Kevin James: "Stand-Up Made Me Fat"
Funnyman KEVIN JAMES blames his stand-up comedy career for his larger-than-life physique - insisting years of late nights and lie-ins has ruined his metabolism. The actor, currently promoting new movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop, insists he was once slim, svelte and fit, until pursuing his stage ambition. [Read More]
Improv at Pechanga changes to Comedy Club
The laughs are staying at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, but they will be under a different name. On Wednesday, the resort opens the Comedy Club at Pechanga, replacing the Improv at Pechanga, which opened in March 2007. [Read More]
Obama a questionable comedy target? Not for Lisa Lampanelli.
Lisa Lampanelli says she is not afraid to mock U.S. President-elect Barack Obama during an upcoming comedy event in Miami Beach, FL. Lampanelli said while most TV comedy writers appear hesitant to poke fun at the incoming head of state, she and her fellow stand-up comedians are fully prepared to dish Obama dirt at the South Beach Comedy Festival this month [Read More]
review - Marc Maron workshops "Scorching the Earth"
That Maron has not become a household name certainly confuses not only his fans, but also the comedian himself. And you can hear it in his tone and his material. Angry? Sure. But there's something real about his self-awareness and his social commentary that lets audiences know that he has put a lot of thought into the words that come out of his mouth. In the past year or two, his personal relationships have come to the fore of his thinking and have affected not only how he feels offstage, but al... [Read More]
preview - Dane Cook's "Isolated Incident" coming in May
You know how I noticed in November when seeing Dane Cook in Las Vegas that he seemed to have matured or, rather, calmed down onstage as a performer? Turns out that was not an isolated incident. His upcoming TV special and CD/DVD with Comedy Central, however, is called just that: "Isolated Incident." It shall debut May 17 on TV and May 19 as a CD/DVD. In this clip, we can see that even Cook figured out that playing to a crowd of 20 on a Tuesday night forces you to act much differently than when y... [Read More]
MTV show has 'How's Your News?'
"South Park" creator Matt Stone's biggest concern in executive producing MTV's latest offering, "How's Your News?," is how his and partner Trey Parker's outlandish reputation might actually hurt the program's reception. "How's Your News?," premiering Feb. 8, features a team of reporters with disabilities who take a bus across the country, along the way interviewing people on the street (who sometimes turn out to be celebrities). [Read More]
Will Ferrell promises surprises in Bush special
Will Ferrell says his upcoming Broadway show "You're Welcome America: A Final Night With George W. Bush" will show the departing president using this opportunity "to set the record straight" about his tenure. "Some people will think the show is too harsh, some will think it isn't harsh enough, but people should expect the unexpected," Ferrell says. "People will be surprised by some of the twists and turns." [Read More]
Tina Fey To Real-Life Internet Critics: 'Suck It!'
Tina Fey wasn't kidding around when she named online critics and told them to "suck it" as she picked her trophy for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. The "30 Rock" star was naming real names when she rattled off the online handles of "Babsonlacrosse," "Dlanefan" and "Cougarletter," she told Access Hollywood's Billy Bush backstage at the Globes. [Read More]
Steve Martin to release bluegrass album
It ends up Steve Martin lost the arrow but hung on to the banjo. On Jan. 27, the actor/writer/comedian will release an album of bluegrass music. [Read More]
review - Robert Schimmel: Life Since Then
When the moment is right (as they say on those way more creepy than sexy Cialis commercials), most people shut the boudoir door and bolt it behind them. Not comedian Robert Schimmel. During his hour-long sex act, he flings open the door and virtually invites spectators into his bedroom. You get the feeling he may even have stadium seats in there. [Read More]