Bill Cosby wants to host town halls to tell other men how to avoid sexual assault allegations
Not less than a week after escaping a sexual assault conviction when the jury deadlocked 10-2 against him, legendary comedian Bill Cosby wants to host a series of town halls educating other men on how they can avoid being accused themselves of sexual assault or rape. I’m not making that up. Th... [Read More]
Doug Stanhope on Festivals, “Industry Tools,” and Other Things He Hates
Doug Stanhope has been called all sorts of things like depraved, rude, hostile, and raunchy. All of those are fitting descriptions, but one trait stands out above all others: honesty. His candor extends from the stage to his everyday interactions. Take this interview, for instance. The goal was to p... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Is Currently in Russia Filming a Segment for ‘The Late Show’
Stephen Colbert had the best response to Donald Trump’s tweets about the James Comey “tapes” this afternoon when he revealed some pretty exciting Late Show news: .@realDonaldTrump Don’t worry, Mr. President. I’m in Russia. If the “tapes” exist, I’ll br... [Read More]
Lake Bell’s New Movie ‘I Do…Until I Don’t’ Hits Theaters in September
Lake Bell has directed another film following her 2013 directorial debut In a World… that just got a premiere date. Titled I Do…Until I Don’t, the film stars Bell, Ed Helms, Paul Reiser, Wyatt Cenac, Mary Steenburgen, Amber Heard, and Dolly Wells. Here’s the logline fr... [Read More]
Fox Announces Fall Premiere Dates for ‘Ghosted,’ ‘The Mick,’ and More
Fox just announced a round of fall premiere dates. On the lineup is a new sci-fi series from Seth MacFarlane called The Orville, Ghosted starring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, and new seasons of Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Will Forte’s The L... [Read More]
Duncan Trussell Deals with Grief a Little Differently in This NSFW Clip from ‘Party Legends’
Here’s a very disturbing, definitely NSFW, and oddly sweet clip from tonight’s episode of Viceland’s Party Legends, where Duncan Trussell tells a story about the time he attempted to deal with his grief after his mother died by hiring a dominatrix named Princess – which, it t... [Read More]
'Geriatric Dr Evil' sues John Oliver
Coal tycoon takes on the comedian... and his giant squirrel [Read More]