Odenkirk Provissiero Pair set comedy shingle | Variety
Talent manager Naomi Odenkirk has joined forces with lit manager Marc Provissiero, opening a comedy-centric rep firm. Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment officially launched this week, with an eye toward guiding the careers of up-and-coming performers, scribes, producers and directors, as well as producing original comedy material. [Read More]
NBC: Leno Top Marketing Priority | Broadcasting & Cable
Sorry, Conan O'Brien, but NBC says Jay Leno is its top marketing focus for 2009. "Leno is the single most important marketing priority of the year," says NBC Entertainment Marketing President Adam Stotsky. "We are deploying the necessary resources and bringing out the heavy creative guns." [Read More]
Amy Poehler | The New Yorker profile
Is there a more appealing performer on television than Amy Poehler? Yes, "appealing" sounds bland and unappreciative, and it's unspecific, but the radiance and the warmth that come from Poehler are general and broad in the best way, and they offer a universal welcome. There's no entrance fee of coolness or hipness for enjoying her humor, and you don't hate yourself afterward. In turn, her audience wishes her well; of all the cast members on "Saturday Night Live" in the past ten years or so (Poeh... [Read More]
LA People 2009 - Radio Guy, Jesse Thorn | LA Weekly
at 27, Jesse Thorn has already spent eight years with his own show, called the Sound of Young America, which he describes on his Web site — maximumfun.org — as something like Conan O'Brien on public radio, or Fresh Air, but more fun." Twice a week, this program of unusual quality is produced by Thorn in his extra bedroom in Koreatown. In 2006, Salon referred to TSOYA, as it's affectionately acronymized, as "the greatest radio show you've never heard." [Read More]
Former Comic Jimmy Gilliece's Chez Nora serves up camaraderie | Cincinnati Enquirer
Fifteen years ago Jimmy Gilliece traded a career doing standup comedy in clubs across the country for life as an owner and operator of Chez Nora, a popular tavern, restaurant and nightspot in the heart of Covington's MainStrasse Village. But while Gilliece left the road after 16 years, he's still performing every day and most nights.. [Read More]
Morning Mash with Ray Romano interview | Access Atlanta
Four years removed from "Raymond," 51-year-old Romano has pocketed his (many many) millions. But the actor has had a tough time deciding what his next act would be. Atlanta-based TNT has picked up Romano's drama "Men of a Certain Age," which will hit the air January 2010. Romano talked to Access Atlanta about what to expect on his current tour with Brad Garrett. [Read More]
Why do you still do standup? | SHECKYmagazine
Why does the MSM still express surprise when a comedian continues to do standup after success in other media... or success in standup itself? (And they also like to ask those who strictly do standup why they haven't ventured into other areas!) [Read More]
The Jeff Foxworthy Show - The Complete Second Season review | The Serious Comedy Site
The only thing the first season and second season of The Jeff Foxworthy Show have in common is the title, Jeff Foxworthy, and Haley Joel Osment as one of the kids. The show did not even air on the same network, moving from ABC to NBC and from Indianapolis to Podunk, or something like it, Georgia. Season Two of the Jeff Foxworthy Show was a decent situation comedy as the 2 DVD 23 episodes show. [Read More]
UK "Office" coming to Adult Swim! / Willaims Street Photo Tour | TV Barn
Adult Swim launched in 2001 with "Futurama" and later, "Family Guy," two shows Fox had more or less given up on. Both shows would, on the basis of their success on cable, be renewed by the network. Lazzo moved its production offices away from the rest of Cartoon Network, across the highway from Turner's fancy corporate digs to a, yup, crummy former carpet warehouse on Williams Street. He hired kids cheap and let them do what they wanted, so long as they stayed on budget. He bought anime, even an... [Read More]
Study: Comedy Central Is Most Entertaining Cable Network | Multichannel News
When it comes to the most entertaining cable network, the winner is...Comedy Central. At least that's how the most respondents in the "2009 Beta Research Brand Identity Study" felt. The 2009 Beta Brand Study was conducted online among a national sample of 4,491 cable subscribers using Survey Sampling's Survey Spot Online Panel. The study measured 58 networks with 50 million or more subscribers. [Read More]