Russell Brand Shows Up Another Interviewer Who Underestimates Him
by Bradford Evans Just like with his appearance on a US cable news show in June, Russell Brand treated poorly by a dickish talk show host — only to come off looking pretty smart and stuff. BBC Two Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman at one point calls Brand "a trivial man" before Brand starts callin... [Read More]
Bill Murray only got paid $9,000 for ‘Rushmore’
Bill Murray was spectacular in Wes Anderson‘s second film, Rushmore, which was essentially the beginning of a career renaissance for the actor. However, according to a new book, Murray only got paid $9,000 for portraying Herman Blume. The Wes Anderson Collection, by Matt Zoller Seitz, is an in... [Read More]
The 'Arrested Development' Cast Is Doing 'Inside the Actor's Studio'
by Bradford Evans The Bravo network announced today that creator Mitch Hurwitz and the Arrested Development cast are doing an upcoming episode of Inside the Actor's Studio. Set to air November 7th at 8pm, the episode will feature Hurwitz and cast members Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Portia de Ro... [Read More]
Keenen Ivory Wayans sells new sitcom to ABC
What will happen when “the whitest guy in America marries into a sprawling, close-knit African-American family?” We’ll find out soon enough, as Keenan Ivory Wayans has sold a sitcom to ABC with that premise. While Wayans will executive produce and write the show, which is unnamed a... [Read More]
The night Richard Pryor announced his return to stand-up, interviewed by Steve Martin on The Tonight Show (1978)
You know, kids, there was a time not so long ago when comedians weren't always talking to each other on microphones and sharing everything about their lives with you via podcasts. Try to remember way back when, to 2008. You got that? OK. Good. Now go back another 30 years to 1978. Imagine Steve Mart... [Read More]
Russell Brand Drops Knowledge On BBC Newsnight
Russell Brand can be called many things, but above anything he should be called whip crazy smart. He is the guest editor for a revolution-themed edition of the far left [...]Author informationDavid DeanPublisher at Serial OptimistDavid is the publisher of Serial Optimist and writer of things that ho... [Read More]
Eliza Coupe Will Star in a Lawyer Sitcom for USA
by Elise Czajkowski USA has just picked up a pilot to star former Happy Endings actress Eliza Coupe. The show, titled Benched, will follow "a dedicated, career-driven corporate attorney who has a public nervous breakdown after getting passed over for an expected promotion and finds herself work... [Read More]
Talking to Adam DeVine About 'Workaholics', His New Show, and the Joys of Voicing a Cartoon Slice of Pizza
by Jeremy Popkin While one would think there's not much left for somebody to accomplish after popularizing the phrase “tight butthole,” Adam DeVine's career is only just getting started. After launching into the comedy spotlight on the hit Comedy Central sitcom Workaholics – which ... [Read More]
Eliza Coupe to star in USA sitcom
Those of us that enjoyed Eliza Coupe in the ill-fated ABC series Happy Endings have reason to rejoice, as she’ll be starring in a show picked up by USA. The show, titled Benched, will be star Coupe as a corporate attorney who has a nervous breakdown following being passed up for a promotion an... [Read More]
Alexander Payne Likes That Comedians Don't "Wallow in Heavy-osity"
by Elise Czajkowski ""I've found that in the past I'm often drawn to people with good comic timing to perform in dramatic parts," the director said. "Because they're not going to drag it — they're not going to wallow in heavy-osity." Director Alexander Payne on why he casts comedians like... [Read More]