 28th deadline) to compete in a series of voting rounds and the best 10 contestants will... [Read More]