Michael Malone: Talking with Them, Not at Them
If nothing else, Michael Malone has remarkable timing. His new CD, Casual Sext was released just two days before he dazzled judges in the Seattle International Comedy Competition thoroughly enough to take first place in the prestigious contest. On st... [Read More]
Vince Martin: Live From the Middle
There aren’t a lot of politically conservative voices on the comedy circuit today. Any experienced consumer of stand-up comedy will tell you this. And while Vince Martin declares that both Democrats and Republicans are “full of shit”, this small town... [Read More]
2012 Comedy Gift Guide
Each sense of humor is a little different, but who doesn’t love to laugh? With that in mind, we’ve got comedy both naughty and nice, memoirs and one-person shows, the classics, British comedy, alternative and musical. That should cover just about everyone, and some people two or three times. S... [Read More]
Image of Maria Bamford’s ‘Special Special Special!’ | NY Times review
Maria Bamford’s ‘Special Special Special!’ | NY Times review
In her new stand-up special Maria Bamford performs for the toughest audience of her career: her parents. [Read More]
Letterman Grills Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein About Their Relationship
Here's David Letterman being pretty weird towards Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein during an appearance on his show Friday night, obsessively trying to get them to admit to dating each other, even though they're totally not. This is apparently the first platonic friendship between a man and a wom... [Read More]
Ham Rove’s Legacy; Colbert’s PAC Offers $770K for Hurricane Relief
After the death of Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC advisor and chief strategist Ham Rove, Colbert disbanded Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow. The Super PAC funding accumulated over $800,000 during its venture. Fans may have thought the ult... [Read More]
Joe Rogan will release his new stand-up special exclusively on JoeRogan.net December 18th
With only about two weeks left in the year Joe Rogan is getting in just under the wire to release a new stand-up comedy special. It’s also one he’s going to self-release exclusively via his website. The special, Live From The Tabernacle was recorded on April 20th and will be available fo... [Read More]
Jeff Zucker Wants to Make His Own 'Daily Show' for CNN
Ousted NBC President Jeff Zucker was named the President of CNN Worldwide last month, and today, news comes in that Zucker is trying to develop a late night comedy show a la The Daily Show for CNN. The NY Daily News reports that Zucker is talking to talent agents who represent "smart, funny comics l... [Read More]
Joe DeRosa Deals with a Heckler and Analyzes It on 'Modern Comedian'
Here's the latest episode of Scott Moran's excellent documentary web series Modern Comedian, focusing on comedian Joe DeRosa. Modern Comedian wasn't setting out to capture DeRosa getting into a battle of words with a heckler, but it happened and seeing DeRosa fight back and his analysis after is pr... [Read More]
Jason Reitman on Bill Murray: "He's Like a Jazz Musician"
“While almost all of the dialogue in original [Ghostbusters] screenplay is echoed on screen, the Venkman character is completely improvised. It's as if Bill Murray was given a mumblecore-style essay about each scene and then permitted to say whatever he wanted as long as he got the point across... H... [Read More]