Jon Stewart's Attack on CNBC Drives Traffic
Jon Stewart's evisceration of CNBC has become a boon to Comedy Central Digital, resulting in the highest traffic and video stream numbers this year for its collection of Web sites. [Read More]
Louis CK - The Phoenix Interview
Boston's contribution to Conan, Letterman, and Chris Rock returns with a comedy special and a role in This Side of the Truth [Read More]
March Madness, NYC comedy style
We're still another week or so before the NCAA's March Madness kicks off, but in just two days, 64 comedians will begin their own march to glory in New York City in the third annual 2009 March Comedy Madness at Carolines. [Read More]
Dana Gould: Let Me Put My Thoughts In You - dvd review
Looking decidedly middle-aged in a brown suit and tie, Gould starts slowly but quickly warms to the crowd and delivers a truly funny set. Once he builds a head of steam, Gould proves a consummate professional. Though clearly working from a set of carefully written and precisely performed jokes, he comes off so loose and conversational that it almost seems like he's making it up as he goes. [Read More]
Jenna Fischer of The Office - The Sound of Young America Interview
Jenna Fischer is an actress best known for her role as Pam on the hit NBC sitcom The Office. She's also starred in several films, including Blades of Glory and Walk Hard. She talks with us about dreaming of glamour growing up in St. Louis, and getting her big break -- the role of Pam -- by focusing all her ability on being un-glamorous. [Read More]
Adam Carolla (talking about radio) hits it out of the fucking park
Podthinker Colin Marshall just posted this from Adam Carolla's first podcast. He was recently let go from his commercial radio gig, and he describes the radio industry *perfectly* in this rant from the first episode of his new podcast. Perfectly. [Read More]
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon's first show - The Comedy Nerds Review
In case you missed it last night, Jimmy Fallon made his Late Night debut and it was i am going to go with okay (remember I said it was going to suck, so that's an upgrade). [Read More]
Far-Sighted Moves by Creators of ‘South Park'
"People just have to sit through a short commercial and then we give them every episode in very high quality that makes stealing it seem dumb," Matt Stone says. "Anywhere there is an iPhone, an Xbox, or a computer, people can watch the show now, which is good for us and for Comedy Central." [Read More]
Comedy2go: Stand-up where you don't expect it
People think that the funny guy in the office would make a great stand-up comedian, but that humor does not always translate from the workplace to the stage. Ditch Films has produced a series of online shorts that puts a reverse spin on this, taking stand-up comedians and having them do their act in an unnatural setting for stand-up. I'm not sure if it's funnier this way, but it certainly makes for an interesting piece of film. [Read More]