Pee-wee Herman apologizes for changes and delays to his comeback show | the comic's comic
Reubens announced he finally was putting the Pee-wee suit and bow tie back on for the first time in decades, and it stirred up all sorts of memories. And fans began buying up tickets, so much so that it became obvious he'd have to extend the length of the show or go into a bigger venue. The decision was made to find a bigger theater. [Read More]
Comedian hits road in search of keys to 100 cities | The Patriot-News
By lunchtime Monday, Mark Malkoff had already washed a mud-caked Highspire police car, dusted the New Cumberland town clock and groveled at the feet of Harrisburg Mayor Stephen R. Reed. Why? Because that's what it takes to get a key to the city. It's part of Malkoff's quest to collect 100 keys to cities and boroughs across the country. [Read More]
Marlon Wayans to replace Eddie Murphy as Richard Pryor on screen | HitFix
Marlon Wayans is slated to play the iconic Richard Pryor in a biopic set to start filming next spring. Wayans is replacing Eddie Murphy, who bowed out for undisclosed reasons. Adam Sandler's Happy Madison production company is spearheading the project and Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, Kinsey) is slated to direct the film. Let's hope Wayans brings his "Requiem For a Dream" acting chops and forgets everything he learned from doing "Little Man" and "White Chicks". [Read More]
Showtime Orders Comedian Roundtable Series ‘Behind The Green Room Door' | Broadcasting & Cable
Showtime has ordered a comedy series from comedian, director and producer Paul Provenza (The Aristocrats). The unscripted series, tentatively titled Behind The Green Room Door, will see Provenza host a roundtable of comedians, spanning generations, riffing on politics, their personal lives or issues of the day. The idea is to show what happens in the green room and behind the scenes at comedy clubs, when comedians are talking out of the spotlight. The show will be filmed in front of a small live... [Read More]
Chris Rock to star in "Will You Be My Black Friend?" | Reuters
Chris Rock will star in the comedy "Will You Be My Black Friend?," which Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Films is developing with indie film studio Lionsgate. The project stems from a November GQ magazine article written by senior correspondent Devin Friedman, who began a self-conscious search for black friends on Craigslist. The white, married Manhattan journalist then pursued his quixotic quest to expand his social circle, with unexpected results. [Read More]
10 ways Monty Python changed comedy | msnbc
The Pythons (Eric Idle, the late Graham Chapman, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam) were just as comfortable with a gross-out gag as they were with Proust. [Read More]
Doug Benson Interview at the A.V. Club
An interview with Doug Benson at the AV Club on his new CD and the art of Twitter sex. [Read More]
Interview - Eugene Mirman on Asperger's Syndrome, Advice from Former Teachers, and the Mirman Weirdos | Village Voice
Eugene Mirman makes even the most productive person look unproductive. In the last several months, he's released his first self-help book The Will To Whatevs, reprised his role as "Eugene" during the second season of HBO's Flight of the Conchords, organized and hosted the second annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival (held last month in Brooklyn) and has released his third album, God Is a Twelve-Year Old Boy With Asperger's, his second for Sub Pop. Sound of the City caught up with Mirman last week... [Read More]
Grab Thomas Lennon's Lt. Dangle Shorty Shorts for a good cause | NBC
it was impossible to watch an episode of Comedy Central's "Reno 911!" and not notice the shorty shorts worn by Lieutenant Jim Dangle, the go-get-'em head of the team played, with aplomb, by Thomas Lennon. His shorts were tight. Constricting. Pinching. Pert. Even coquette-ish. And remarkably short. Now the sartorial star of the recently finished-up but formerly long-running series is up for auction. Lieutenant Dangle himself is imploring people to go bid on the lower half of his costume, because ... [Read More]
David Cross on AD Movie Plot - It's Just Perfect (video) | Comedy Central Insider
Everyone got excited this week when it was announced that Mitchell Hurwitz has begun writing the script for an Arrested Development movie. But you have to admit, deep beneath your layers upon layers of glee, there was a slight pang of worry. "What if the movie somehow, against all odds, doesn't permanently cure all human sadness?" the pang said, its voice muffled under the glee mountain. Well, from the way David Cross talks about it, you can safely tell your pang to shut the hell up. [Read More]