Andy Richter - "I am very happy to be here with all of my writer nerds" | TV Squad
I am very happy to be here with all of my writer nerds, and my big, red-haired writer nerd, and do a silly little comedy show five days a week. It's great. [Read More]
Win a Chance to Perform at the Las Vegas Improv
To celebrate the release of Judd Apatow's Funny People on DVD and Blu-ray, and The Improv Comedy Club are partnering to give one asipiring comedian the opportunity to perform for six nights (six nights!) at the Improv at Harrah's Las Vegas. To enter, just record at least one minute of original stand-up and submit the video to the dedicated page on before midnight (Pacific time) on December 8th. [Read More]
Maria Bamford stars in new Target ads, watch ‘em here | Punchline Magazine
"March Madness" is on Prozac compared to the insanity of Black Friday, the starting line of the hysterical holiday- shopping season. In a series of pre-Christmas commercials for Target, our fave manic comic, Maria Bamford, gets us thinking in, well, present tense. Check out the five spots below! [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon Buried In Too Much Comedy At NBC | Business Insider
Despite NBC's heavy promotion of Fallon's program -- and the blogosphere buzz over his silly videos -- it'd be a shame for the "SNL" alum to get lost among the late-night rubble. [Read More]
Todd Barry - man of 4,000 faces (Toronto recap & photos) | Third Beat
See Todd Barry. See Todd Barry come to Toronto. See Todd Barry kill. Kill, Todd, kill. If you're like me - and if you're reading this - you're a pretty jaded comedy fan. I don't laugh a lot, opting more often to sit back and muse "that was very funny". That went completely out the window. At the halfway point, I had to halt consumption of my pint of beer, for fear that it would have come back out the same way it came in. [Read More]
Nate Bargatze wants you to know that 'it could be better.' | Zoiks! Online
One of my favorite things to do is check out comedians. It was a nice surprise when I came across an up-and-comer named Nate Bargatze. Although Bargatze isn't well known commercially, the comedian has definitely made his mark on the stand-up circuit. He recently stopped by to chat with Zoiks! Online. [Read More]
Lewis Black hosts ‘Surviving the Holidays' tonight on History Channel | Punchline Magazine
Lewis Black hosts the special Surviving the Holidays with Lewis Black. It happens at 8 pm EST and will be re-played through Nov. 29. Judging by the History Channel's synopsis of the show, we have to admit, this looks quite entertaining. [Read More]
Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner's '2000 Year Old Man' is remastered |
..the release of the remastered three-CD/DVD set, "The 2000 Year Old Man: The Complete History," on Tuesday. The routine has Reiner pretending to be a very serious reporter who gets the chance to interview a man, Brooks, who is 2,000 years old. They discuss everything from dating to politics. The key to such longevity, says Brooks, was to avoid topical material. [Read More]
Jackass Sequel In 3D? | Comedy Central Insider
Jackass member Bam Margera said that the filming of a third Jackass film was set to begin in January 2010. But the series may have a new twist the third time around. It has been discovered that Paramount Pictures has recently purchased the web address, leading one to believe that this third installment could very well be shot in 3D. [Read More]
Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo to Reprise Vacation Roles in Superbowl ads | Us Magazine
Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo -- who played the calamity-magnet parents in National Lampoon's Vacation and three sequels -- will reprise their roles in a new ad campaign to be launched during the Feb. 7 2010 Superbowl. The advertised service in the homage to the 1983 original (about a madcap American roadtrip)? HomeAway vacation rentals. [Read More]