Marc Maron: Downloading a Second Act | WSJ interview
"A year ago I could not sell 40 tickets in [New York]. But now, because out of desperation and passion I've been in my garage talking on a microphone to my peers, I'm now going back to two sold-out shows in Brooklyn. I may not necessarily ever be a big star or even financially independent, but for one reason or another this is my window to work. I always felt kind of alienated from the hipsters of Brooklyn. I'm glad they count me as one of their own, I guess." [Read More]
What About The Children?!?!, Or Who Cares If Our Kids Understand The Simpsons?
by Halle Kiefer On Tuesday, Salon writier Matt Zoller Seitz wondered whether pop culture references are ruining TV shows like The Simpsons and Community for future generations. He discusses trying to explain a Simpsons Arnold Schwarzenegger reference to his confused young son, a frequent problem in ... [Read More]
Steven Wright is on Twitter, writing a story
We know, we know. It seems amazing that a master of concise quips like Steven Wright has waited this long to start tweeting. But, he’s finally done it. In fact, looks like he’s been on since March 3. Unlike most of his fellow comedian twe... [Read More]
Pee-wee Herman gets Conan and the gang to re-enact the story of Ash Wednesday and Lent
Pee-wee Herman is not just all about balloon tricks, although he did show Conan O'Brien last night what he can do with a balloon. He also got Conan, Andy, La Bamba and more to join in his re-telling of the story of Ash Wednesday and Lent, but in... [Read More]
Casting a New Class of Ghostbusters: A Wishlist
by Steve Ciccarelli Last week saw stories break that not just one, but two actors have had discussions about being in the oft-rumored and much-fervored for Ghostbusters III. Those actors? Dane Cook and Ashton Kutcher. Reading this, I found myself staring at my computer screen wondering if we’d all b... [Read More]
The Boston Comedy Interview: MC Mr Napkins, a.k.a. Zach Sherwin
Boston fans of MC Mr. Napkins, a.k.a. Zach Sherwin, have seemingly been waiting forever for his debut album. Sherwin already had enough hip-hop comedy in his repertoire to fill an album or two when he left Boston for Los Angeles in 2009. It finally happened when MC Mr. Napkins - The Album came out in November on Comedy Central Records. You can see the first couple of videos from the album over at Napkins' page on Sherwin was back in Boston playing his CD release party on New Year's Day... [Read More]
The Lonely Island Host MTV's Spring Break 1988
by Adam Frucci Here's a gem from the Lonely Island "vaults," in which our heroes host MTV's Spring Break broadcast from Daytona beach in 1988. Sure, Andy Samberg was 10 in 1988, but I'm going to go ahead and believe that this is a found VHS that someone taped off the air 23... [Read More]
Charlie Sheen comedy sketch to hit Funny Or Die today
It turns out the resourceful folks at Funny Or Die, who have in the past landed A-list stars like Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston and Jewel to star in their videos, have convinced trainwreck-of-the-moment Charlie Sheen to headline a new sketch. Acc... [Read More]
Can Twitter Change The "Are Women Funny" Question? For The Love Of God, Please, Can It?
by Halle Kiefer We know the "Are Women Funny?" dilemma is confounding and enraging and makes jets of blue flame shoot out of our eyes whenever we even even think about it. That being said, we could use more discussion about how exactly we should to help people disabuse themselves of this e... [Read More]
Andy Samberg, Donald Glover Join In On The Hand Job
by Halle Kiefer Hollywood has just been killing it recently, hasn't it? It was confirmed that Andy Samberg and Donald Glover joined the cast The Hand Job, because of course and yes. In case you don't know and need to educate yourself, Maggie Carey's Job stars Aubrey Plaza as a high sc... [Read More]