Andy Richter on Guesting on Running Wilde, Gearing Up for Conan, and Being 'the Opposite of Surprised' About Zucker’s Firing | Vulture
Vulture caught up with Richter Monday as he was driving his kids back to L.A. from a weekend outing just north of Santa Barbara. He only had a few minutes to gab, but he did talk to us about the lingering fallout from last winter's NBC breakup, his take on Jeff Zucker's departure, and which Arrested Development alum was originally supposed to play the role he's playing tonight. [Read More]
‘30 Rock’ Shares Details of Its Live Episode | NY Times
What can we tell you about Thursday’s episode of “30 Rock”? Not much more than what NBC has been saying since the summer: for the first time, the show will tap into the “Saturday Night Live” experience of its creator and star, Tina Fey, and co-stars like Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan, and will be performed live at the show’s namesake headquarters in Manhattan (instead of being filmed at its familiar studios in Long Island City). What can Robert Carlock tell you about the live episode? Probably ... [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld and Colin Quinn Prepare for Broadway, Trade Quips, Yada Yada Yada | NY Times
ou didn’t think Jerry Seinfeld’s directorial debut would just quietly tiptoe its way onto Broadway, did you? On Tuesday afternoon, he and Colin Quinn, the star and writer of “Colin Quinn Long Story Short,” which Mr. Seinfeld is directing for its coming run at the Helen Hayes Theater, convened at the Snapple Theater Center in Midtown Manhattan, ostensibly to offer a preview of the show to journalists but primarily to crack jokes about the production and each other. [Read More]
Cheslea Handler to star in new E! comedy series ("The Larry Sanders Show"-esque) "After Lately" | THR
Chelsea Handler, host of E!'s late-night talk show "Chelsea Lately," has signed on to star in a half-hour comedy for the network, Variety reported. "After Lately," which is said to be in the same vein as HBO's "The Larry Sanders Show," will focus on the backstage goings-on at "Chelsea Lately." The show will reportedly be semi-improvised based on story outlines, as with HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm." [Read More]
Judah Friedlander at New York Comic-Con talks about his new book, "How to Beat Up Anybody"
Judah Friedlander is more than just the World Champion and a writer as seen on NBC's 30 Rock. He's also an accomplished author. Friedlander was at New York Comic-Con last weekend to promote his new book, "How to Beat Up Anybody." [Read More]
Win a FREE copy of Keith Alberstadt: “It’s Pronounced ‘Jenkins’” |
Keith has once again made us proud to know him. “It’s Pronounced ‘Jenkins’” is consistently funny. The performance is a tight set of high quality, well crafted jokes delivered by a seasoned professional. Alberstadt is easily the most disciplined, hard working comic I’ve ever met. Over the last ten years I’ve marveled at the quality of new, evergreen material he generates. That steadfast dedication to his craft is evident in every track. [Read More]
Scott Moran tracks down every existing video footage of the late Andy Kaufman
If you've been meaning to look at all of the existing video footage that exists online for the late Andy Kaufman, but didn't know where to look, well, not to worry. Someone already has worried more about this than you, and tried to fix it by collecting it all on one site. It's called Watch Andy Kaufman Be Alive, and it's the creation of comedian Scott Moran. [Read More]
New BBC curbs on comedy: 'Derogatory remarks' banned | Chortle
Comedy is to come under even tighter scrutiny at the BBC as new guidelines banning ‘derogatory remarks’ come into force. New restrictions compiled in the wake of the media furore over Sachsgate and Frankie Boyle’s jokes about swimmer Rebecca Adlington are to be introduced next week. The clause most likely to cause headaches for comedians is number 5.4.32, which stages: ‘Unduly derogatory remarks aimed at real people (as opposed to fictional characters or historic figures) must not be celebrated ... [Read More]
Comedian, Actress and Author Kristen Schaal: Interview on The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun
Kristen Schaal is a comedian, actress, and writer. Her brand of humor is weirdly sweet, and probably exemplified by her role as Mel, the obsessive fan on The Flight of The Conchords. She's been a contributor to The Daily Show, appeared in a number of films including Dinner for Shmucks, and lent her voice to animated characters in Toy Story 3, Shrek Forever After, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. [Read More]
Marty Kaplan - Waiting for Sanityman: Can Jon Stewart Save America?
"Sanity, and patriotism, spring from the sass of a Stewart, from the character Colbert plays, from the kids calling out the emperors' nakedness, and from all the citizens heading to the Mall on Oct. 30 filled with unironic, vulnerable, passionate last-ditch hope." [Read More]