Adult Swim announces more live performances of ‘The Eric Andre Show’
Adult Swim announced that comedian Eric Andre will be bringing the live version of his surreal late night TV series to Los Angeles on July 16th and the San Diego Comic-Con on July 20th. The live show sold out performances last summer, and the destruction and fake celebrity guests continue this ... [Read More]
Web Series Spotlight: ‘Happy Place’
Happy Place is a web series created by LA comic Grant Pardee. Grant also writes and stars in this series about a guy working at a job he hates with [...]Author informationJazmine HillAssociate Editor at Serial OptimistFuture writer director. 22 year old girl with the sensibilities and adventurousnes... [Read More]
Nick Cannon talks the return of WIld ‘N Out on MTV2
Wild 'N Out returns to the MTV airwaves after a six-year absence, resurfacing on MTV2 on July 9, 2013, with host Nick Cannon, several of his original improv comedy battlers and special guest Kevin Hart. Two teams of comedians and rappers play short games forcing them to ad-lib songs based off of aud... [Read More]
Recap: Bitch Salad, Pride edition w/ Julie Klausner
A stone’s throw from the heart of Toronto’s Gay Pride celebrations, Bitch Salad’s fifth annual Pride edition played to a (rightfully) packed house Friday night at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre with headliner Julie Klausner. Producer and host A... [Read More]
Best Longreads of June
June marked the official start of summer, but the month’s best Longreads were by no means light reading for the beach. We read about a face transplant, soldier suicide, the [...]Author informationZhila ShariatZhila loves startups and donuts. She also enjoys freestyle walking.... [Read More]
Bad Jokes. Worse Drawings.
“Tell Me A Joke”   ____ SO Note: Bad Jokes. Worse Drawings. are created by comedian Monique Madrid. Follow her @moniquemadrid and check back every Wednesday for more Bad Jokes. Worse Drawings.Author informationMonique MadridComedy Editor at Serial OptimistMonique... [Read More]
‘Aint that America with Lil Duval’ coming to MTV2
An all-new comedy show Aint that America with Lil Duval will be premiering on MTV2 July 9th at 11:30pm. Lil Duval has been all over MTV2 with Guy Code, When I was 17, and Hip Hop Squares. Given how often he’s on the channel, it only made sense for MTV2 to finally just give him [...]‘Aint... [Read More]
Doug Benson's New Album 'Gateway Doug' Is Coming on July 9th
As has become an annual tradition, Doug Benson recorded a standup album on 4/20 this spring. This one is to be called Gateway Doug, and it'll be available from ASpecialThing Records starting on July 9th. It promises to contain "his thoughts on bees, Ice Castles, and inebriation." And, presumably, Co... [Read More]
Unearthing John Swartzwelder's 1996 Unsold Western Pilot
Antenna Free TV has a piece today on a near-mythical pilot from 1996 called Pistol Pete, written by the also near-mythical Simpsons scribe John Swartzwelder. A kooky, comic western, and an unmade show on par with cult lost gems like Lookwell and Heat Vision and Jack, it starred Brian Doyle-Murray an... [Read More]
Questlove and The Roots Are Writing the New 'Tonight Show' Theme Music
"Oh, boy. I'm having these nightmares of da-da-da-ah. Ah. Waking up in the middle of the night. Oh, my god. Yeah. This is — I'm going to — we're going to write a new theme and I'm thinking about it every second. Even now as I talk to you I'm thinking of that theme. Like, like I -—w... [Read More]