Exclusive First Listen: Stephen Lynch’s song, “Tattoo”
Comedian/folk rock troubadour Stephen Lynch will release his highly anticipated fifth album, Lion on November 13th via What Are Records. The album will contain his signature musical comedy snark but perhaps a bit more of a folksy feel this time around. Lynch states “I wanted this album to have... [Read More]
Standup Comedian: An interview with Demetri Martin
It’s been six years since Demetri Martin released his last special Demetri Martin. Person. on Comedy Central. During that time he’s starred in his own TV show, Important Things with Demetri Martin, starred in a handful of films, and a published book. But now he’s back where his roots were sown with ... [Read More]
IFC cancels Kurt Braunohler’s “Bunk”
Sad news Bunk fans, which apparently weren’t many of you. IFC has decided to cancel the mock game show hosted by Kurt Braunohler. Last night during an appearance on The Best Show on WFMU the comedian made the announcement that the channel stuck a pin in the series after airing its first and no... [Read More]
Neil Patrick Harris Announces New Memoir, Jokes about Plagiarism
“I’m excited to be writing a book of the observations and stories of my life. I read with great fondness Tina Fey’s Bossypants, so my plan is just to reprint those exact stories but change the names to people that I knew. What editor would take issue with that?” –Neil Patrick Harris, as quote... [Read More]
Seth Meyers Is Happy with Jay Pharoah’s Obama
"If Obama wins reelection, Fred [Armisen] is likely not going to be at the show for another four years. And so you try to find a time to get people used to the new President on the show. Jay Pharoah...we really like his impression...Looking back I wish we did an impeachment of Fred.” –Seth Me... [Read More]
NBC Won’t Let Tina Fey Escape Its Clutches
30 Rock, one of NBC’s longest-running sitcoms, is ending its run next year with a final 13-episode seventh season, but the Peacock Network won't be allowing star/creator Tina Fey to break away from its almighty corporate grasp any time soon. Fey just signed a new four-year deal with Universal TV. Th... [Read More]
‘Girls’ Guest Star Rita Wilson Requested No Nudity, Probably Fears Shower Sex Accident Scene
“I [wanted] it put in my contract... [They] don't want to see me nude... That's all I have to say. I'm like, 'Don't write in any nudity, please!'" - Future Girls guest star Rita Wilson to Us Weekly. She’ll be playing Allison Williams’s mother and probably fears having to film a shower sex accident ... [Read More]
Image of Getting “Super Crazy” With Todd Barry From FX’s “Louie” | ArthurKade interview
Getting “Super Crazy” With Todd Barry From FX’s “Louie” | ArthurKade interview
Todd Barry talks about over two decades of comedy, his unique style of voice and delivery, comedians he loves and hates in the business, the success of his good friend Louis C.K., his upcoming shows at legendary Caroline’s in NYC, his new comedy special “Super Crazy”, and soo much more! [Read More]
Image of 33 Things You Learn Hanging Around Mindy Kaling -- Vulture
33 Things You Learn Hanging Around Mindy Kaling -- Vulture
Tonight is the debut of Mindy Kaling’s new Fox sitcom, The Mindy Project, which our critic Matt Zoller Seitz called “a keeper.” Earlier this month, writer Jada Yuan spent a great deal of time with Kaling for a New York Magazine cover story (specifically: eight hours on set with her; two hours watching her try on clothes in her Spanx; and another several hours just talking — about the show, her ambitions, and her best friend and mother, Swati, who passed away this January the very day that Fox gr... [Read More]
Image of Ron White Talks Direct-To-Fan Special: 'A Little Unprofessional' (VIDEO)
Ron White Talks Direct-To-Fan Special: 'A Little Unprofessional' (VIDEO)
The former "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" comic has jumped on the direct-to-fan bandwagon by selling his new, 80-minute stand-up special online for $5 in lieu of working with a television network. After comedians such as Louis C.K., Jim Gaffigan, Rob Delaney, Aziz Ansari and more have had various degrees of success with selling their specials online, White is perhaps being the most industrious about it. In addition to the $5 DRM-free download, he's also selling packages costing as much as $100 that i... [Read More]