Danger 5: A comedy web series you should be watching
If someone told you that a hilarious sixties-inspired WWII action comedy web series just started, you might guess that it’s on Adult Swim or perhaps part of MTV’s relaunching of Liquid TV. However, the hysterical Danger 5 isn’t on a... [Read More]
Single Comedy Magazine Looking for Hot Writers
While we can appreciate a hot date or even a one night stand, AmericasComedy.Com has finally matured enough to realize that the best relationships are long term and mutually beneficial. We are looking for writers who love writing in general and about... [Read More]
Top Ten Gifts Comedy Fans Would Appreciate
Now that the Thanksgiving madness is in the past and the memory of a human stampede at three in the morning to get that blue ray or 3D TV is nothing but a vague cloud of small inconvenience, it’s time to think about gift wrapping for Hanukah, C... [Read More]
Comedian Steve Harvey Quits Stand-Up to Make Room for a New Talk Show
Comedian Steve Harvey has left some solid footprints in showbiz. He has a nationally syndicated morning radio show. He is a host of a popular TV show (Family Feud). His bestselling book has served as a basis for a movie that is due out in March. And ... [Read More]
Magaret Cho Talks Stand-Up, Music And How To Hack It
While suffering through a technical glitch-ridden phone call (on my end. All on my end.) and a surprise visit from Housekeeping, the gracious Margaret Cho talked with me about her Grammy-nominated musical comedy album Cho Dependent (out Nov. 21 on DVD), her ever-increasing love for stand-up and the ... [Read More]
Look, America: Fred Armisen's Obama Impersonation Might Be Too Boring
Jason Zinoman's latest comedy column takes issue with Fred Armisen's Obama impersonation, which he describes as the culmination of an SNL trend towards detailed accuracy and away from bold comic choices. As he points out, "accuracy is not insight," and with a president without any particularly weird... [Read More]
Watch Katrina Bowden show off her most revealing 30 Rock costumes
To comedy fans, Katrina Bowden isn’t just the recently named Sexiest Woman Alive (per the readers of Esquire). No, sir. She’s Cerie Xerox, the other-worldly intern on 30 Rock. And in preparation for the show’s Jan. 12 return to NBC,... [Read More]
Hey, it’s 10 questions with Liezl!
If you’re a comedy nerd (and you probably are), at one point you’ve probably seen a photograph taken by Liezl Estipona and thought, “awesome”. Estipona has been shooting the cool kids of the Los Angeles comedy scene both onstage and of... [Read More]
New Bill Hicks EP to be released Dec. 13
Three days before what would have been Bill Hicks’ 50th birthday, a five-track EP — 12/16/61 (the late comedian’s birthday) — will be released for digital download. Clocking in at 15 minutes and 13 seconds, the collection incl... [Read More]