Amy Schumer’s new TV show is going to be the cat’s pajamas (video)
Comedian Amy Schumer’s new TV show, Inside Amy Schumer is set to premiere at the end of this month, April 30th to be exact. Though we’ve already gotten a glimpse of the show, we’ve yet to actually get a solid look at what the tone of the show is going to be. Well, that’s unti... [Read More]
'Modern Family's Christopher Lloyd Say His Biggest Regret Is He Didn't Write for 'Cheers'
"Through the magic of actor chemistry and excellent writing, they created a world I wanted to be in every week and made me want to learn how the magic was done. I read once that Kurt Vonnegut said his only professional regret was that he never got to write an episode of Cheers. I'd like to put my na... [Read More]
Clark Duke Wants to Revisit 'Clark and Michael' with a Special
Just after Arrested Development ended in 2006, Michael Cera and his buddy Clark Duke made a web series for CBS called Clark and Michael. Now that Cera has returned to web videos as part of the new YouTube channel JASH, Clark Duke was asked during a recent Nerdist interview about the possibility of... [Read More]
Dave Chappelle: "I Don't Need to Come Back, but Why Not?"
The NY Times' Jason Zinoman traveled to San Francisco to watch Dave Chappelle do a secret stand-up gig and wrote a piece about it. This is all in the wake of Chappelle doing two shows in NYC with Chris Rock, spurring speculation about a comeback. Chappelle talked about making a comeback twice during... [Read More]
Andy Samberg's Fox Cop Show Has a Name: 'Brooklyn 99'
One of the most eagerly-awaited pilots this season for comedy fans has been an untitled Fox cop show that stars Andy Samberg and is co-created by Parks and Rec's Mike Schur. Now, it looks like the untitled series has a title: Brooklyn 99. USA Today was first to print the show's title last month. C... [Read More]
The 'Finding Nemo' Sequel Is Called 'Finding Dory,' Set for 2015 Release
Disney today officially announced that a Finding Nemo sequel called Finding Dory, centered on Ellen DeGeneres's character Dory, will hit theaters on November 25th, 2015. DeGeneres, who is returning for the sequel along with Albert Brooks and writer/director Andrew Stanton, was quoted as saying, "I... [Read More]
Bob Odenkirk accepts show offer from IFC, but he has some conditions (Video)
Sure, IFC announced last month that it greenlighted a new sketch show starring Los Angeles-based group The Birthday Boys. But we weren’t about to sit back and just take the word of the people running the network. Luckily Bob Odenkirk — he... [Read More]