David Letterman Blackmailer Pleads Guilty | NPR
The TV producer who threatened to go public with embarrassing details about late-night superstar David Letterman's personal life, pleaded guilty Tuesday in exchange for a significantly shorter time behind bars. Robert Joe Halderman, a 52-year old former CBS News producer, pleaded guilty to attempted grand larceny. In return, prosecutors agreed to a six-month jail term and 1,000 hours of community service. [Read More]
Andy Richter Isn’t Finished With Jay Leno Yet | NY Times
Asked by Kelly Ripa if he had any ill feelings toward Mr. Leno and NBC, Andy Richter, a guest co-host on “Live,” replied: “Um, yes. Yes, I do. Why wouldn’t I?” [Read More]
Snoop Dogg And Mike Epps Team For Comedy Tour | Starpulse
Rapper Snoop Dogg is set to show off his comedic skills this spring, in a U.S. tour featuring funnyman Mike Epps. The hip-hop star and Epps will combine their stand-up and stage shows for a limited run tour called Imagine That!, which will tell the story of two jailed night-club performers trying to break out of prison. [Read More]
Betty White confirms she’ll appear on ‘SNL’ | msnbc
Betty White fans, your prayers have been answered. The former Golden Girl will appear on “Saturday Night Live” in the near future, she confirmed to PEOPLE at Elton John's annual Oscars viewing party on Sunday night. Entertainment Weekly said she might appear on a special "Women of Comedy" episode with former ‘SNL’ cast members Molly Shannon, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler — but executive producer Lorne Michaels reportedly denied that. [Read More]
Jon Lajoie Talks New Comedy Central Special | AHN
..with his videos having amassed well over 150 million views, Jon Lajoie has fans repeating his foul-mouthed vomit-and-feces-inspired material back to him at shows and in everyday life. "When you have 1,000 people singing that with you, you take a step back and go, 'I don't know if I'm doing something good here, or something terribly bad,'" he says. [Read More]
An Interview with W. Kamau Bell | Rooftop Comedy
“W. Kamau Bell is the most important guy doing comedy right now. He’s got the most astute, hilarious and completely righteous material going and he’s going to be a legend in his own lifetime like Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce. Think Bill Hicks but slightly taller.” — Margaret Cho [Read More]
Meet Me In New York - Morgan Murphy | the comic's comic
Everyone has a different reason for coming to New York City to pursue a career in comedy. Just like regular people, some comedians arrive here with a gig already in hand. Morgan Murphy made the trek (back) last year to take a job as a writer for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. She's also up for an ECNY Award for best female stand-up comedian. I think she's very deserving of such honors and praise. Certainly you'd like to know more about her! [Read More]
Conan O'Brien Changes Life of One Peanut Butter-Loving Twitterer | Tonic
Earlier this week Sarah Killen was just another anonymous American with a Twitter account. "Vermillion pt.2 is the best song EVER," she wrote in one Tweet Tuesday about the Slipknot song. "yummmmmmhmmmm Peanut butter," she wrote on Thursday. But Friday? Suffice it to say everything changed when none other than Conan O'Brien decided to follow the Michigan resident — the one and only person the comedian and former late night host is following on the new Twitter account he launched Feb. 24th. [Read More]
Shannon O'Neill in "Prison Freaks: A Talent Show" | the comic's comic
A video introducing Shannon O'Neill's one-woman show warns that, among the thoughts that may enter your brain, are "deviant," "sexy" and "why did I find that sexy?" True, true, true on all counts. How does "Prison Freaks: A Talent Show" manage to be deviant, sexy and above all else, so funny? And how did it take O'Neill so long to develop her first one-woman show? [Read More]
Photos and Quotes From Mo'Nique on Winning Best Supporting Actress Oscar | PopSugar
Mo'Nique completed her successful award season run with yet another win at tonight's Oscars. She was brimming with happiness as she stepped back into the press room, where she kept the crowd cracking up the whole time. Along with talking about her dress and role, and relaying the sweet story of her husband saying "you first" to chase her dreams, she joked about being a comedian at heart and not playing the Hollywood game [Read More]