Penn Jillette on Shecky Greene (video) | Shecky Magazine
As part of the "Penn Says:" series of videos, the large, talking half of Penn & Teller holds forth on the greatness of Shecky Greene, upon seeing the great one perform last month at the Suncoast casino. It's six minutes and worth every second. [Read More]
Larry the Cable Guy Releases Digital Comedy Special | STAGE TIME Magazine
Comedian Larry the Cable Guy released his first Fourth Of July special, Tailgate Party, this past Saturday. The digital download package will be distributed exclusively by Basecamp Productions and will be available at The special was taped during a performance at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, NE on Independence Day in support of Husker Fans on the UNL Campus. The comedian's appearance was in conjunction with The City Of Lincoln's 2-day event, "Uncle Sam Jam." [Read More]
SNLers Jason Sudeikis and Tim Meadows Line Up Movie Projects |
Current Saturday Night Live cast member Jason Sudeikis has signed on to star in New Line's romantic comedy Going the Distance, and former SNLer Tim Meadows has joined the cast of Adam Sandler's Grown Ups. [Read More]
Q&A: Harold Ramis Goes from Ghostbusting To Getting Primitive Directing Year One | Huffington Post
This former Chicagoan started as a journalist, became joke editor at Playboy and then joined his hometown's legendary improv comedy troupe, Second City. He then went on to writing and perform in the first National Lampoon shows with original Saturday Night Live team members such as Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murray, John Belushi and Chevy Chase. The veteran writer/director then established himself in comedy first as one of the writers of National Lampoon's Animal House, then, as an actor as well as a wri... [Read More]
Can comedy be taught? | Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Professor Henry Higgins might have faced a much tougher challenge if he had to teach Eliza Doolittle, the cockney flower girl of "My Fair Lady," to tell jokes. "Now try it again, my dear," he might intone in his plummy, pedantic voice. "A rabbi, a priest and a giraffe walk into a bar ..." Can stand-up comedy -- that freewheeling, subversive art form -- be taught? With the right teacher and hours of practice, can a plaid-jacketed Rotarian from Duluth, Minn., wring hilarity from an open-mike-night... [Read More]
Jon Lajoie Interview |
This 28-year-old internet phenom has followed the same path as comedians like Andy Samberg. He tested his comedic talent on the web and became famous in the process because we, the people, decided he was funny. Initially getting attention for the comedy rap "Everyday Normal Guy," Jon Lajoie recently garnered headlines for recording a song about Michael Jackson's death, appropriately called "Michael Jackson is Dead." [Read More]
USO: It's not your father's entertainment anymore | CNN
Among the entertainers who have donated their energies to the USO in recent years are Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Scarlett Johansson, Kid Rock, Queensryche, Toby Keith, Lewis Black and Robin Williams. But when the USO conducts a public opinion survey asking people who they think of when the military service organization is mentioned, one name always comes up. "The first thing out of their mouths is 'Bob Hope,' " said Mark Phillips, the USO's vice president for communications, with an audible s... [Read More]
Juston McKinney hangs up his blue collar patrol officer job for the Blue Collar Comedy Tour | Zoiks! Online
Fans of the popular Blue Collar Comedy Tour may recognize Juston McKinney from the Next Generation of Blue Collar Comedy guys. Aside from McKinney, the tour consists of Jamie Kaler, John Caparulo and Reno Collier. McKinney, who also appeared on the hit show, "King of Queens," took time out of his busy schedule to speak with Zoiks! Online. [Read More]
Win your favorite Stand-Up! Records CD | The Serious Comedy Site
This is the easiest contest ever thanks to the nice guy at Stand Up! Records. Go to the Stand-Up! Records website, pick the CD you want to win.... [Read More]