Rik Mayall, Dirk Benedict star in new mockumentary | Chortle
Rik Mayall has started shooting a new comedy film alongside former A-Team star Dirk Benedict. "Just For The Record" is a mockumentary about the tribulations of low-budget filmmaking - reuniting the cast and crew of a failed fictional movie to discuss what went wrong with the abandoned shoot. [Read More]
Judah Friedlander Thinks Manhattan Pizza Has ‘Gone Downhill' | Grub Street: New York Magazine
Comedian Judah Friedlander says he's as messy an eater as his character Frank Rossitano on 30 Rock — "Every T-shirt I have has stains on it" — and he's obsessed with food. Friedlander lives in Queens, where he insists that everything from Mexican food to — gasp — bagels is made better than in Manhattan; he spends time between stand-up gigs brooding over the decline of the New York pizza slice since he came here in the eighties. The self-proclaimed "World Champion of the World" is perform... [Read More]
Keith Alberstadt on taping Byron Allen's comedy.tv | RooftopComedy
I was recently invited to participate in Byron Allen's new project entitled "comedy.tv". Forty-two comics doing six minutes each. Of course not everyone stuck to six minutes, because there's still a mentality of "hey, I'm killing so that red light in the back of the room can suck it". But overall it was amazing. Events like this are fun because it's like a comedy convention. Comics from all over can catch up on what they're doing, where they've been, and which comedy condos have been de-loused ... [Read More]
Marc Maron and Jim Gaffigan discuss comedy, movies and parenting | Comic Vs. Audience
This past Tuesday on Air America's Break Room Live (which you should probably be watching), Jim Gaffigan joined host and stand-up comedian Marc Maron to discuss comedy, his role in the new film Away We Go and parenting. It's an interesting discussion between two old friends from "way back when" in the stand-up scene of New York and a must see for the comedy nerds that Gaffigan confesses to being. [Read More]
Dane Cook talks comedy, critics | Daily Fiasco
Daily Fiasco talks to Dane Cook about the evolution of his act, how success affects comedy and, of course, about the hate. [Read More]
The Jimmy Kimmel Upfront Monologue Video - Blogger Hysteria? | TVOvermind
It is clear by watching the video, taped at the ABC Upfronts earlier this week, that Kimmel is bringing his patented self deprecating and no-holds-barred irreverent style to the event - which is designed to give advertisers the heads up on upcoming programs - and not trashing the network as some would have us believe. When you watch the video, I can virtually guarantee you that the humor in Kimmel's routine is clear. At the very worst the monologue is occasionally unfunny, however it is never ... [Read More]
Ralphie May - AustinTatious DVD review | The Serious Comedy Site
"Is it just me or does stand-up comic Ralphie May sometimes sound like South Park's Cartman? That said, AustinTatious is the fourth Ralphie May stand-up comedy DVD. This comedian has yet to drop the comedy ball; he is as solid and funny as ever and just as somewhat edgy as always. The AustinTatious DVD features some 20 minutes of material not on the CD." [Read More]
Daniel Tosh talks the Ivy League, Carlos Mencia and Dakota Fanning | The Daily Northwestern
"Tosh.O premiering this summer on Thursdays, is I'm going to be mean and I'm also gong to go and do things in the field. Like people that have been infamous on the Internet for something they regret. I'm going to give them the chance to right a wrong, you know. I have a lot of big ideas. Maybe let Michael Richards do another set at the Laugh Factory and not use the N word. That would be a start." [Read More]
Joel McHale won't leave 'Talk Soup' for 'Community' | Hollywood Insider
Joel McHale promises he won't give up his day job at E! to star in Community, a new single-camera comedy on NBC this fall about (crazy) life at a junior college. "I'm going to do both Talk Soup and Community next fall," McHale told EW while walking the red carpet of the American Idol finale on Wednesday. "People can tune in to E! and NBC anytime they want to see me. The series doesn't take as much time as it does for us to do Talk Soup because we do that almost every day, like a real job." [Read More]
NY Giants' David Diehl pokes fun at Brett Favre in comedy club debut | NJ.com
Wednesday night, as I was sitting in Comix Comedy Club in Manhattan's Meatpacking District and waiting for a sketch comedy show called "12 Angry Mascots" to begin, I was unabashedly nervous for Diehl, who was about to make his comedy debut. I had a feeling he would do well, but doing comedy is about as tough as it gets. And watching someone bomb is as difficult for me to watch as some of the most horrific sports injuries of all-time. (Which, unbeknownst to the audience, we were soon to see.) [Read More]