Comedy Foot Soldier: Carolyn Castiglia - The Comedy Nerds Interview
This week's Comedy Foot Soldier, Carolyn Castiglia, is not only a stand-up comedian but a freestyle rap star. Her list of TV credits are crazy. Check it: VH1, MTV2, NBC's Last Comic Standing, Nick-at-Nite's Funniest Mom in America 3, The Maury Show, ABC World News with Charles Gibson plus you may very well have heard her on Sirius/XM Radio. And if you are in the New York Area she has kicked ass at pretty much every club and alternative room there is and was the host of the long running Chick... [Read More]
Somebody's missing from this "Tonight Show" roster - TV Barn
The new "Tonight Show Experience" page at NBC's website is devoted to the four hosts of "The Tonight Show" -- and the one who hopefully will be, starting in June. Except there weren't four hosts. There were five. Quoth Brooks and Marsh, "When Allen's primetime series premiered in the summer of 1956, he cut back his Tonight appearances to Wednesday through Friday. A series of guest hosts filled in on Mondays and Tuesdays until October 1st, when Ernie Kovacs took over as permanent Monday-Tuesday h... [Read More]
Seth Rogen's Abuzz About Green Hornet - Fandango Interview
At a recent press day for the upcoming dark comedy Observe and Report, in which Seth Rogen stars as mall cop Ronnie Barnhardt, Rogen showed up looking trimmer than ever in preparation for his next project, a big screen adaptation of The Green Hornet. Always the jokester, Rogen refused to divulge his fitness routine, pretending instead that the weight loss was due to his newfound discovery of bulimia. "You can eat whatever you want and you just throw up afterwards," he deadpanned. "A lot of peopl... [Read More]
Jay Leno Gives Free Michigan Show, Praises Unions
AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — Jay Leno was in his element _ pacing the stage, running his hand through his hair and launching joke after joke to the delight of the audience. [Read More]
Rich Ceisler Invades Australia - Boston Comedy Blog
If you look at the schedule for The Comedy Club in Melbourne, Australia this week, you'll find this listing - "Direct from the U.S.A., 2008 sell-out sensation Rich Ceisler." In case you're wondering, that's Boston comic Rich Ceisler, and he'll be in Australia most of April playing in Melbourne during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and then the Comedy Store in Sydney during the Sydney Comedy Festival in the beginning of May. [Read More]
Stand-up Luke Ryan plays the cancer card to get people talking
Luke Ryan is playing the sympathy card in his Comedy Festival show, exploiting his two bouts of cancer to draw crowds. He says some people are impressed he is able to leave the house — so they're ecstatic he has got the strength to tell jokes on stage for 45 minutes. All proceeds from the show go to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. But Ryan does have a vested interest: money will go to research for sarcoma, the type of cancer he suffered from. [Read More]
Tracey Ullman honored by BAFTA
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts/Los Angeles will honor Tracey Ullman with its first-ever BAFTA/LA Charlie Chaplin Lifetime Achievement Award for Comedy. The award will be presented May 8 at the British Comedy Festival's awards ceremony at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. The festival and awards take place during Los Angeles' BritWeek 2009, which runs April 21-May 8. [Read More]
"Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire" applies comedic twist to action-packed satire
"It's a strange environment to place a modern-day workplace comedy, you know, you got the things like, if you work in a office and you break up with a girl and the nightmare of having to see her every day and it breaks your heart," Maguire said. "Well, if you take that very modern sort of typical problem and then place it in a medieval realm, it's a strange juxtaposition." [Read More]
Anna Faris - A.V. Club Interview
How can an actress star in all four Scary Movie movies and still emerge a critical darling? Such is the magic of Anna Faris, a bubbly, infectious comedian whose willingness to go far, far out on a limb to get a laugh has made her the best part of a lot of dire projects, and a few good ones. Faris recently spoke to The A.V. Club about suppressing her vanity and loving her career. [Read More]
Bo Burnham - A.V. Club Interview
YouTube darlings come and go, but Bo Burnham looks to be a new breed of homegrown star—the kind that sticks around. The A.V. Club called Burnham, one year into his whirlwind tour schedule, to discuss cyber-bullying, the appeal of rap, and what separates him from a dirty old man. [Read More]