Maynard James Keenan (Tool, Puscifer) on comedy
Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan talks to The Austin Decider — not about his new musical project Puscifer, but about comedy, which is something he's dabbled in but never seriously pursued. Bill Hicks, Mr. Show, Will Ferrell, Tenacious D & Tim and Eric are mentioned. [Read More]
'Parks and Recreation': Suck it, focus group
Everyone's a-buzz today about the lousy focus-group results for Parks and Recreation, the new Amy Poehler-led Office-style mockumentary, which according to an apparently leaked report, didn't test well. NBC honcho Ben Silverman tells EW that "all of the research we do around initial rough cuts is negative," and that it's common for successful shows to have crummy focus group results. [Read More]
Andy Richter talks 'Tonight Show,' 'Controls the Universe' - EW Interview
I was talking to somebody who said, "Are you nervous about the studio part?" I said, "I haven't even been thinking about that. They turn on the cameras, we say what's on the cue cards and we talk to each other and interview people, and if something happens you make it funnier." All that seems like falling off a log. Then I actually started to feel like, "Maybe I should be a little more uptight about this." But then I thought, "No, I'm supposed to be the guy who's not uptight about it. I think on... [Read More]
Roseanne Barr eyes return to primetime
Roseanne Barr is looking to return to prime time. The star of ABC's long-running sitcom has teamed with one of the "Roseanne" producers, Caryn Mandabach, for a family comedy in which she would play the matriarch. Jim Vallely ("Arrested Development") is attached to pen the script for the project, which has been pitched to Fox. He would executive produce with Mandabach, Maggie Rowe and Barr. [Read More]
Edinburgh Comedy Festival promises to widen the net
The Edinburgh Comedy Festival will be opened up to all venues, promoters and performers this year in an attempt to rebuff criticism that it was being run as a "cartel". [Read More]
A Eulogy for "Flight of the Conchords" - The Best Porn on TV
The final episode of Flight of the Conchords will air this Sunday night. After that, according to HBO, the show will end for good, leaving a hole in the fantasy lives of women. Fans have complained that Season Two has been underwhelming anyway, and many people will wonder at the massive outcry when the show disappears. What, they'll wonder, are these fans going to miss? [Read More]
The Whitest Kids U Know - The Sound of Young America Interview
The Whitest Kids U Know are a sketch comedy group based in New York City. They won top sketch honors at the 2006 Aspen Comedy Arts Festival, and rode a weekly gig in a NYC club to their own sketch series, which now airs on IFC. Sam Brown, Timmy Williams and Darren Trumeter talk about the trials and travails of professional sketch comedy and what it means to "do whatever you want." [Read More]
Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer: The Extended Daily Show Interview
Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart went toe-to-toe on tv, but you didn't see everything. Much of the interview had to be cut for time. But this is the internet, where all we have is time. So, here now, is the exclusive, uncensored, complete three-part interview. [Read More]
Ricky Gervais to reprise role as The Office boss David Brent
Ricky Gervais is set to bring back his David Brent character in the US version of The Office. It will be the meeting of the two wackiest minds in the paper supplies business when David Brent UK comes face-to-face with his US counterpart. [Read More]
Brian Regan: standup without a hook since 1981
I think it's interesting that a lot of comedians try to find a hook, so to speak. But I've spent my whole career avoiding hooks. I don't want there to be a particular thing that anyone can hang their hat on, you know?" Regan said. [Read More]