Team Coco Presents The Conan Writers Live - Too much "very funny" for one hour of TBS airtime?
The Team Coco presents The Conan Writers Live was a big hit last night at Chicago's Bank of America Theater, but I can tell you that perhaps it was too much of a big hit. [Read More]
Inside With Josh Gondelman | The Apiary
Josh Gondelman is a really nice guy. This perception does not exist without ample justification. [Read More]
"Drinking Buddies with T.J. Miller" take the show's title to heart at Lincoln Lodge reunion #jflchicago
Comedian/actor T.J. Miller came back to Chicago this week and brought some of his Windy City comedy friends back with him for a stand-up show billed as "Drinking Buddies," and the buddies ce... [Read More]
A star is born: Aziz Ansari is famous enough now that Randy isn't just a character, it's his closer
n Remember all the way back to a year ago, when Funny People hadn't yet come out, but Aziz Ansari already was generating buzz for his caricature of a stand-up comedian called Raaaaaaaandy ("... [Read More]
Pee-wee Herman will be ringleader for motorcycle rally
Pee-wee Herman will head to Sturgis, South Dakota on August 8 and 9 to be a ringleader for festivities at the Legendary Buffalo Chip biker campground. The celebration is part of the 70th Annual Sturgi... [Read More]
Comedy Central’s new chat show Portable Lounge has guests, will travel
This morning, Comedy Central announced the launch of a new online venture—a show called Comedy Central’s Portable Lounge. The basic premise is this: it’s a talk show, but it travels across the c... [Read More]
Tickets for Steve Martin at Just For Laughs on sale tomorrow
Good news for Canadian comedy fans: it was announced yesterday that comedian, movie star and now, accomplished musician, Steve Martin, will be hosting two shows during Montreal’s Just for Laughs fes... [Read More]
HBO Canada taping six-episode stand-up showcase with host Jon Dore at Just For Laughs Montreal
For all of my neighbors to the north who complain about not being able to watch online clips from Hulu or Comedy Central, this post's for you!Several comedians have asked me if I'm going to ... [Read More]
Introducing Comedy Central's Portable Lounge | Comedy Central Insider
Today Comedy Central is unveiling their new web talk show Portable Lounge. That's right, it's a TV show on the internet! What's next, a website on the lawnmower? [Read More]
17, 18, 19 Kids and Comedy: Watch the trailer and outtakes from the parody series, "Kid Farm!"
If you're not a regular watcher of the TLC cable channel, then you probably have a healthy and sensible life and think it stands for...oh, the heck with this intro. Even if you don't watch t... [Read More]