Paul Scheer Is Hosting an Interactive Improv Sketch Show for CC:Studios
by Megh Wright Comedy Central's digital wing CC:Studios has greenlit a new improv sketch show that will take audience suggestions via Twitter. Titled CC: Social Scene, the six-episode series is hosted by Paul Scheer and features improv performers from both The Groundlings (Lee Newton, H. Michael Cro... [Read More]
Carrie Keagan’s open letter to Late-Night TV: “Hire Some Women Already!”
Carrie Keagan, who was great late in the mornings as host of VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live from 2011-2013, could, would and perhaps should also be great as host of a late-night TV show. If only the TV networks would give Keagan that chance. Or any lady, for that matter. In an open letter publishe... [Read More]
Comedy Central renews “Nathan For You” and “Drunk History”
Two of Comedy Central’s newest gems have been renewed for third seasons. Drunk History and Nathan For You were runaway hits last year, and after only being a month into their respective second seasons, CC is locking them down for more. It’s really not a surprise to see CC make either of ... [Read More]
Saturday Night's Children: Morwenna Banks (1995)
by Megh Wright Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 38 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we present the history, talent, and best sketches of one SNL cast member every other week for your viewing, learning, and laughing pleasure. Wh... [Read More]
Grant Cotter wins Funny or Die’s Oddball Fest contest, slot on summer 2014 tour
Congrats to Grant Cotter, who over the weekend found out he'd won the 2014 Funny or Die Oddball Fest "Road2Oddball" contest. Cotter thanked fans and friends via his Twitter @GrantCotter: "HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who voted/shared my video! If it weren't for you guys I'd be bagging groceries i... [Read More]
Matt Ingebretson wants you to know how to spell his name
Matt Ingebretson has a semi-long and uncommon last name. Like anybody with an uncommon last name, people are usually pretty helpless when trying to figure out how to spell it. Even if it sounds exactly how it looks, even if you spell it for them, people will add in invisible letters and mess it up [... [Read More]
Ron Livingston to Star in AMC's 'We Hate Paul Revere' Comedy Pilot
by Megh Wright It's been over a year and a half since AMC announced that they were working on a Colonial Boston-themed comedy pilot by Whitney writer/producers Adrian Wenner and Ethan Sandler called We Hate Paul Revere, but today The Wrap reports that the network has finally signed on a star to play... [Read More]
Inside 'Nathan For You' with Co-Creator Michael Koman
by Bradford Evans Michael Koman is the co-creator of two of the best comedies on TV — Nathan For You and Eagleheart – and he's about to add a third to his roster. Koman is gearing up for production on an yet-to-be-titled Adult Swim sitcom that pairs Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and ... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Unveils His New iPhone Game 'I'd Tap That!'
by Megh Wright After learning about the ridiculous amount of money Kim Kardashian is making off her new celebrity-themed iPhone game, Colbert decided to create his own app last night called I'd Tap That!, which doesn't seem as addictive as Kardashian's app but at least is more up front about its mon... [Read More]
James Franco and Jimmy Fallon Are Equally Bad at "5-Second Summaries"
by Megh Wright On last night's Tonight Show, Fallon and guest James Franco played a game of "5-Second Summaries" that was a train wreck pretty much from the beginning, from the foggy set of rules they kept breaking to Franco's suspicion that Fallon rigged the game to win. Click through for the three... [Read More]