Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter fight over ‘Greg the Intern' | Punchline Magazine
I got to check out the pilot episode, titled Greg the Intern. In doing so, I think I got decent hold of what the show will offer. While the episode is comprised of independently-themed sketches - one about a teenage couple who took a pledge to remain virgins and one wherein Black and Showalter throw down over the way the former Michael is imitating a butterfly fart (see video below) - the show's through line is centered around the Michaels' fight to win the affection of the show's intern Greg. I... [Read More]
Comedians descend on Chicago; Bob Odenkirk talks comedy | Northwest Herald
Often praised as a stepping stone for comedic talent, Chicago will become the capital of the comedy world this week. The Second City is the first American location to host the Just for Laughs festival, a comedy celebration that's been rooted in Montreal since 1983 and Toronto since 2007. The Montreal edition has launched the careers of many comedians and has included performances by almost every active comic superstar from John Cleese to Bill Cosby. [Read More]
Bill Maher explains Obama criticism; defends David Letterman | The Live Feed
"It was funny, it was not offensive in any way," Maher said of Letterman's jokes (4:50 minute mark). "It bothers me the way some lie gets into the media ... he's apologizing for something he never meant, never thought and never said." [Read More]
Dave Spikey "He Took My Kidney, Then Broke My Heart" | Chortle
Dave Spikey is to release his first book: a collection of strange local newspaper headlines. The comic uses such cuttings in his stage act, and will now release some of the best in a 192-page compendium due out in time for the lucrative Christmas market. The book, published by Michael O'Mara, is named after one such headline: He Took My Kidney, Then Broke My Heart. [Read More]
Six Questions with Jeff Kreisler | Comic Vs. Audience
Whether it's steroids, cooking the financial books, or test scores, cheating is prevalent in today's America. In Get Rich Cheating, New York comedian Jeff Kreisler tackles this theme in satirical detail that will empower you to be all that you can be by doing what you shouldn't. [Read More]
Interview: Joe Rogan on "Talking Monkeys in Space" and much more | the comic's comic
Joe Rogan has a new one-hour stand-up comedy special that debuts Saturday, June 20, on SPIKE-TV. Let's talk about it. Better yet, let's talk to Rogan. [Read More]
Mary-Louise Parker interview | A.V. Club
When Weeds debuted on Showtime in 2005, it seemed to burst with quirkiness. Foremost, the premise: a suburban housewife who starts dealing pot to make ends meet after her husband's death. Then, the characters: Kevin Nealon's sleazy pothead accountant, Justin Kirk's slacker brother-in-law, Tonye Patano's sassy black supplier. But the casting of Mary-Louise Parker as the series' central character helped ensure Weeds wouldn't suffocate under its seemingly unbearable lightness, and Weeds quickly est... [Read More]
Rooftop Comedy's College Comedy Competition Names Stand-Up Champ | STAGE TIME Magazine
The University of Minnesota's Comedy Team won the stand-up competition last Saturday at Rooftop Comedy's 2nd Annual National College Comedy Competition. The University of Minnesota's Comedy Team members are Trevor Anderson (Woodville, WI), Linda Aarons (St. Paul, MN), Andy Erikson (Ham Laker, MN) and Bradford Paik (Portland, OR). [Read More]
Christian Finnegan interview | A.V. Club
Christian Finnegan has toured nationally as a stand-up comic, released the album Two For Flinching, appeared on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, and turned up in the Chappelle's Show sketch "Mad Real World" as Chad, the doomed white roommate. Even so, he'd be the first to admit that he's most likely to be recognized as a talking-head commentator from VH1's Best Week Ever and MSNBC's Countdown With Keith Olbermann. But Finnegan hopes that will change now that he's released his first one-hour Comed... [Read More]