Operation: Whoops – 10 Moments of Unintentional Comedy from 2010
Anybody can be funny on purpose. It’s so easy, in fact, that your mom is probably being funny RIGHT NOW (your mom is Betty White). The real challenge is this: can you be funny without trying to be funny? Are your inner reserves of humor at such high surplus levels that it just flows... [Read More]
Media compares Jon Stewart to Edward R. Murrow: Aren
When Congress finally, belatedly passed legislation to help fund health care for the 9/11 responders, the New York Times -- with thanks to the media's favorite pop-culture professor quote machine for more than a decade.. [Read More]
Producer Aron Abrams ("Everybody Hates Chris", "Third Rock From The Sun") found dead at 50
Sitcom producer Aron Abrams, whose credits include Everybody Hates Chris and Third Rock From The Sun, has been found dead in a hotel room. Police discovered the body of the 50-year-old in the Fairmont Orchid hotel in Hawaii on Christmas morning. He had been on holiday with his wife, and police do not suspect foul play. [Read More]
Patton Oswalt Sort Of Makes the US Stamp!
As Patton Oswalt brought to our attention on his Twitter account, he will be commemorated in stamp form by the US Postal Service… [Read More]
A video interview with Greg Fitzsimmons - on his book, his start in comedy, religion, more | LAist
Fitzsimmons discusses the process for writing his book, which involved going through an archive of all the disciplinary notices, police citations, and letters from angry comedy venues that his mother had kept and handed over to him. He also discusses his start in comedy, his take on religion, as well as upcoming projects he is involved in. If things fall into place for him, you could be watching up to three TV programs put together with his involvement. [Read More]
How the Most Anticipated Comedies of 2010 Fared
We’re highlighting films that were heavily hyped at the beginning of 2010, the ones everyone planned to see at some point, and how they did in retrospect, at the end of the year. As much as some were looking forward to hearing Broken Social Scene’s score in It’s Kind of a Funny Story,... [Read More]
Remembering Rue McClanahan and Dixie Carter | SplitSider
We lost two amazingly talented comedic actresses who were still working in television in film until their deaths. No one will deliver a comedic line while seemingly lost in her own saucy thoughts like McClanahan and no one will ever tell you where to go as politely, sternly and hilariously as Carter. Though both Golden Girls and Designing Women may be known to younger generations as “those shows on Lifetime,” make no mistake: those shows were mega-hits; Golden Girls averaged almost 20 million vi... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman and Andy Dick Talk to Scott Aukerman For IFC's Comedy Death Ray Block
Scott Aukerman would be hosting a comedy block on IFC that includes The Larry Sanders Show, The Ben Stiller Show and Mr. Show. Apparently, it's going to be neatly tied into the Comedy Death Ray brand, featuring interviews with Scott's famous friends. IFC already has some clips featuring Sarah Silverman and Andy Dick.. [Read More]
Second ‘Lonely Island’ album to debut next year
The Lonely Island members, Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer, knew exactly how to make the audience laugh with their songs and videos in their debut album, “Incredibad”. They have had famous guests such as Justin Timberlake, Jack Black, Natalie Portman, and Julian Casablancas. Their new single, “I Just Had Sex,” featuring Akon is just a glimpse of what their new album will have in store for next year. [Read More]
46 Funny Things to Look Forward to in 2011
Even though 2010 is barely over, it’s never too early to start budgeting your discretionary income/time for the coming year. Spoiler alert: you’re about to go broke/overbooked, because 2011 is shaping up to be a banner year for funny business. [Read More]