Lisa Lampanelli guest hosts TMZ on TV, no immediate boost for black male celebrities
TMZ is letting Lisa Lampanelli take over hosting duties today for its half-hour TV show, in which the pap smearers pitch their awfulness to her, for reasons which are never really explained.Exciting, isn't it? Roll a clip.... [Read More]
“Max the Hero” (with MST3K’ers Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett) to Screen at NY Television Pilot Festival |
The animated comedy “Max the Hero” stars and was written by Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s and’s Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett. It was produced, directed and co-written by Nashville’s Mike Salva. In the show, Max (voiced by Bill Corbett), is an accidental superhero who is kind of a lazy jerk. He never actually saves anybody. His jealous roommate, Stew (voiced by Michael J. Nelson), becomes his arch-rival. And they both injure their buddy Chip (voiced by Kevin Mur... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Responds to Reddit; Donations Top $200K
a group of Redditors hoping for a Colbert Rally in Washington DC have been drumming up donations to Donors Choose, one of Stephen's favorite charities. The tally has just topped $200,000... [Read More]
Behind the Pilot, with Chris Hardwick on the set of "Tonight's Funniest," coming to Comedy Central?
If Comedy Central passes on the pilot of Tonight's Funniest, it won't be for a lack of jokes. I attended a taping of it last week in Harlem. It's a faux game show. Think Match Game, only without the contestants getting in the way. Or if you're not old enough for that reference, how about thinking of Whose Line Is It Anyway, except with stand-ups sitting down. [Read More]
Enter the Daniel Tosh Tour Twenty Ten Sweepstakes!
Enter the Tosh Tour Twenty Ten Sweepstakes brought to you by Flo TV live mobile TV for a chance to win a trip to New York, 500 big ones and tickets to see Daniel Tosh perform stand-up live on October 30th! [Read More]
Comedian Bob Marley will attempt to break longest live comedy show record
A few weeks ago, we told you about Norwegian comedian Hans Morten Hansen who broke the Guinness World Record for “Longest Stand-up Comedy Show by an Individual.” Well, his reign might be short-lived. Bob Marley will attempt to oust Hansen a week fr... [Read More]
Patrice Oneal will film a one-hour Comedy Central special during the New York Comedy Festival
In case you were wondering what Patrice Oneal was up to these days, now you know. He'll be recording a one-hour special for Comedy Central in November as part of the New York Comedy Festival. [Read More]
Bill Clinton makes sixth Daily Show visit tomorrow; let’s look back at his past appearances
Former President Bill Clinton’s sixth appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is going down tomorrow. He’s expected to promote his annual convention, the Clinton Global Initiative, says ABC. In preparation for the show (11 pm EST on Comed... [Read More]
Jeffrey Ross in car accident, makes fun of Lisa Lampanelli and drives off
Comedian Jeffrey Ross, the Roastmaster General was in a minor traffic accident in L.A. and still managed to bring humor into the situation. Everyone involved suffered no harm– just a bit shaken up. Ross even managed to tell a joke about fellow... [Read More]
Interview with Bill Hicks' Family, New Box Set Released | SPIKE
To mark today's release of the new Ryko box set Bill Hicks' The Essential Collection, we had the unbelievable opportunity to sit down for a chat with Bill Hicks’ mother Mary and his brother Steve. For those that don’t know, Bill Hicks’ The Essential Collection is a four-disc set that consists of two CDs and two DVDs that encompass Bill Hicks’ short but influential career as a satirist, social critic, and stand-up comedian. Bill’s brother Steve gave us some a little insight into how he put the ne... [Read More]