Tracey Ullman's 2009 State of the Union - the comic's comic
The second season of Tracey Ullman's State of the Union debuts tonight on Showtime. New to her arsenal: Former First Lady Laura Bush, and fashion icon Donna Karan. It's more one-woman show performance art than straight-up sitcom, so you may find yourself impressed without laughing out loud. [Read More]
Rebecca Michael - Live Comedy L.A. interview
Live Comedy L.A. talked with Rebecca Michael about her upcoming internet show on called "Commercial Break" as well as her take on making the switch from improv/sketch to stand-up. [Read More]
Roger Ebert's Journal: Parrot asks, "What'd the frozen turkey want?"
"A joke should have the perfection of a haiku. Not one extra word. No wrong words. It should seem to have been discovered in its absolute form rather than created. The weight of the meaning should be at the end. The earlier words should prepare for the shift of the meaning. The ending must have absolute finality. It should present a world view only revealed at the last moment. Like knife-throwing, joke-telling should never be practiced except by experts." [Read More]
Tommy Tiernan sets comedy world record at 36 hours
Comedian Tommy Tiernan has set a new world record after completing over 36 hours of a continuous comedy marathon at a Galway venue. The comic went on stage on Good Friday afternoon to begin his gruelling schedule of non-stop solo stand-up comedy. [Read More]
Why is Glenn Beck doing comedy tours? - the comic's comic
Perhaps you remember Glenn Beck from the talk radio or from CNN Headline News, but now that he's the new darling of FOX News, Beck has a higher profile among media observers. And so it is that I'm learning about his proclivity for performing some sort of folksy one-man show stand-up type routine to conservative theatergoers when he's not on the air. Here's the AP report from Sunday announcing Glenn Beck's June 2009 tour, with shows in Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, Kansas City, Houston and Richmond... [Read More]
Steve Coogan heading to NZ for three-date tour
British comedian Steve Coogan might do a bungy jump while he's in New Zealand. Well, that's what he reckons, as he's planning on touring the South Island and catching up with some distant relatives while he's in the country. [Read More]
Denis Leary leads Rescue Me Comedy Tour with rage against celebs - Dallas Morning News review
Actor-comedian Denis Leary brought his Rescue Me Comedy Tour to Nokia Theatre on Thursday night, where he ranted and raged on a number of topics with a little help from some equally miffed friends. [Read More]
NASA to announce module name on `Colbert Report'
Stephen Colbert is still clinging to hope that NASA will name a new room at the international space station after him. The space agency said Friday it would announce the name of the module Tuesday on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report." Astronaut Sunita Williams will appear on the program. [Read More]
What's the Best Way to Shoot Down a Heckler? - Asylum
An audience is willing to grant a skilled comedian a lot of leeway when dealing with a heckler, because they paid to see the show and resent interruptions. Given this, what is the best way for the comic to use his free pass to dole out harsh justice? [Read More]