Daily Show returns to UK
Comedy Central snaps up Jon Stewart [Read More]
Louis CK, ticket merchant
Comic sells tour seats direct to fans [Read More]
Sarah Silverman’s Non-Erotic Nude Scene in ‘Take This Waltz’
Much has been made of Sarah Silverman’s full-frontal nude scene from the upcoming movie Take This Waltz. Do a Google image search for Sarah Silverman and the second popular option is “sarah silverman take this waltz.”However, Laughs... [Read More]
Erin Judge’s ‘So Many Choices’
Bumper Sticker: “I Don’t Mind God, It’s His Followers I Can’t Stand. Which is exactly how I feel…about Dave Matthews Band.”I like Erin Judge. She has girl balls. Well, not literally because then she would be a hermaphrodite. Then again I shouldn’t ta... [Read More]
Watch Hannibal Get Ready for His Hour Special; Shop for Pants
Filming your first hour special is a milestone of any stand-up's career and the above documentary offer a rare look into what it's like the week before the taping. Hannibal does some stand-up, bombs, gets a call from Chris Rock, gets his jacket stolen, hangs out with his family, shops for pants (tw... [Read More]
Michelle Williams to Swing by 'Cougar Town' with a Giant Glass of Wine
Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps are besties, apparently, so it only makes sense that Williams will come on by Busy's show, Cougar Town, for a visit. There's nothing official yet, but she said that "I really want to. I'm sure that we will at some point. I think they've got a couple more years on ... [Read More]
Tig Notaro Needs You to Help Kickstart Her Clown Service
As the video above eventually gets around to saying, Tig Notaro has started a Kickstarter campaign to help finance a short film entitled Clown Service. She's looking for $10,000, which is a good amount of nickels (200,000 to be exact) to ask for. If you do have 200,000 nickels to spend, Tig assures... [Read More]
Nick Offerman Explains How He Makes Out with His Wife for TV
Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are America's cool parents. Actually, they're more like America's sexually charged aunt and uncle. Recently, Nick Offerman was asked how he and his wife get themselves in the Ron and Tammy mood: We actually don't do much preparation. We knew that we wanted our lovem... [Read More]
Talking with IFC's SVP of Original Programming Debbie DeMontreux about 'Portlandia', 'Comedy Bang! Bang!, and Turning IFC into a Comedy Nerd Paradise
Gatekeepers is an interview series, in which we speak with the people who work in the business of comedy. I doubt anyone watching The Henry Rollins Show in 2007 would've expected the next few years of IFC's history to go as it did. Starting in 2009 they started acquiring the shows most beloved by c... [Read More]
To Profile Charlie Sheen, 'Newsweek' Sent in a War Correspondent
Newsweek knew that they needed someone pretty tough to go profile Charlie Sheen, so they skipped the standard roster of entertainment reporters and went with someone who they knew could handle a disaster: Australian war reporter Michael Ware. And it sounds like he was the right man for the job:We br... [Read More]