Tim Meadows Celebrates a Particularly Two-Faced Holiday Season
On the Late Late Show last night, Tim Meadows shared his holiday tradition of taking food to orphans and old people on Christmas Day and then murderously praying for a Times Square massacre on New Year's. Pick a side, Meadows! Are you with humanity, or against it? People cannot be allowed to have mu... [Read More]
Chris Gethard Is Taking Down All Other Authors Everywhere
[blackbirdpie id="153923318444081152"] Chris Gethard's book is coming out Jan. 10, and he's gearing up to throw down with every other human being who has ever written a book. Already he's taken on Tim Ferris, Malcolm Gladwell, and Khaled Hosseini, AND set his own toaster on fire. More authors will u... [Read More]
Could You Get Paid to Laugh Infectiously?
Laughter ringers are people with infectious laughs that live-audience sitcoms plant in the audience to get the rest of the crowd going, and this article by Joel Warner investigates what it takes to join their ranks. It's definitely a good idea to try laughing as loudly as you can right now, immediat... [Read More]
Zombie Comedy Will Rise From Cuba to America This Spring
The Cuban zombie comedy Juan of the Dead will be released in America this April. The movie centers on a "40-year-old slacker" who makes money during a zombie outbreak by killing the undead, and its director says it's a commentary on how Cuba's "citizens manage to find a way to deal with poverty." An... [Read More]
What John Mulaney Would Sound Like as a Def Jam Comic in 1992
In honor of John Mulaney's bit about his review of Home Alone 2 if he were a def jam comic, here is my post about John Mulaney if I were a writer for Variety: Funnyman John Mulaney is at it again with a boffo spesh that bows Jan. 28 on Comedy Central. This solid perf from the SNL scribe is no yawn... [Read More]
This is not a list: The year in comedy photos
Y’know when’s a great time to have a website outage? New Year’s Day. Therefore, this is not a year-end list. It’s simply a post containing assorted photographic highlights from Third Beat’s 2011 coverage. Got it? Enjoy, while I go... [Read More]
Watch five minutes of John Mulaney’s new stand-up comedy special
John Mulaney has been one of the most exciting comedians to watch in the last few years. He’s grown from one of New York City’s favorite downtown comics to one of the nation’s most sought-after talents, scoring a staff writing gig a... [Read More]
The Laughspin interview with Eddie Pepitone
You might have have heard him singing his own name on Last Comic Standing a few seasons ago, you might have seen him yell at Conan O’Brien, or you might have seen him in the hit web series Puddin’ but, in any case, everyone, comedy fan or... [Read More]
Year in Review: Top 10 Posts of 2011
Before we jump into the comedy news of 2012, let's take one more look back at what you clicked on most here at The Comic's Comic in 2011. A few of the more popular posts on the site actually dated back to 2010 or even 2009, thanks to people loving cl... [Read More]