Myq Kaplan - Vegan Mind Meld (album review) | Punchline Magazine
Kaplan, a nasally, nebbishy, naughty but not bawdy comic, the kind of diminutive guy who in school probably defended himself with his disarming wit, skillfully arranges words into an assortment of impressive jokes on an array of mostly serious topics. [Read More]
Pittsburgh Funny Bone Comedy Club Moves To Green Tree | WPXI
Comedy is on the move in Pittsburgh. The Funny Bone comedy club said it's relocating from Station Square to the Green Tree Radisson Hotel. The club is currently closed but will reopen April 9 in its new location. [Read More]
Angry TSOYA Listeners Don't Want, Can't Provide For God's Pottery's "Adoption Song" | The Apiary
God's Pottery was on The Sound of Young America last week singing a reportedly uplifting song about adoption, but little did they know, the people on the other end of the radio were sitting with their arms crossed in an ice cold room, staring despondently in unshakeable horror and disbelief. [Read More]
D.L. Hughley suing Zanzibar nightclub over event, flier with his name | Washington Post
The radio ads said D.L. Hughley was going to appear at D.C.'s Zanzibar nightclub last Friday. That was news to Hughley's promoter. [Read More]
Trial Begins for Heckler-Admonishing Comedian Guy Earle | AM770 CHQR
A BC Human Rights Tribunal hearing began today for comedian Guy Earle on whether he went too far in responding to a pair of hecklers. The hecklers happen to be lesbians, and Earle's comments definitely made reference of that fact. Jim Millar, an experienced Vancouver lawyer, left after failing to convince tribunal member Murray Geiger-Adams that the issue of whether the tribunal had jurisdiction to accept the complaint should be dealt with before — not after — the evidence had been presented. [Read More]
video interview with Patrice Oneal on interpersonal communication | Punchline Magazine
in this five-minute version of our chat, we talk very little about comedy and quite a bit about plain old interpersonal communication. [Read More]
Joe Rogan on his influences and watching Joey Diaz dance naked | Comedy Central Insider
"..when this chick would get up and tell her painfully bad jokes it was a sure bet to empty the joint every time. Joey took his clothes off, and stood behind the curtain. He was 300lbs, and his balls looked like grapefruits in an old lady's pantyhose. When she hit her punchlines he opened the curtain behind her, stuck his tongue out and danced naked. The laughs were HUGE." [Read More]
The Vigilantes of Comedy - intellectual property experts on Joe Rogan v. Carlos Mencia | NY Times
Kal Raustiala, a Professor at UCLA Law School and the UCLA International Institute, and Chris Sprigman, a Professor at the University of Virginia Law School, are counterfeiting and intellectual property experts. They have been guest-blogging for us about copyright issues; this week they write about an alternative method of enforcing intellectual property rights. [Read More]
Keeping track of late night online | AP
In only a couple of years and after much soul-searching by network executives, the Internet has transformed the late-night television experience. Staying up past midnight and switching channels trying to stay awake during the commercials? That's your dad's way to watch. [Read More]
Patton Oswalt - A Brief Conversation With Someone Smarter Than Us | GQ
Stand-up, actor, renaissance man and all-around VERGE hero Patton Oswalt emails with Dan Fierman about the state of comedy. [Read More]