The A.V. Club - Pop Pilgrims visit The Ghostbusters firehouse in New York (Video)
Pop Pilgrims visits Hook And Ladder Company 8, also known as the Ghostbusters firehouse. During our shoot there on a Saturday afternoon in mid-June, we encountered a steady stream of people stopping, taking photos, and talking to the firefighters inside about the building—not bad for a film that came out 27 years ago. It’s a legacy FDNY seems to embrace; inside hangs the sign from the Ghostbusters sequel, and on the sidewalk out front is an FDNY emblem repurposed with a ghost. [Read More]
Talking to Maria Bamford about her family, working, and sanity
When word gets out that a New York art museum exhibit is pairing comedian Maria Bamford's act with a documentary about reclusive socialites, I assume the response from most of her colleagues will be, “that sounds about right.” SplitSider recently spoke with Bamford about her family, her part-time job at a book store, and the art exhibit, which opens July 28. [Read More]
“Friends with Benefits” red band trailer released; there will be cunnilingus
Ahh, there’s nothing like waking up to a quality red band trailer for an upcoming comedy flick. It’s sort of like Christmas morning- but instead of running down the stairs to see what Santa left you under your tree, you groggily sit behind your laptop. [Read More]
'South Park' to return on Oct. 5, and all the way through 2013
The date for the second half of the 15th season of South Park has been announced! Comedy Central confirmed to EW that the animated series will be returning on Wednesday, October 5 at 10 p.m. The latter half of the 15th season will include seven new episodes. Parker and Stone are signed on through 2013, which will bring the show to a staggering 17 seasons. [Read More]
Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Star in Freestyle Love Supreme Adult Swim Pilot
Adult Swim and Ars Nova announced that they will produce a pilot based on the New York-based freestyle hip-hop crew, Freestyle Love Supreme, featuring group co-founder and Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the Heights). Based on the stage show of the same name created by Thomas Kail (In the Heights, Lombardi) and Anthony Veneziale ("Trauma," "The Electric Company"), the single-camera pilot will star Miranda and Utkarsh Ambudkar ("Danni Lowinski"), with Veneziale and Chris “Shockwave” Sull... [Read More]
Susie Essman Explains Larry David's Genius | Rolling Stone
The only marriage to survive the latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is that of Larry David's manager Jeff and his wife Susie – even though they have perhaps the least romantic chemistry of any television couple in history. Susie – portrayed by comedian Susie Essman – lives in a state of perpetual and hilarious rage: To her, David is a "four-eyed fuck" and her husband is a "fat fuck." We spoke with Essman about her long run on the show, her memories of Larry from his stand-up days and the ess... [Read More]
'Jonnie Marbles': the comedian and activist who attacked Rupert Murdoch | The Guardian
Some friends and associates said they were not surprised he had targeted the media mogul in the midst of one of the most high-profile parliamentary appearances in decades. A university friend who asked not to be identified said: "He is affable, but very politically minded.. I remember one time he talked about Murdoch. He said it was a terrible thing for democracy that one man should hold so much sway." He added: "Jonnie is such a devoted activist. I was shocked initially but then I thought: 'Tha... [Read More]
Chris Hardwick Talks ‘Singled Out,’ Standup Comedy And Nerd Rage
When MTV canceled "Singled Out" in 1998, casual fans may have thought Hardwick fell into the same void that claimed Daisy Fuentes and Downtown Julie Brown. Wrong. Hardwick refocused on stand-up, became one of the smartest comics working and began quietly building a nerd empire. His website, The Nerdist, has evolved into a must-read tech blog, a top 10 comedy podcast and an upcoming book, "The Nerdist Way." Hardwick can be seen hosting "Web Soup," performing solo or in the musical duo Hard 'n Phi... [Read More]
Comic-Con: Exclusive Images of South Park's Fan Experience
If you're a South Park fan and will be attending San Diego Comic-Con, then you won't want to miss the South Park Year of the Fan Experience. Located near the San Diego Convention Center at 450 2nd Avenue (at 1st Ave. & J St.), this 15,000 square foot attraction will begin with a South Park themed parade at 12:30pm on Thursday, July 21st at 5th Ave. and K St., followed by the venue opening at 1:00pm – and running through Saturday, July 23rd. Fans can participate in a costume contest which wil... [Read More]
Lost Charlie Chaplin Film "Zepped" Found In British Thrift Shop
Essex resident Brian Hann, 40, bought a rare Charlie Chaplin film, "Zepped," in a junk shop for only $5. Hann found the 35mm nitrate film at the "Second Time Around" store in South Shields. The seven minute "Zepped" is a World War I propaganda film Chaplin filmed in 1917 in order to help diffuse the tension of the terrifying idea of Zeppelin bombings. [Read More]