Air Guitar Champ Alex Koll Focuses on Comedy | The Bay Citizen
“There’s a lot of comedians with beards now. Somebody said that it’s now becoming what the shoulder-pad sports coat was in the ’80s.” [Read More]
The best new SNL Digital Short that's not on SNL yet: Jenny Slate as "Marcel the Shell With Shoes On"
What did you do on your summer vacation? SNL featured player Jenny Slate wrote and produced this totally adorable short film called Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, in which Slate voices a tiny shell who wears shoes and answers all of the questions yo... [Read More]
Whitney Cummings Breaks Down the David Hasselhoff Comedy Central Roast | WSJ
"The roast is like the Oscars for comedy. In acting, you give each other little gold statues. But in comedy, we just call each other fat whores. It’s a very twisted, weird approach but that insult humor is a famous tradition in comedy." [Read More]
Houma comedian Grace Blakeman trying to launch improv comedy scene in New Orleans
With her brown eyes and straight humor, Grace Blakeman’s dry wit often catches recipients off guard. Yet beyond natural talent, Blakeman, 24, daughter of Andrea and Frank Blakeman of Houma, is becoming an influential force in New Orleans’ burgeoning comedy scene. Blakeman is a founding member of the improvisational comedy team, Stupid Time Machine, composed of fellow comedians C.J. Hunt, Joella Fink, Derek Dupuy and Mike Spara. [Read More]
Joe List: I Wish My Ex-Girlfriend Could See Me Now
Aside from not having to write papers or ever get up early, college seems like it would have been way funner than just doing comedy from age 18 to 22, but nobody told me until it was too late. When I was in high school nobody mentioned that college was full of drinking and sex…they told me show-biz was like that. I got bad info. [Read More]
Brazil comedians challenge ban on ridiculing presidential candidates
Brazilian TV and radio broadcasters are legally forbidden from making fun of candidates ahead of the nation's Oct. 3 election and a possible second-round runoff on Oct. 31. With the first wave of on-air political ads starting Tuesday, Brazil's comedians and satirists are planning to fight for their right to ridicule with protests in Rio de Janeiro and other cities Sunday. [Read More]
Chris Parnell on BIg Lake, live audiences and teaching | The A.V. Club
Prior to Big Lake’s première, The A.V. Club spoke to Parnell about his trepidation performing for a live audience, and his own experience as a teacher. [Read More]
More Bill Hicks material unearthed, to be released as 'Bill Hicks: The Essential Collection'
Rare early footage of Bill Hicks performing in the early Eighties is to be released later this year. The major new package of two CDs and two DVDs also includes the little-seen short film Ninja Bachelor Party, which he made with fellow comic Kevin Booth, and a download card containing his original song Lo-Fi Troubadour. The previously unreleased material includes an audio recording of a performance in San Ramon, California, and ‘bootleg’ video of him in Austin, Texas, both of which were found in... [Read More]
Paul Reubens Playboy Magazine Interview - September 2010
Playboy sent Bill Zehme to Los Angeles as Reubens readied for Pee-wee’s Broadway debut. Zehme reports: “Paul Reubens told me repeatedly, as we dug through emotional crevices unimaginable, that he’d never opened himself up this nakedly outside of a shrink’s presence. But somehow his guts needed spilling, increasingly so with each of the nearly 15 hours we spent yammering over several weeks. Whether you see him as Pee-wee or Paul (and the two are often interchangeable), you realize how it is possi... [Read More]
Whitney Cummings on her special, her craft, her many photos of herself that adorn her walls and much more (video)
We’ve been following the bubbling rise of Whitney Cummings’ career for the last few years. An East Coast transplant living in Hollywood, she’s made a name for herself writing for the ultra popular Comedy Central roasts and then gett... [Read More]