Golden Globes clips: Ricky Gervais monologue roast, RDJ, Tina Fey, Steve Carell, and that DeNiro routine
Well, well, well. We all can agree that Ricky Gervais acted like a guy who didn't want to be hosting the Golden Globes, at least not in the way that Hollywood (and particularly the Hollywood Foreign Press Association) expects its hosts to play n... [Read More]
On Playing Cruise Ships: "You have to be saved from the ego." | Shecky Magazine
We were offered a second cruise.  It was a last-minute thing.  We phoned in to get feedback  on the first one (Dec. 12-16) and the question was posed, “What are you doing this weekend?” [Read More]
Jenna Maroney Won't Be Pregnant on 30 Rock
by Adam Frucci Despite Jane Krakowski being pregnant, her Jenna Maroney character won't be in the same state on 30 Rock. Here's the official statement: "At this time, we plan to shoot around Jane’s pregnancy, because no child should have Jenna Maroney for a mother." @ 4:15 pm 0 C... [Read More]
The League Gets Picked Up For Season Three
by Adam Frucci Just got word @theleaguefx has just been picked up for a 3rd Season. McGiblets lives to see another day!less than a minute ago via webPaul Scheerpaulscheer From Paul Scheer comes the good news that FX's The League is coming back for season three. Huzzah for good shows not g... [Read More]
The Chris Gethard Show: Featuring Diddy - #diddygethard @ The UCBT - 1.15.11
By: Lucas Hazlett Photo: Ari Scott In what will surely be remembered as one of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater's most talked about "Were you there when..." moments in its history, Chris Gethard fulfilled a year-long obsession by finally having S... [Read More]
40 years later, CBS News remembers the importance of former #1 sitcom "All in the Family"
Forty years ago this week, All in the Family debuted on CBS. It ranked tops as the #1 TV show in America for five consecutive seasons, but as creator/producer Norman Lear pointed out at the 2002 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, he probably couldn&... [Read More]
2011 National College Comedy Competition: Register Now!
Yep, we’re back! The 2011 NCCC is gonna be funnier than ever as we’ve updated the bracket with tough new schools and added a few twists in the competition. Four MVPs will get a highly-coveted performance spot at the TBS Presents Just for ... [Read More]
17 Things We Learned About Jim Carrey From "Inside the Actor's Studio"
James Lipton wanted Jim Carrey from the very beginning, 17 years ago, extending his first invitation to Carrey. But he only showed up this week for a sit-down on Bravo's Inside the Actor's Studio. So. What did we learn about him now that we... [Read More]
Jesse Eisenberg, Dana Carvey, Nicki Minaj, and Linkin Park Coming to SNL
by Adam Frucci Some SNL hosting news: on January 29th, Jesse Eisenberg and Nicki Minaj will be live from Studio 8H. Then on February 5th, we get Dana Carvey and Linkin Park. Why Dana Carvey? After all, he doesn't seem to have anything to promote. I don't know either, guys. The Lorne works ... [Read More]