Cedric The Entertainer gets his own TV Land pilot, a ‘Hot in Cleveland” spinoff
Comedian Cedric The Entertainer is getting his own pilot on TV Land; and it’s a spinoff of the network’s hugely successful show Hot in Cleveland! But how is it a spinoff if Cedric isn’t even on Hot in Cleveland, you might be asking.... [Read More]
50 Cent to launch 'This is 50 Comedy Tour'
Turns out 50 Cent has launched his own stand-up comedy tour dubbed the This is 50 Comedy Tour: "THIS TOUR REPRESENTS A NEW ERA IN COMEDY IVE PUT TOGETHER THE FUNNIEST MOST IGNORANT COMEDIANS YOU EVER SEEN AND WE WILL TRAVEL THE EARTH BRINGING LAUGHTER JOY LOVE AND PAIN SUNSHINE AND RAIN,SO BRACE YOURSELVES BECAUSE WE ARE COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU" But then, there’s no tour dates. But there is a giant list of participating comedians. [Read More]
Strange but true video of the day: Carrot Top straightens up his look with a new suit and hairdo?!
Famous prop comic Carrot Top unveils a dramatic new look for his cover shoot with Las Vegas Magazine. They got him to straighten out his curly orange hair and slip into a new suit! And you cannot mock him, because Carrot Top will beat you to the joke... [Read More]
Whitest Kids U'Know, Channel 101, Marvel Comics and URDB headline 7th SketchFest NYC this June
SketchFest NYC has announced featured acts for its upcoming seventh annual celebration of comedy, to be held June 8-11, 2011, at the UCB Theatre. Regular UCB staples such as CollegeHumor Live and The Rejection Show will have slots in the lineup, with... [Read More]
META! Comedian who asked YouTube for $1 million now writes for TV
Craig Rowin, the comedian and Upright Citizens Brigade improviser who recently grabbed a lot of press and attention when he boldly asked everyone via YouTube to give him $1 million and received it (only to reveal it was all a hoax), is now writing the questions for the ABC game show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? [Read More]
Tony Clifton’s ‘Live on the Sunset Strip’: Punchline Magazine reviews the rough cut
Fans and co-conspirators alike crammed into the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles last week for a sneak preview of an early cut of Tony Clifton: Live on the Sunset Strip. The documentary captures the highs, lows, and on-stage vagina shavings of Tony Clifton’s four-night stand at the Comedy Store in May 2010, which commemorated the 25th anniversary of his first show after the death of his creator, Andy Kaufman. And, what a document it is. [Read More]
Comedian Kumail Nanjiani plays agoraphobic lawyer on new TNT drama ‘Franklin & Bash’
Come June 1, we’ll see the Pakistani-born comic in his first regular television role, on the new law drama Franklin & Bash on TNT. Fear not. Judging from the first episodes, it’s not a super serious show, so Kumail is right at home. In fact, the comedian plays Pindar Singh, the right hand man to Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), a lawyer who’s crippled by anxiety and agoraphobia– hilarious, right? [Read More]
Nick Di Paolo: Questioning your beliefs | Punchline Magazine interview
Punchline Magazine was lucky enough to catch up with Nick recently to chat about his new hour, where and why he falls politically and socially, why certain networks are afraid of his act and much more. [Read More]
Female Writers in Late Night by the Numbers
Statette delivers the hard stats via this graphic. Don't shoot the messengers! NOTE: This list does not include the writing staffs for George Lopez (Lopez Tonight, TBS) or Mo'Nique (The Mo'Nique Show, BET). [Read More]
Watch Larry David go Godzilla in new ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ promo
By now all you comedy nerds know that the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm premieres on HBO on July 10. We’re just as giddy as you, believe us. That’s why we’re dropping this swell new promo here on the old Punchline Mag blog. Che... [Read More]