Will Ferrell, aka Rojo Johnson, ejected from baseball game | CNN
With NASCAR racer, figure skater and semi-pro basketball player already under his belt, comedian Will Ferrell can now add minor league baseball player to his resume of fake athletic roles. On Friday, Ferrell took on the role of Billy Ray Rojo Johnson, pitcher for the Round Rock Express, a real minor league Major League Baseball team near Austin, Texas, in the team's game against the Nashville Sound. [Read More]
Shocking News - "MacGruber," Actually Not Terrible | NBC New York
It’s been quite a good week for Saturday Night Live. The Betty White Mother’s Day episode scored huge ratings, and the show is poised to close out its 35th season with master host Alec Baldwin at the controls. Most surprising of all is the news that "MacGruber," the movie version of Will Forte’s recurring skit, may not suck. [Read More]
Is LCS Finally Getting It Right? (Spoiler Alert) | CringeHumor
Below are some spoilers for Last Comic Standing 7. Let it be addressed that NONE of this information is from the comedians that will be mentioned.. [Read More]
Bridgetown Comedy Festival 3: The Return of the Zing (photo recap) | The Apiary
Here are some mental snapshots from the festival, April 22-25. Most of my grainy cellphone pics captured my experience there as if I were a security camera at the mall so I have used some of superdupe photographers M. Berru's and Karylee Harrison's outstanding documentation as well. [Read More]
Countdown to Futurama - Mouth to Ass Storyboard | Comedy Central Insider
These storyboards come from Futurama's sixth season premiere, "Rebirth," and I'm told the scene is called "Mouth to Ass." [Read More]
"1st Amendment Stand-Up" - An Interview With Doug Williams | Gapers Block
If you like your comedy uncensored and uncut, you definitely won't want to miss the Starz Network's "Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Stand-Up." Comedian Doug Williams, the show's co-creator and executive producer, talks about everything from the show's new host, the reason the show was brought to Chicago and of course, the First Amendment. [Read More]
Conan O'Brien - In Happier Times (interview excerpt from ¡Satiristas!) | GQ
The upcoming book ¡Satiristas!—collection of interviews with funny people, conducted by Paul Provenza and Dan Dion—features a sit-down with Conan O'Brien, conducted before his showdown with NBC and his subsequent deal to go to TBS. But even then, it seems, Conan was talking up the joys of cable TV. The book publishes next week. Here, an exclusive excerpt from ¡Satiristas!, featuring Provenza's complete interview with Coco. [Read More]
Carolines Breakout Artist - Joe List (interview) | Punchline Magazine
Born in the greater Boston area, comedian Joe List began his career in 2000 weeks after graduating from High School. His rapid ascent in the Boston club scene and quirky humor prompted the Boston Globe to profile him in 2005, describing him as the “most talented” and “the city’s freshest new comedian(s), showing real promise, real early. [Read More]
W. Kamau Bell returns to NYC for another round of "Ending Racism in About in Hour" | The Comic's Comic
Comedian W. Kamau Bell has been using PowerPoint presentations and brutally honest, cutting satire to show Americans for the past three years how we're racist now, and what we can do to end it in, oh, about an hour, with his one-man show, "The W. Kamau Bell Curve." How has the show evolved over the past three years? [Read More]
The BC Q&A - Dave Willis and Dana Snyder from Aqua Teen Hunger Force | BostonComedy
Dave Willis and Dana Snyder from Aqua Teen Hunger Force talked a bit about the history of the show, how they plan to bring it to life onstage, the unavoidable subject in Boston – the marketing campaign gone wrong in 2007, when Light-Brite images of Mooninites, created by local artists to advertise the show, shut down parts of the city when they were mistaken for bombs.. and more. [Read More]