Comedian’s heckler combat skills suck, but that’s no reason to put him on trial | Punchline Magazine
"We obviously don’t condone the act of making fun of people based on whom they like to have sex with—especially if it’s not done with any sense of tact, art or humor. But we also don’t condone people showing up late to a comedy show, sitting in the front row and acting like complete assholes to the comedian onstage. One of the signs of a seasoned comedian is the ability to skillfully – and that sometimes includes being harsh – deal with hecklers." [Read More]
Laugh It Up, Fuzzball - Lucas Plans ‘Star Wars’ Comedy Series | NY Times
Lucasfilm Animation said that it was preparing a new series that will offer a comedic perspective on “Star Wars,” with help from Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, who have frequently satirized that science-fiction franchise on their Adult Swim animated show “Robot Chicken.” [Read More]
Chris Rock’s “Crackers” video finally released; is it racist? (video) | Punchline Magazine
In 2004 Chris Rock and his writers from the Chris Rock Show wrote a parody version of OutKast’s “Hey Ya!,” their smash hit from the year before. The video for the parody was filmed but never released until now. [Read More]
Tina Fey Reveals ConanGate-esque 30 Rock Finale Plot Twist | Movieline
"We sort of did a Conan-Jay Leno parallel where the overnight janitor wanted the 11:30 janitor shift and it was like a janitor war." [Read More]
Carol Burnett reflects on how variety spiced up TV life | USATODAY
Burnett's recounting of her Emmy-winning, 11-year run on The Carol Burnett Show is a central element of her new book, This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection (Harmony, $25), which she describes as "a quasi-memoir." It's on sale today. [Read More]
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson wins a Peabody
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson has won a Peabody award for it's "An Evening with Archbishop Desmond Tutu" episode. "As this fascinating, often funny interview attests, the Scottish-born Ferguson has made late-night television safe again for ideas." [Read More]
Steve Carell on comedy and the joys of married life | Malaya
The enormously talented Steve Carell discusses comedy and the joys of married life in the interview below. [Read More]
Just for Laughs 2010 - A Look Ahead | Third Beat
The folks at Just For Laughs have started rolling out details for their 2010 Montreal edition, happening July 7-18 — with the major English programming and the JFL Comedy Conference happening at the tail end of that. Here's what to expect. [Read More]
Adam Carolla's Phillipines Rant Sparks Reaction
A Philippines official angrily hit back Monday at Adam Carolla who said the nation had nothing going for it except boxing hero Manny Pacquiao and sex tours, branding him in ignorant fool. In a profanity-laced podcast, Carolla also called Pacquiao a "[expletive] idiot" who "prays to chicken bones" for refusing demands by American rival Floyd Mayweather for an Olympic-style drug test. [Read More]
Dispataches from Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival, part 2 | Punchline Magazine
Christian Finnegan's wife Kambri Crews reports from Melbourne on Ash Williams, Nick Thune, Todd Berry, Tim Vine’s Joke-Amotive and “Toad Whacking”. [Read More]