Workaholics star Anders Holm delivers college graduation speech (Video)
Graduation season has come and gone, which means commencement speeches have been cropping up all over the Internet. There were the politicians, the academicians, the authors and the entertainers, most of whom opened the grab bag of motivational clich... [Read More]
Memes Mabley
There’s a website called “Every Day Victim Blaming.” We know, we know… it sounds like a satire or a parody site… something the Onion might come up with. (The title certainly sounds like it was named by one of the Festrun... [Read More]
Jason Mantzoukas: "Since Growing the Beard, I Haven't Stopped Working"
"Since growing the beard, I haven't stopped working. There seems to be a neverending number of maniacs, sociopaths, and sleazeballs that need a bearded greek to portray them." - The League's Jason Mantzoukas in a piece he wrote for GQ about the pros and cons of having big crazy beard.---See more po... [Read More]
India Briefly Banned Comedy Central for Being Derogatory to Women
India's Information and Broadcasting Ministry shut down Comedy Central India for a few days over the weekend but lifted the ban after a few days. India's version of Comedy Central was founded in 2012 and broadcasts American Comedy Central shows like The Daily Show and Comedy Central Presents, import... [Read More]
Fred Armisen Recorded a Studio Version of His 'SNL' Goodbye Song
Over the weekend, Fred Armisen an a bunch of his SNL and musician friends recorded a studio version of "It's a Lovely Day," the song that he said goodbye with in his final episode of SNL earlier this month as his punk rock character Ian Rubbish. The song, which was a poignant and fitting way for Arm... [Read More]
The '5 Second Films' Team Wants You to Fund Their First Full-Length Movie
For the past five years, a group of filmmakers have been making movies for their website 5-Second Films every single weekday, and now they're looking to make their first full-length movie. The 5-Second Films team, whose shorts have featured comedians like Patton Oswalt, Doug Benson, and Weird Al, pu... [Read More]
Watch PBS's 'American Masters' Mel Brooks Documentary Right Now
Here's PBS's new Mel Brooks documentary, which aired last week. Entitled Mel Brooks: Make a Noise it's a part of the network's American Masters series that features new interviews with Brooks and collaborators and peers like Joan Rivers, Rob Reiner, Richard Lewis, Nathan Lane, Barry Levinson, ... [Read More]
Talking to Jared Logan About 'The Half Hour', Dramatic Acting, and Pop Culture Hate
For the past 15 years, Comedy Central’s half hour specials have showcased the future stars of standup. Looking back, the early years of Comedy Central Presents included memorable sets from the likes of Mitch Hedberg, Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Dane Cook and dozens more. Re-branded The Half Hour i... [Read More]
Image of 'Arrested Development': Michael Bluth's Best Moments
'Arrested Development': Michael Bluth's Best Moments
Is Michael Bluth really that normal compared to the rest of the family? [Read More]
‘The Hangover Part III’ disappoints at the box office
The finale of The Hangover trilogy wasn’t quite the box office smash Warner Bros expected. The Hangover part III starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis made just a bit over $42 million domestically in its opening Memorial Day weekend, a weekend that was the biggest on record.... [Read More]