Anna Kendrick’s SNL promos with Taran Killam are hilarious (Video)
Anna Kendrick of Pitch Perfect fame has proven herself one of very few A-list Hollywood actresses who have a great sense of humor. A cursory glance at Kendrick’s Twitter account helps prove it. So, despite the fact we’re still basking in the glory of Louis C.K. and his performances on SN... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert’s #CancelColbert Twitter controversy plays out on Colbert Report (Video)
Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report last night spent the majority of his Comedy Central show addressing the #CancelColbert controversy that erupted on Twitter last week. The show opened with Colbert’s staff exiting their Comedy Central headquarters with boxes, the set of The Colbert Report s... [Read More]
Louis CK’s 9-minute SNL monologue examines religion, death, daughters
Louis C.K.’s second stint hosting Saturday Night Live went down last night, and his performance throughout the night — especially his 9-minute monologue — lived up, if not, surpassed the episode he hosted on Nov. 3, 2012, for which he was nominated for an Emmy in the category of Ou... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert inspires #CancelColbert hashtag on Twitter, because people hate context (Video)
If the misinformed #CancelColbert campaign teaches us anything, it should be that the premise of a joke is just as important as its punch line. Twitter erupted Thursday evening when The Colbert Report’s official Twitter page tweeted a joke from Wednesday night’s episode. On the show, Ste... [Read More]
Ellen Page cast as John Belushi’s wife in biopic
The fast-approaching John Belushi biopic has cast another principal character, Belushi’s wife, Judith Jacklin. Last Fall we learned that Emile Hirsch will play the beloved Saturday Night Live alum who died of an overdose at the tragically young age of 33. Earlier this year, rumors let out that... [Read More]
Louis C.K. reveals the real Louis C.K. in Saturday Night Live promos (Video)
While you eagerly wait for the season four premiere of Louie on May 5, you could help sate your Louis C.K. appetite this weekend when he hosts Saturday Night Live. To give you a wee taste, NBC just released these promos with C.K. and Kenan Thompson, wherein C.K. finally reveals his true identity. En... [Read More]
The Thrilling Adventure Hour is headed to Town Hall in New York (Exclusive)
It’s been nine years since writers Ben Acker and Ben Blacker staged their first production of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, a wholly unique comedy experience that has earned a massive cult following thanks, in part, to its monthly sold-out shows at the 280-seat Largo at the Coronet in Los Ange... [Read More]
Kevin Allison on life after The State, storytelling, Risk! podcast and more (Laughspin Interview)
If the name Kevin Allison doesn’t set off a chorus of recognition bells in your head, chances are you’ve become acquainted with the man better by his impressive cavalcade of hilarious, omnipresent characters on The State – that fondly remembered relic of ‘90s sketch comedy ac... [Read More]
Jason Bateman’s ‘Bad Words’ is a cringeworthy delight (Review)
Jason Bateman, of his directorial debut, Bad Words, offers this gentle caveat: “This movie isn’t for everyone.” Screened recently at Austin’s South by Southwest festival to a packed auditorium, the film does resist easy consumption. The story centers on a cynical 40-something... [Read More]
Roseanne, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Russell Peters named Last Comic Standing judges
Executive producer Wanda Sykes and her team have locked up their celebrity judges and premiere date for the upcoming season of Last Comic Standing. The 13-episode eighth season premieres on May 22 for two hours at 9 pm EST, airing for one hour at 10 pm in following weeks. Comedian J.B. Smoove will t... [Read More]