4/20: Top 5 Stoner Comics | AmericasComedy
April 20, a day that no professor should schedule an exam ; a day all convenience stores should triple the price of eye drops [Read More]
It's 4/20, Celebrate with 9 Comedians and jokes about Weed
Next to bad airplane food and male/female driving habits, marijuana might be a comic’s favorite topic. We figured since today is 4/20, the day when Mary Jane (for those with a prescription of course) is celebrated the most, we would set you up with some of our favorite comic’s stories and ruminations on the wonder herb. [Read More]
Lewis Black will compete on Jeopardy! for charity
Lewis Black is a great many things: Comedian (obvs.), playwright (real fans know this), Daily Show commentator, golfer and lovable curmudgeon. And now he’ll be able to add Jeopardy! contestant to that long list. [Read More]
Mort Sahl: Comedy Pioneer | AmericasComedy
Remembering the past is key in almost every aspect of life… and most definitely in the world of comedy [Read More]
Preview trailer for new series of “The Half Hour” Comedy Central specials
Comedy Central Presents is dead. Long live Comedy Central Presents! In its place, starting in 2012, is The Half Hour. As in past seasons, the half-hour stand-up showcases debut lat on Friday nights. This season opens with back-to-back episodes at 11 ... [Read More]
Rob Riggle tapped to host the ESPY awards
Stand-up comedian, seasoned improv actor, writer, producer and Lieutenant Colonel for the Marines, Rob Riggle has been tapped to host this year’s ESPYs, the sports award show put on by ESPN every year. The big gig goes down July 11 and will be broadc... [Read More]
“The Muslims Are Coming!” trailer: Muslim-American comics combat Islamaphobia
The Muslims Are Coming! is a new documentary from comics Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah. It follows the two on tour, along with other Muslim American comedians, as they put on free shows across the country and shed some light on the anti-Muslim un... [Read More]
The League’s Steve Rannazzisi talks new season, stand-up and more!
Comedian and actor Steve Rannazzisi plays Kevin on FX’s improv-heavy fantasy football comedy The League alongside other heavyweight comedian/actors like Nick Kroll and Jon Lajoie. And after seeing his act at the beautiful new Levity Live comedy... [Read More]
Watch Elijah Wood get schooled by a guy in a dog costume in new ‘Wilfred’ promos
It’s been nearly a year since the premiere of the Australian-based adaptation of Wilfred on FX and your dog still hasn’t said anything snarky or even revealed his human form to you. What gives?! If there’s been any shortage of insid... [Read More]
Todd Barry's Very Strange Road Stories
Todd Barry wrote a properly dry and sarcastically titled essay, "Todd Barry's Very Strange Road Stories." It's mostly about how nothing interesting has happened to him and how he isn't very good at talking about it, if something has. He explains: "The problem is I've never been ... [Read More]