Greensboro, NC comedians seek venues to spread gospel of stand-up | Greensboro News & Record
The first years of Chris Fox's stand-up career were difficult ones. There were no open mikes at the time in Greensboro, and few people seemed interested in performing stand-up comedy. But when the Comedy Zone began to host an open mike night in 2006, Fox found both a blessing and a boon. The open mike attracted would-be comedians from neighboring counties, introducing Fox to many of his current peers. However, any amateur who wished to perform at the Comedy Zone had to buy a ticket and bring fiv... [Read More]
Doctor Doom: Tyrant, Villain And… Stand-Up Comedian? (video) | Mtv
We all know about Victor Von Doom's long and villainous history as the primary nemesis of The Fantastic Four, but have you heard his stand-up comedy routine? In a clip that's been making the rounds online, the infamous Marvel Comics character appears to make a surprise visit to a Baltimore club's monthly comedy show. [Read More]
Brüno's Sacha Baron Cohen: More Than a Comedian | TIME
It's safe to say that after more than a decade honing his characters on television and in films, Baron Cohen is more than a comedian. He's the world's most famous performance artist, the inventor of a perfect hybrid of documentary and mockumentary, reality TV and psychodrama, Jackass and Andy Kaufman. When he gets the mixture just right, he creates situations of unbearable tension that at the same time turn out to be unbearably funny. [Read More]
Robins Williams lined up for HBO comedy special | The Associated Press
Robin Williams is bringing his standup act back to HBO. The cable network says a special of Williams performing in Washington will air in December. The show is part of the 57-year-old actor-comedian's "Weapons of Self-Destruction" tour. Williams has done four solo specials on HBO. The most recent, which aired in 2002, received five Emmy nominations. His relationship with HBO dates back to his appearance on a "Young Comedians" show in 1977. [Read More]
Margaret Cho speaks on kids, comedy and her new show | Philadelphia Daily News
Stand-up comedian Margaret Cho was never the polite little Asian girl who covered her mouth when she laughed and made straight A's. She was always the opposite. A rebel whose comedy could shift from caricatures of her Korean parents to raunchy sex tales, Cho has always pushed the envelope. [Read More]
Brad Garrett Developing Animated Comedy - "Dumb Bunny And Jackass" | AWN
Comedian and actor Brad Garrett is developing a half-hour animated comedy for Sony Pictures TV called DUMB BUNNY AND JACKASS, per THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. The project is adults-only and is targeted for cable, based on the characters created by Bill Kopp (EEK! THE CAT and TOONSYLVANIA). The story follows the most popular cartoon duo in history after their fall from stardom. [Read More]
Comedy Central's Reno 911! finale Wednesday July 8 | Monsters and Critics
Tomorrow marks the end of the sixth season of Comedy Central's Reno 911! Sadness. Reno 911! is quite possibly the funniest show on American television. Danny DeVito's production company has delivered us a faux reality show that features the lives of seven of the worst, most incompetent sheriff's deputies - all detailed in this "Cops" style parody. [Read More]
The Office Star Jenna Fischer Is Engaged | People
While Pam Beesly may be headed down the aisle with Jim Halpert on NBC's The Office, her real-life alter ego is altar-bound, too - Jenna Fischer is engaged, PEOPLE confirms. The actress, 35, got engaged to writer Lee Kirk, 37, on June 30 while both were vacationing in Europe. [Read More]
Comedy Central books '30 Rock' reruns for 2011 | Hollywood Reporter
Comedy Central has acquired the off-network syndication rights to NBC's "30 Rock." It will share the cable window of the Emmy-winning comedy series with WGN America for a combined license fee said to be in the range of $800,000 an episode, surpassing cable sales of other recent comedy offerings such as "The Office," "My Name Is Earl" and "Entourage." The two cable networks will begin to run "30 Rock" in 2011. [Read More]
A Tight 5ive Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter Interview
Dylan Gadino of Punchline Magazine interviews Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter on Rooftop Comedy. [Read More]