SAG reaches out to TV Land to extend love for Betty White in its 17th annual SAG Award nominations
If you were to think of the best comedies on TV in 2010, where would Hot in Cleveland rank on your list? Top 10? Wait. You aren't aware that Hot in Cleveland is an actual TV show? It's broadcasting on TV Land, for crying out loud. A land de... [Read More]
Nathan Barley and the Rise of the Idiots | SplitSider review
Nathan Barley, the brilliant hate-letter to the post 9/11, nhilist, hipster scene. Created by ascerbic writer/director Chris Morris (there’s that genius again!) and starring Jullian Barratt (of Mighty Boosh fame), Nathan Barley follows the downward spiral of Dan Ashcroft (Barratt) a pop-culture journalist suffering a sort of mid-ife crisis, as he realizes he’s outgrown the bohemian world of man-children, yet is thoroughly unqualified to join the ranks of serious adult journalism. [Read More]
The Onion’s “SportsDome” coming to Comedy Central Jan. 11
Finally, a sports show I can get behind. If you are an Onion fan like me and you enjoy a sport once in a while, you will want to watch Onion SportsDome. Set to premiere Jan 11 on Comedy Central at 10:30 pm est, SportsDome promises to deliver “the most intense televised sports news program in recorded human history.” Sports enthusiasts will get a dose of game reports, insight from former players and “theme music heavy on bell tones and bendy guitar riffs.” [Read More]
Short and Funny, Part 2: Conversations with Twitter's Top Comedic Performers
Yesterday, we heard from some professional comedy scribes who are prolific joke writers on Twitter. Today’s segment will feature thoughts and insights from Twitter-savvy performers (all of whom also write) you might know from their stand-up, film or television work.. [Read More]
The Serious Comedy Site's Top 10 Comedy CD and DVD List 2010
includes reviews of albums from: Arj Barker, Matt McCarthy, Dan Gabriel, Simon King, Anthony Jeselnik, Myq Kaplan, Shane Maus, Keith Alberstadt, Tom Simmons, Donnel Rawlings. [Read More]
PaleyFest 2011 features 'Freaks and Geeks' and 'Undeclared' reunions | HitFix
The Paley Center for Media has announced the first 12 honorees for PaleyFest2011 (March 4 and March 18, 2011 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills) - including a reunion of actors and creative types from NBC's "Freaks and Geeks" and FOX's "Undeclared." [Read More]
Sunrise, Sunset: Jon Stewart Revisits His Start at 'The Daily Show' | NY Times
‘Tis the season for retrospection, so let’s turn back the clock to 1999, when a greener, more naïve nation was still giddy from the release of Windows 98 and the creation of the euro, and eagerly looking forward to can’t-miss, millennium-defining events like “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” and Woodstock ‘99, while somewhere a young Jon Stewart was making his preparations to take over as host of “The Daily Show.” [Read More]
Greg Giraldo family benefit at the Beacon Theater presale begins tomorrow
As we reported earlier this week, there will be an all-star comedy show at the Beacon Theater in New York on Feb. 9 to benefit the family of Greg Giraldo. Tickets go on sale to the general public this Saturday. However, we just confirmed that there w... [Read More]
Jessica Alba / CBS Developing Twitter-Based Family Comedy "Mother of All Something" written by Kelly Oxford | Deadline
In 1997, Kelly Oxford, a stay-at-home mother of three in Canada, started a blog that was later joined by a Twitter feed. Her Internet creations, which reflect her comedic observations and musings about mundane things, pop culture and current events, grew to become a cultural force and attracted the attention of Hollywood’s elite, including actress Jessica Alba. Now, Oxford is writing Mother of All Something, a comedy project for CBS based on her blog and Twitter feed, with Alba attached to execu... [Read More]
The best comedy albums of 2010: Tompkins, Kinane, Ansari and more | The A.V. Club
Maybe it’s hyperbole, but it seems like we’re living in some kind of comedy golden age. Look at the evidence: numerous funny, envelope-pushing shows on the television, a slew of entertaining podcasts, our colleagues at The Onion and Onion News Network killing it on a daily basis, and a bounty of strong comedy albums released this year, including a couple that have the makings of future classics. The A.V. Club sifted through 2010’s releases to praise our favorites from the year. [Read More]