opinion: Dave Chappelle Hasn't Turned On Us. We've Turned On Him. | NPR
..the problem isn't that Chappelle "went crazy". It's that we did. As much as I wish this weren't true, I can't blame the man for withdrawing from the public. He thinks his core fanbase consists of rowdy, obnoxious jerks, because those are the people he keeps running into. And he thinks everyone treats him like a circus act — someone to videotape or provoke or shout tired catchphrases at. [Read More]
Turner doesn’t have a Conan problem, it has a TBS vs. Adult Swim problem
To hear everyone tell it, you'd think TBS has serious issues with its late-night TV lineup, what with the cancellation of Lopez Tonight after only two seasons, and the steep decline in viewership for Conan as it nears the end of its first year on bas... [Read More]
Marc Maron: “This Has To Be Funny” (Review)
Marc Maron’s newest album – his fourth – This Has To Be Funny, was released Aug. 9. From a journalistic perspective, I’ve already failed you. I should’ve had this review posted on Laughspin by Aug. 8, at the very latest— so that you, the reader, woul... [Read More]
The Lost Roles of Late Night Talk Show Hosts
Let's face it, late night talk show hosts don't make the best actors. Their jobs call on them to break so many of the basic rules of acting. They speak directly to the camera, make fun of themselves whenever a joke misses, and do an unusual amount of facial mugging, all things that would get a regular actor fired. It's hard to suppress these instincts when they've been drilled into one's head from five nights a week behind the desk (and, in the case of most late night personalities, decades-wort... [Read More]
Chris Gethard on The Chris Gethard Show: "a community center for this fucked up community of nerds"
If someone flips by the Manhattan public access on Wednesday nights and catches The Chris Gethard Show, it’s unlikely that they’re going to say to themselves, “Ah, now here’s the future of television.” A goofy, low-budget show featuring a bunch of comedians and self-admitted weirdos taking calls from strange and sometimes hostile New York citizens doesn’t initially scream out “innovation.” However, for those that stick around, it gradually becomes clear that Chris Gethard and friends are doing s... [Read More]
Laughspin’s look inside comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Part 2)
Everybody is playing dress-up and I feel left out. Turning a corner onto “The Royal Mile” in Edinburgh’s City Centre, I found myself in the belly of the beast – a Virgin-Money sponsored street fair – surrounded by costumed pe... [Read More]
Al-Quaeda message board poster threatens David Letterman’s life
According to an Al-Quaeda message board, the tongue of David Letterman, “a lowly Jew,” needs to be cut off. EW.com reports that Letterman made a jab at the recent death of suspected terrorist leader Ilyas Kashmiri; and now, somehow, that warrants the talk show host’s death. By the way, Letterman isn’t Jewish. [Read More]
Sarah Silverman's Comedy Project Sparks Major Bidding War, Ron Howard On Board
ABC, NBC and Fox are in pursuit of Imagine TV/20th Century Fox TV's untitled Sarah Silverman comedy co-written by and starring the irreverent comedian, with at least 2 networks, ABC and NBC, offering major commitments. (CBS has not heard the pitch yet). What's more, the single-camera comedy loosely based on Silverman's life has become a pet project of Imagine principal Ron Howard. [Read More]
2011 Del Close Marathon in review
I primarily put in my time at the Hudson Guild theater, where I never had to wait in any lines and there was always a seat. The only time the room was packed to a humid, virus-friendly capacity was on Sunday evening from about 5:30 on, when there was a slow-moving line and the no-reentry policy was put into effect. [Read More]
Don’t be this guy who fell asleep during the live comedy show | Mike E. Winfield video
It's a rare but real phenomenon: Audience member who falls asleep during live comedy show. I've seen it happen in recent years during the tapings of stand-up comedy specials for both Bill Burr and Greg Giraldo. And now it's happened again. This time in Ventura, Calif., and stand-up comedian Mike E. Winfield was not going to let the guy get away with it. Watch what happens as he leaves the stage to sit next to the sleeping audience member. [Read More]