Comedian Patrice Oneal suffers stroke
After 30 minutes of ribbing amongst friends, the Opie and Anthony Show on SiriusXM this morning got serious. Veteran comedian and longtime O&A regular Patrice Oneal, recently seen on Comedy Central’s Roast of Charlie Sheen, suffered a str... [Read More]
Comedy Central Launches Free Stand-Up Comedy Tour With a Twist
Because the economy has yet to improve, Comedy Central is helping out by launching “Comedy Central Pop-Up Stand-Up,” a series of live comedy performances at secret locations where the first 150 people in attendance can laugh for free. Kic... [Read More]
Ken Jeong will put the Chung in “The Chung Factor”
Lionsgate has just bought The Chung Factor, a feature project with Community star Ken Jeong attached to play the title character and also produce. According to, Jeong’s manager Brett Carducci, is also producing. The story centers a... [Read More]
NY Museum of Conan Art Unveils First Exhibit
Remember January 2010 and that whole Team Coco thing? Turns out a lot of people were supporting Conan with more than tweets. At least 50 pieces of Conan artwork are going to be displayed at the New York Museum of Conan Art, or NY Coco MoCa, starting next Monday. Pretty crazy that people felt passion... [Read More]
Mean Blog Post Becomes ABC's Newest Comedy About Modern Love
ABC and Tracy McMillan have embarked upon the last leg of that classic journey from super-harsh blog post to book to television show. Why You're Not Married will be "an ensemble comedy that explores the current state of modern American love." Did I mention it's based on a blog post?---See more posts... [Read More]
Sitting Down with Eugene Mirman in London
I don’t make it a habit to go meeting comedians, especially American ones who live far away, and especially funny ones who have the power to embarrass and slight me on my little voice recorder. But I made the exception for Eugene Mirman, a long-standing cornerstone of the New York comedy circuit. Be... [Read More]
Hal Sparks: “Escape From Halcatraz” (Review)
Hal Sparks is easy to like. He’s an animated, good looking dude who’s clearly committed to making a room full of comedy goers laugh their asses off. He also appeals to a desirable age group– the folks that appreciate references to t... [Read More]
Katie Goodman - I Didn t F*ck It Up (album review)
I Didn’t Fuck It Up is an excellent music comedy CD. Katie Goodman has the chops both musically and lyrically to create very funny and easy to get into tunes. This music comedy MP3 and CD is a mix of various recordings done in various locations so although the sound is generally excellent and the production values obvious, there are a couple of tunes where it is somewhat less so. Not that it takes away from how easy to enjoy this CD is. [Read More]
Orlando Jones under fire for 'kill Sarah Palin' tweet
Orlando Jones continues to insist his weekend tweet calling on U.S. liberals to "kill" Sarah Palin was a joke, if not necessarily a very funny one, or just a metaphorical political "poke" that shouldn't offend anyone. In his original tweet, Jones mentioned the killing by rebels of Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi and then wrote, "If American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin." [Read More]
Rob Corddry walks us through Childrens Hospital’s third season
The A.V. Club sat down with Corddry in between writing sessions to walk through Childrens Hospital’s third season, episode-by-episode. This, the first of three parts, covers episodes one through four, beginning with “Run, Dr. Lola Spratt, Run” and concluding with “Home Is Where The Hospital Is.” [Read More]