The Sklar Brothers’ “Hendersons and Daughters” | Comedy Reviews
The Sklars work perfectly together, their rapid-fire exchange flows like a finely-tuned precision machine. They have perfected the craft of being able to talk over one another without taking away from what the other is saying. Their conversations aren’t unlike something you’d find on Curb Your Enthusiasm or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Although there are moments when everyone is speaking at the same time, you’re still able to hear and process everything that’s being said. And everything ev... [Read More]
Laughing 101? Harper College Adds Funny Course
Harper College in Palatine, Ill. will be offering a class on comedy and a healthy lifestyle. From Humor to Health: Comedy and Healthy Living” is a two-part class offered later this month by a stand-up comic and a humor therapist aimed at improving day-to-day life with laughs. [Read More]
Godfrey - Black By Accident | The Serious Comedy Site album review
Godfrey Black By Accident is an entertaining, sometimes excellent stand-up comedy DVD. It would have been better if Godfrey had not used adult language. It just does not really fit with the material and his stage persona. Also questionable is the comic’s habit of cracking himself up: it feels forced. Overall though, Black By Accident is quite fun to watch as Godfrey is very funny and a superb physical comic. [Read More]
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Sell Pilot To NBC
Okay, well, sadly Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's new pilot will not feature them as a wife and wife crime-fighting team like I momentarily hoped. It would be like a hilarious Cagney & Lacey, but with more dancing! Produced by DeGeneres, written by Samantha Who? co-creator Don Todd and s... [Read More]
Joe DeRosa - Return of the Son of Depression | The Serious Comedy Site album review
Joe DeRosa’s second stand-up comedy MP3 album Return of the Son of Depression Auction shifts constantly between ordinary observational humor, and self-deprecating comedy. One second he’s down on himself, the next he’s talking about various cultural trends and behaviors. [Read More]
video: Joe DeRosa’s Laughspin tour diary (Part 3)
In his third dispatch from the road, Joe DeRosa finds some friends. Well, not “friends,” exactly. Let’s just say he gets some help. Or, maybe he gets whatever the opposite of help is. You’ll have to decide. Check it out below ... [Read More]
“Futurama,” “Community,” “Portlandia” among comedy winners at Creative Arts Emmys
Hey, sports fans! Comedy Central’s Roast of Charlie Sheen wasn’t the only big ticket event going on this weekend: the Creative Arts Emmy Awards also went down at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Some of you may be asking: What the hell are the... [Read More]
Mike Judge on Beavis and Butt-Head's return to MTV
"Over the years I thought about different things, but it wasn't until this time last year that I really considered doing it," Judge said. "I had thought about doing a sequel to the movie [1996's 'Beavis and Butt-Head Do America'], but then it seemed like doing a bunch of episodes would be more fun and less pressure than doing an entire movie." [Read More]
Bill Carter: Late-Night TV Shows Face a Difficult Future | NYTimes
while most network executives publicly express nothing but happiness with how things stand since that descent into chaos, unease remains under the surface. The future of some of the nobles appears clouded, and the late-night landscape is clearly undergoing what may well be a long-term shift, one greatly complicated by changing viewing habits, the rise of social media and the high cost of production. [Read More]
Remembering 9/11 and comedy: What’s your story?
Living in New York City, it's difficult to get through a September 11 without thinking about what happened that day in 2001, and yet I hadn't planned on mentioning it here. Then I saw that two-hour documentary on CBS, 9/11: Ten Years Later, which saw... [Read More]