Comedy Central Developing ‘Geniuses’ Comedy With Adam Nee And Ryan Judd
Comedy Central has signed up-and-coming comedians Adam Nee and Ryan Judd to develop, write, direct and star in a half-hour project. Titled Geniuses, it is based on a spec pilot Nee and Judd did last year and took to the cable network. It centers on two hapless friends, Johnny (Nee) and Sterling (Judd), who have been blissfully skating through life from job to job and vying for their neighbor Margot’s attention. Realizing that life may be passing them by, they decide to grow up and become respons... [Read More]
Alec Baldwin Commits To Woody Allen's Next Pic
Alec Baldwin has committed to star in Woody Allen's next film. And where will the quintessential New York actor and Gotham's arguably most famous director be filming? Try Rome. Allen has chosen that city as the site of his next comedy as he continues sampling countries around the globe after shooting most of his films exclusively in New York. Allen has said that shooting in NYC is just too expensive, but I'd argue that the change of scenery has creatively revived him in recent outings. [Read More]
Proops, Stiles, Mochrie and Kinney talk up reuniting for Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza
We never did find out Whose Line Is It Anyway? But the gang's all back together again to perform short-form improv games, only this time they're on a big Vegas resort stage (at the MGM Grand) and it's all for Drew Carey's Improv-A... [Read More]
Two Minutes of Behind-the-Scenes Footage from the New Season of Curb Your Enthusiasm
This summer, July 10th to be precise, marks the return of the venerable Curb Your Enthusiasm. And here's a little behind-the-scenes video to get you even more excited about it. It takes place in New York City! For real, this is cooler than the Seinfeld thing was for me.... [Read More]
True to Mission, Comedy Central Still Strong at 20 | NY Times
Yet Comedy Central, which turned 20 years old on April Fool’s Day, has arguably never been more relevant. The late-night tag team of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert makes news almost every week, the creators of “South Park” are cracking up Broadway and the channel’s newest star, Daniel Tosh, is drawing more than four million viewers some nights. [Read More]
Winners of The Comedy Awards 2011
In case you missed it either when they taped The Comedy Awards in late March, or when the ceremony aired April 10 on Comedy Central and its partner MTV Networks stations, here is the full list of winners from the inaugural edition: Comedy Film: The O... [Read More]
American: The Bill Hicks Story Looks Back at a Fallen Icon
The late Bill Hicks always reminded me of Johnny Cash — perhaps it’s a combination of the black suit, Southern twang, and onstage chain smoking (some of his best bits are about whiny non-smokers). Plus, in his HBO special, he wears a cowboy hat. Both Hicks, a Texan, ... [Read More]
“SUPER” Movie Review
It took my probably 12 hours to fully decide what I thought about this movie. I left the theater thinking I loved it, but I wasn’t sure. 12 hours later, I knew I did. Super is fucked up fun, with an emphasis on the fucked up (as visually displa... [Read More]
Colin Quinn on Alcoholism, Sobriety and the Comedy Lifestyle
By Halle Kiefer0 commentsThere's a certain mystique that comes with the myth of the out-of-control comedian, an allure that starts to lose its potency once you realize you don't have enough change to clean the vomit out of your interview pants. Currently starring his one-man Broadway show Long Story... [Read More]
Laughing Skull Comedy Festival: competition recap
The second annual Laughing Skull Comedy Festival kicked off its four day stand-up contest on April 6 in Atlanta. What started in November with nearly 700 comedians from more than 25 cities, had been whittled down to just 72 comics. At stake: what cou... [Read More]