Ask Adam Sandler a “Bedtime Stories” question
Reuters is offering kids the chance to ask a question of comedian Adam Sandler. Adam stars in the upcoming holiday comedy “Bedtime Stories,” a family film in which he plays a hotel handyman named Skeeter Bronson, who loves to tell his niece and nephew bedtime stories. But his and his family’s life take an odd turn when the tall tales he tells begin to come true, and gets even further complicated when the kids begin to offer their own contributions. The movie opens on Christmas ... [Read More]
An interview with comedian Brian Regan
Brian Regan says he's not comfortable unless somebody is laughing. "I love the truthfulness of a laugh. You know whether people like something," Regan says over the phone. "People can fake applaud and fake it in other social interactions, but it's hard to fake a hearty laugh. You know when you're on stage and people are laughing, you think this is happening, this is real." Critics, fans and fellow comedians have been doing a lot of laughing at Regan's expense. Regan's brand of quirky, often ma... [Read More]
iTunes Lists Top 10 Comedy Albums of 2008
There's a great new technological advancement named iTunes. Apparently, it takes all our phonographical contraptions and transfers them to our computational adding machines. Thank God! I was sick and tired of lugging my player piano onto my horseless carriage for the biweekly hoedown. Anyway, iTunes compiled a list of the best recordings from funnymen (And funnywomen! What an age we live in!) for the year 2008. Amongst the comedians listed, Robert Kelly, Josh Sneed, and Dov Davidoff all had the... [Read More]
Harland Williams lands "The TBS Comedy Roadshow"
Comedian Harland Williams has signed on with TBS to film a pilot wherein he’ll host a 30-minute show called The TBS Comedy Roadshow. Reuters reports: [the show] would travel around the country to historically significant regional or vaudeville theaters and use local talent â€" including a mix of stand-up comedy, novelty acts, musical acts, short films and animated shorts â€" in what is described as a “celebration of what’s funny in America.” Williams has made a n... [Read More]
Report: At a taping of Demetri Martin’s new Comedy Central show
Important Things has a format somewhat reminiscent of Chappelle’s Show, with the comedian hosting in front of a live audience and showing a series of pre-taped sketches. This show pushes the live aspect a bit further, with about half of the episode’s running time featuring Martin doing stand-up. Each episode focuses on a theme (or important thing). “Brains” and “safety” were the two things covered during this taping. At the end of the first episode it was brou... [Read More]
India: "Comedy has become regressive"
If you think that all that you will get to hear from Shekhar Suman is loud bellowing laughter and some comments as a celebrity judge on reality Shekhar Suman Shekhar Suman. (TOI Photo)More Pics shows, then think again. The motor mouthed television host will once again be regaling audience in a two hour show, Still Moving Still Shaking, soon to be aired on NDTV Imagine. In a free wheeling chat with NT, the popular television host talks about his project, his plans to be seen on the big screen an... [Read More]
Alan Carr sorry for Karen Matthews remark
Comedian Alan Carr has apologised for dedicating an award to Karen Matthews, who kidnapped her daughter Shannon. Government minister Shahid Malik, called him "sick and insensitive" after he made the remark to reporters at Saturday's British Comedy Awards. Carr said Matthews, who is from Mr Malik's constituency, was "rough", a gay icon and would be his dream guest. The comedian later said: "I realise what I said was insensitive and I am very sorry for any offence caused." Junior justice minis... [Read More]
Cheech & Chong can still fire it up
Driving home from Cheech & Chong’s reunion tour, I got a warm feeling. What a sweet trip down memory lane that was. Then it occurred to me: despite growing up in the ’70s, the duo’s heyday, and being a sponge for all things comedic, I never got into the stoners. Hmm. Must have been all the fumes. From the moment Tommy Chong’s wife Shelby took the stage for a (thankfully) brief standup set, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre was up in smoke, and the thick haze lasted for th... [Read More]
Mock Stars: Indie comedy and the dangerously funny
Standup comedy, like science, is so full of technical terms and necessary context that it really can only be covered correctly by a specialist. It’s a beat, when reported on properly, or else you get questions from hometown papers and even big-time television programs strive for new comedy insights asking things like, “Gosh, don’t you get nervous up there?” They usually, somehow, manage to ask that twice. Then they’ll ask a clean comic if they ever get in trouble ... [Read More]
'Bob and Tom' comedy collage has audience in pieces - Peoria, IL
PEORIA - I like this concept of an all-stars comedy tour. It’s like a sampler platter of comedians. You get a little taste of each of them, and you can decide which ones you’d want to buy as a main entree when they filter back through town individually at places like Jukebox Comedy Club or Mason City Limits. Nearly 1,700 fans turned out to see six comedians and emcee Chick McGee at the “Bob and Tom Comedy All-Stars Tour” Saturday at the Civic Center Theater. Performance... [Read More]