Comic Lands Long Jail Sentence for Insulting Thailand King
Thai comedian Yossawaris Chuklom, who’s stage name is Jeng Dokjik, was sentenced to two years in jail for insulting Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadei. In Thailand there is a lese-majeste law that severely hampers free speech – any insults aga... [Read More]
Win an X-rated prize pack from the makers of ‘Movie 43′ (Giveaway)
By now, you’ve probably heard of the upcoming Movie 43, the brainchild of Elizabeth Banks (pictured above with Josh Duhamel), Bob Odenkirk and many others. To say it’s not your typical comedy flick would be an understatement. Through a se... [Read More]
Tenacious D on Their Grammy Nod and Comedy-Rock Festival
"the D is coming to a town near you, and you don't wanna miss the old-schoolness of me and KG, because it's boner-riffic." [Read More]
“Funny Ladies” on PBS: Watch this hour of “Pioneers of Television”
The "Funny Ladies" hour of the PBS documentary series, Pioneers of Television, debuted this week. Narrated by Ryan Seacrest? Oh well. Can't win 'em all. Unless you consider Seacrest an out-and-out funny lady, too. "Funny Ladies" zeroes in quickly on ... [Read More]
Five things we learned from Kevin Hart’s appearance on SiriusXM’s Town Hall
Stand-up comedy superstar Kevin Hart recently sat down with Sway Calloway (pictured above with Hart) for an edition of the new limited-run channel, Town Hall, on SiriusXM Radio. The two talked for an hour in front of a live audience who had the oppor... [Read More]
Carl Reiner: I Remember Me (book review)
Carl Reiner has always been good in support. He was fantastic jumping along with Sid Caesar and Howard Morris as “The Three Haircuts” on Your Show of Shows. He was the quintessential straight man to Mel Brooks’s 2000 Year Old Man. He created and produced a hit sitcom based on his own experiences, an... [Read More]
It looks like FX will launch it’s own comedy channel
FX the channel we know and love for delivering us edgy and off beat comedy such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, Louie, Archer, Wilfred, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, and I don’t know, Anger Management, the point here is they have a lot of great comedies on their ch... [Read More]
Netflix Adds Another 'Arrested Development' East Egg: Blue Handprints
Try searching for any movie with the word "blue" in the title or just the word "blue" itself on Netflix, and there's a little surprise for Arrested Development fans: blue handprints all over the menu. If you click on the handprints, a scene from Arrested Development's season two premiere "The One Wh... [Read More]
Jim Jefferies Stuffed the UK's Vanna White in a Suitcase in the Trunk of His Car
Australian comedian Jim Jefferies (FX's new series Legit) has a fascinating story for Conan that's probably the best story about game show sidekick smuggling ever told.---See more posts by Bradford Evans0 comments... [Read More]