Image of Creed Bratton of 'The Office' Talks Series Finale and New Album
Creed Bratton of 'The Office' Talks Series Finale and New Album
The real Bratton wasn't always a television star [Read More]
“Suits That Fly” – Justin Timberlake Plus ‘Iron Man’ Music Parody
Have you ever imagined what it would be like if “Iron Man” Tony Stark sang a smooth-ass song? Yeah, I never did until this video popped up. A parody of Tony Stark singing his rendition of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie.R... [Read More]
Denver comedy collective The Grawlix thrives without fleeing to the coasts
Whether it’s Austin, Seattle or Detroit, every non-coast comedy scene deals with the same conundrum: You build a community of talented standups, and just when things are looking good, the scene’s most prominent comics ditch their home-town for the si... [Read More]
Image of Talking to Joe DeRosa about 'The Half Hour', Web Comedy, and the Best Fans
Talking to Joe DeRosa about 'The Half Hour', Web Comedy, and the Best Fans
For the past 15 years, Comedy Central’s half hour specials have showcased the future stars of standup. Looking back, the early years of Comedy Central Presents included memorable sets from the likes of Mitch Hedberg, Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Dane Cook and dozens more. Re-branded The Half Hour i... [Read More]
Here is Sony’s plea to save ‘Community’
Community’s production company, Sony made a, “Save Community” reel encouraging people to watch it live this Thursday night, which is the season finale and possible series finale of the show. The show, as all fans know has had its series of ups and downs. It barely got a 4th season,... [Read More]
Image of Jim Gaffigan: Dad Is Fat (book review)
Jim Gaffigan: Dad Is Fat (book review)
The name of Jim Gaffigan’s book on parenting comes from one of his two sons. The author is presumably Jack, the oldest, since Michael would have been little older than one at the time of Gaffigan’s writing. It’s hard to keep track of them all, since Gaffigan has five kids, a fact that surprise... [Read More]
Rare posthumous recording from the 1970s, “Phil Hartman’s Flat TV,” to receive animation treatment
In 1997, Mike Scott was a teen-aged aspiring comedian who wrote to Phil Hartman seeking advice about entering the world of show business. Sixteen years later, Scott is helping preserve and share a rare piece of Hartman's comedic legacy, a multi-voice... [Read More]
Sony Pictures made a #RenewCommunity YouTube video to try to save its NBC sitcom
The fourth season of NBC's Community is the first without its creator and spiritual meta-guide, but will it be the last for the sitcom that likes to focus entire episodes poking fun at popular TV tropes? Not if Sony Pictures Television has anything t... [Read More]
Stanhope: I'll bury Boston bomb suspect
Comic offers a free grave [Read More]
Doug Stanhope on Opie and Anthony: On Dr. Drew, suicide, and debating alcoholism with Jim Norton
Doug Stanhope brought his latest stand-up comedy tour into New York City, with gigs Sunday and Monday night at B.B. King's in Times Square, and sat in for a memorable Monday-morning discussion with the Opie & Anthony show on SiriusXM satellite ra... [Read More]