Jimmy Pardo Is Filling in for Andy Richter on 'Conan' Tonight and Tomorrow
by Bradford Evans Standup and Conan audience warm-up guy Jimmy Pardo will be taking Andy Richter's place as sidekick on the TBS talk show tonight and tomorrow night. Richter will be busy for the next two days filming a pilot for a Fox game show called Step Up that was announced this morning, so... [Read More]
'American Dad!' Is Jumping to TBS in 2014
by Bradford Evans Fox's long-running sitcom American Dad! is jumping from the broadcast network to a cable one next year. Deadline reports that the series will air its tenth and final season on Fox beginning this fall and then the show will move to TBS next year. TBS has ordered an 11th season of Am... [Read More]
Discovering the Comedic Melting Pot in the Heart of Berlin
by Natalie Shure After watching three German comics perform odd character bits with no punchlines, Alex Upatov didn't have high hopes for the Berlin standup comedy scene. He'd popped into the open mic a year and a half ago. He was visiting Berlin from his home in Hanover, where comedy was even less ... [Read More]
Jimmy Pardo to fill in as “Conan” sidekick while Andy Richter hosts FOX game show pilot
Good news all around for Team Coco this week. Jimmy Pardo is stepping in as Conan O'Brien's sidekick tonight and Wednesday night for tapings of Conan on TBS. Whither Andy Richter, you say? You don't say! No. Don't say it. Because Richter is busy with his own new TV project -- a game-show pilot picke... [Read More]
Fox Orders a Game Show Pilot Hosted by Andy Richter
by Bradford Evans Longtime Conan sidekick Andy Richter is getting ready to host a show of his own. THR reports that Fox has ordered a pilot for a new game show called Step Up that Richter will be hosting. Here's the description of the show: Step Up offers contestants "life-changing" amount... [Read More]
Talking to Jack Handey About His New Novel 'The Stench of Honolulu', Deep Thoughts, and More
by Bryan Bierman I’ve read Hemingway, Faulkner, and McCarthy, but I say without facetiousness that Jack Handey has made a bigger impact on my writing than any of them. It’s almost sad to read one of his signature Deep Thoughts, because you know you will never write anything even half as ... [Read More]
Andy Kaufman
If Andy Kaufman were still alive, and some believe he still may be (Tony Clifton notwithstanding), one can only wonder what he’d make of Andy and His Grandmother. Chicago indie label Drag City is billing it as the first-ever release of an Andy Kaufman record, so on the scale of posthumous rele... [Read More]
New USA comedy pilot will star Greg Grunberg and Diane Farr
It’s that time of year when TV shows go from ideas to realities, with countless networks starting up new shows, the USA Network finally put its hat in the ring. Their all new comedy pilot Divide & Conquer will star Greg Grunberg and Diane Farr. The show is based around a family with four c... [Read More]
Watch an Animated Video of Louis C.K. Doing Standup
by Bradford Evans Here's an animated video of Louis C.K. doing standup by animator John Roney. It's a bit in which he talks about what would happen if God came back off of the special where he wears a black shirt and jeans (Live at the Beacon Theater). (via Uproxx) Check out the original C.K. perf... [Read More]
There Will Be a Second 'Community' Convention This Year
by Bradford Evans In February, fans held the first-ever CommuniCon, a convention for the sitcom Community, at a community college in Los Angeles. Even though it hasn't been a year since the first CommuniCon, the event organizers are already planning a second one for October. February's eve... [Read More]