Anti-Bill Murray Satire: Today's War of the Worlds? | Comedy Central Insider
On July 23rd, Stephenson Billings, an avid antique soda bottle collector and motivational children's party entertainer, released this story. It was a Christian right call to action, demanding the country boycott Bill Murray.. and it was satire. [Read More]
Cheech and Chong to appear on The Simpsons
Comedy icons Cheech and Chong will appear on a spring 2011 episode of The Simpsons. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the episode revolves around the split-up of the duo, after which Cheech and Cho... [Read More]
Comedy Central hits Israel in 2011
At the start of next year, Comedy Central will debut its network in Israel, making it available to more than 1.3 million households.nAccording to the Hollywood Reporter: “The channel will broadcast... [Read More]
Video interview: A Tight Five with Hannibal Buress
The online comedy world has been abuzz all this week about the release of comedian Hannibal Buress’ debut album My Name is Hannibal. We’d like to believe our early review of the disc weeks... [Read More]
Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns returns with Steve Carell
Between Two Ferns with Zach Galfianakis, a.k.a. the greatest web series of all time, is back. The latest episode hit the interwebs today with a very prepared Steve Carell as guest.nIf you have insecu... [Read More]
Del Close Marathon XII Cheat Sheet | The Apiary
Here's probably the best tip for anyone attending DCM XII: There will always be something funnier happening on some other stage. You simply can't see it all, so there's no point kvetching about it in line. Like a great improv scene, true DCM enjoyment comes from discovering and witnessing an awesome improv moment when you least expect it. [Read More]
Lewis Black documentary, ‘Basic Black’ to premiere Aug. 1 on Epix
As we’ve said before, newcomer cable channel Epix, is fast becoming the go-to place to see exclusive premieres of stand-up comedy specials from some of the country’s best-respected comedians. You ... [Read More]
New Futurama tonight on Comedy Central; check out a preview
In the latest Futurama episode, we learn that if you’re taking someone out to lunch, you should show up on time.nThe ever-tardy Fry is late to Leela’s birthday lunch. Little does he know that she... [Read More]
Kyle Kinane Hits the Road | The Apiary // follow him @kylekinane
Last night began Los Angeles-based comic Kyle Kinane's self-designed U.S. tour, with a stop into Tempe, AZ. Named one of Variety's Top Ten Comics to Watch in 2010, see him in person.. [Read More]
Can there be a Comedy MVP in a world of American Comedy Awards? Rewriting humor history
The recent Bill Simmons mailbag came to my attention last night, and I couldn't stop thinking about it for a couple of reasons. Simmons fielded a reader question about who he'd pick as the &... [Read More]