World's Greatest Dad | A.V. Club film review
With Dad and his last writer-director effort, Sleeping Dogs Lie, Goldthwait has accomplished the formidable feat of making wry, tender, fundamentally sweet comedies about the human condition that just happen to center on acts of autoerotic asphyxiation and bestiality, respectively. That isn't easy. [Read More]
Laurie Kilmartin - Five Minutes to Myself | Punchline Magazine review
Using a sharp tongue instead of a steak knife, the mom in Kilmartin carefully cuts stinging social commentary into sound-bite-size wisecracks, the easier to feed them to connoisseurs of sarcasm. But even then, judging from the what-did-she-just-say-can-we-laugh-at-this? reaction of many audience members listening to Kilmartin record Five Minutes to Myself, her new CD from Rooftop Comedy Productions, some people still find it hard to swallow rips on abortion, racial stereotypes and, yes, rape. We... [Read More]
W. Kamau Bell video interview | Punchline Magazine
While I was in Aspen earlier this summer for the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, I got to chat with comedian W. Kamau Bell outside one of the many after parties. We talked about how he deals with making fun of Barack Obama in his act, how his parents formed the way he performs comedy and his one-man show, The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour, which is playing through Aug. 29 as part of the New York City Fringe Festival. [Read More]
Family Guy's Emmy campaign: As derivative as the show itself? | the comic's comic
An excellent deconstruction of Seth MacFarlane's online video campaign for his Family Guy to become the first animated sitcom to win the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards on Sept. 20. [Read More]
Bobcat Goldthwait on World's Greatest Dad, Time Machines, Woody Allen, and More | Seattle PI Interview
If Bobcat Goldthwait had a time machine, he says he'd travel back to the '80s and offer his 22-year-old self this warning: "Don't do Police Academy." I recently met with him to discuss his latest film, World's Greatest Dad, both a wickedly witty ode to outsiders, and a Heathers-esque satire about narcissism that stars Robin Williams. I unearthed truths most audiences never knew about Goldthwait (and I didn't make him cry, though I did discover what makes him well up), such as why Woody Allen is... [Read More]
Expat comedian Kumail Nanjiani explains "the biz" | A.V. Chicago Interview
For a while, Kumail Nanjiani's name was somewhat of a liability. The formerly Chicago-based stand-up worked for years honing his craft, culminating in a moving, comically packed one-man show called Unpronounceable. It detailed his journey from Pakistan to small-town Iowa and the resulting falling out with his faith. But the jokes and opinions voiced within the show were considered blasphemous back home, and it put his parents in danger. Upon relocating to New York shortly thereafter, Nanjiani st... [Read More]
Sherri Shepherd's Lifetime Comedy Series 'Sherri' to Premiere in October | STAGE TIME Magazine
Comedian and co-host of ABC's The View, Sherri Shepherd will headline her own multi-camera comedy series Sherri, premiering Monday, October 5, at 7pm ET/PT on Lifetime Television. Sherri will then move into its regular time slot Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT. [Read More]
Jay Leno Gets Ready for Prime Time - WSJ
The WSJ writes up a comprehensive profile of some young up-and-comer named "Jay Leno" and some new show he's doing: "Testing jokes on the road. Tweaking the design of his new set. Running four miles a day. In a major gamble, the comedian prepares to do battle at 10 p.m." [Read More]
Chris Rock Documentary 'Good Hair' Set for Theatrical Release in October | STAGE TIME Magazine
Chris Rock's long-anticipated documentary, Good Hair is set for a limited theatrical release October 9. Good Hair is directed by Jeff Stilson, an Emmy-award winning former writer for The Chris Rock Show. [Read More]