Woodstock, by Andrew Cushing
by Brian Boone, Editor It was the '60s. My hair was long, and I was at a music festival. A barefoot hippie walked up to me and said, "I'm not wearing shoes." We dropped acid for a few minutes. Then the hippie said, "We're at Woodstock." There weren't any toilets. Like most people, I was only there t... [Read More]
SXSW 2015: Amy Schumer and co. dazzle in Trainwreck screening
A capacity SXSW crowd laughed uproariously (and cried a little, too) during a “work in progress” screening of Judd Apatow’s latest Trainwreck. Written by Amy Schumer, the film never let up on humor, but not without the heart and emotional depth typical of Apatow’s movies. Tra... [Read More]
Bo Burnham, Brian Posehn at Gilda’s LaughFest deliver from opposite ends of the spectrum (Review)
GRAND RAPIDS — By Saturday night’s end here at Gilda’s LaughFest I was happily bathed in classically executed musical comedy theatrics set inside a gorgeous 1,500-seat venue and alternatively a persistent stream of dick-and-fart jokes delivered from a stage housed in a gritty, few-... [Read More]
Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell Share Some of Their Failed Audition Tapes
by Megh Wright To promote their new film Get Hard, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell debuted a new video at SXSW over the weekend that's a collection of "failed audition tapes" of the guys trying out for some of each other's most iconic roles. Hopefully someday we'll get to see more footage from Ferrell's... [Read More]
'Last Week Tonight' Covers March Madness and the Greedy NCAA
by Megh Wright To celebrate the start of March Madness this week, last night's Last Week Tonight took a closer look at the NCAA's policy of not paying student athletes despite March Madness making over a billion dollars in ad revenue each year. The Last Week Tonight crew even made the most authentic... [Read More]
SXSW 2015: Aukerman, Adomian, and rest of cast perform live script read for The Embassy
SXSW Comedy is back in full effect giving fans a unique insight into what the future holds as well as what’s bubbling up in the world of comedy. And one of those “only here” said moments happened last night when the cast of the Scott Aukerman – James Adomian project enti... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt at Gilda’s LaughFest delivers a pristine, memorable performance (Review)
GRAND RAPIDS — Before launching into his closing bit — a story about a disinterested, lazily-costumed clown at a child’s birthday he attended with his five-year-old daughter — Patton Oswalt admitted to an audibly appreciative crowd last night at the Fountain Street Church, &l... [Read More]
This Week in Comedy: RIP Sam Simon
by Stephanie Simon -The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon died at 59 this week. A documentary on his life, Rebel with a Cause: The Sam Simon Story, airs Sunday on Fusion. -With this week's news that a jury awarded Marvin Gaye's family millions of dollars for "Blurred Lines", we asked why joke stealing i... [Read More]
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Is Hosting 'SNL' on March 28th
by Adam Frucci NBC has just announced that the next episode of SNL, airing on March 28th, will be hosted by Dwayne Johnson, known to some as The Rock and others as That Guy With the Hilarious Old Picture of Him Wearing a Turtleneck and a Fannypack. The musical guest will be George Ezra. 0 Comments... [Read More]