IFC’s Next Host of the Independent Spirit Awards? Seth Rogen
Actor and comedian Seth Rogen will add a dose of comedy to the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards, which will run next February 25 in Santa Monica on IFC. Rogen is not only going to host, but his hit film 50/50 is nominated for best feature. Rogen starre... [Read More]
Louis C.K.’s Beacon Theatre Web Special Nets $500K
Comedian Louis C.K’s web special debuted last weekend and the results are good for his fans, but not for his pockets. While it was cheaper for all of us to view (since he produced it), it made him less money than he would have typically profite... [Read More]
Louis C.K. reveals $200,000 profit from self-released comedy special
In the last few days, especially in the world of comedy, there’s been tons of buzz about Louis C.K.’s newest stand-up special Live at the Beacon Theater. There’s arguably been equal amount of chatter about the way in which the veter... [Read More]
TJ Miller and Nick Swardson Are Going to Hell in an R-Rated Stop-Motion Comedy
Nick Swardson and TJ Miller have been cast in a stop-motion animated comedy from ShadowMachine, the company behind Robot Chicken and Moral Orel. Hell & Back, which starts shooting in January, is the story of "two best friends who must rescue their pal when he is accidentally dragged to hell." Sounds... [Read More]
Louis C.K. Has Already Made a Profit From His New Special
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Louis C.K.'s making the rounds this week to promote his new special, with a feature on Nightline (above), and an interview on NPR, in which he reveals that he's already made a profit by releasing the special himself: "If I make a profit, tha... [Read More]
Image of Talking to Myq Kaplan About Standup, NY vs. LA, and Last Comic Standing
Talking to Myq Kaplan About Standup, NY vs. LA, and Last Comic Standing
If there’s a stand-up comedy competition happening, and Myq Kaplan is involved, just go ahead and bet the farm on him. He’s like the Secretariat of these things, with wins at New York’s Funniest Stand-up Competition, the New York Comedy Contest and Caroline’s March Comedy Madness, and shows at Last ... [Read More]
Behold the Bizarre Animated Version of Louis C.K.'s Reddit AMA
Louis C.K.'s Reddit AMA yesterday was so great. If only it could be animated by a Taiwanese media company into a video that shows him peeing on Reddit users in revealing outfits and battling the "movie monster" until it poops money into his mouth! Oh, okay. Good.---See more posts by Hallie Cantor0 ... [Read More]
Video: First look at new season of ’30 Rock’ reveals Liz Lemon has a secret
Can Jan. 12 come fast enough for you Liz Lemon devotees? Doubtful. But luckily, NBC has just gifted the comedy world with the first look of the new season of 30 Rock; that’s season six, if you’re keeping count. So, what do we learn in thi... [Read More]
Jason Alexander directs Hollywood train wreck Courtney Stodden in Funny Or Die video
Do you know who Courtney Stodden is? In short, she’s an aspiring 17-year-old country singer who got really famous over the past year because she married 51-year-old actor Mike Hutchison, who’s had roles on Lost and 24. To her credit, howe... [Read More]
Listen to Louis C.K.’s 45-minute interview from NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’
To help promote his newly-released comedy special, Live at the Beacon Theater (available only on louisck.com), Louis C.K. has been making stops at some important media outlets– ABC’s Nightline and NPR among them. This morning he appeared ... [Read More]