UFC Retrospective Series Part 6: The Comedian Joe Rogan | CBSSports
A lifelong fan of martial arts and a successful comedian, Joe Rogan has become one of the popular hallmarks of UFC events. He spoke with CBSSports.com for an in-depth interview, discussing a wide variety of topics on his career and the sport. Rogan's new standup special, Talking Monkeys in Space, debuts on Spike TV this week. [Read More]
Sam Kinison's Widow Claims Forged Will | Courthouse News Service
The widow of late comedian Sam Kinison is claiming Kinison's brother forged a will to divert assets away from the widow. Malika Borghese, in a complaint filed in Superior Court, alleged that William Kinison told her about Sam's purported will shortly after she was released from the hospital after recovering from injuries sustained in the 1992 automobile crash that ended Sam Kinison's life. [Read More]
Bobcat Goldthwait's "World's Greatest Dad" (w/ Robin Williams) Red Band Movie Trailer | /Film
This is not your traditional comedy. It's dark. REALLY dark. For example, Goldthwait's 2006 film Sleeping Dogs Lie (originally titled "Stay") was about a relationship that is destroyed when a girlfriend reveals to her boyfriend that she had a past indiscretion (read: blowjob) with a dog. Believe it or not, Goldthwait's 2009 follow-up is at least 10 times more twisted and probably 20 times funnier. [Read More]
Spinal Tap Attempts to Discuss New Album (video) | Wired
Wondering about the deeper meanings behind Spinal Tap's music? So are they. In these clips from the bonus DVD included with the band's new album, Back From the Dead, the fictitious rockers reunite to discuss each track. Or rather, they're supposed to, but they just end up on random tangents about loud music, Native Americans and sex farms. Actually, that last one is about as on-topic as it gets. [Read More]
Bobbie Battista, Far From CNN, Casts Mock News for The Onion | NY Times
In the days before mock news became a genre in itself, Bobbie Battista, the ever-present face on CNN during the 1980s and '90s, was often parodied in segments of "Saturday Night Live." These days Ms. Battista, 56, is in on the joke herself. Nearly eight years after leaving CNN, the network that made her famous, Ms. Battista has resurfaced in the news game as an anchor for Onion News Network, the online video arm of The Onion, the satirical newspaper. [Read More]
Q&A with Jason Nash; "The Shaman" Debuts Today | AST
Spend an hour or so with Jason Nash, and you suddenly realize the cliché of struggling actor/writer/comedian is so rampant in Hollywood because it's extremely real. Nash is passionate about comedy - and at least equally, if not more passionate about trying to figure out some fucking way to achieve success in this business. At any given time, he's working on movie scripts he's trying to get made, doing free or low-paying stand-up shows around L.A., producing and recording his podcast, Guys with ... [Read More]
John Hodgman gives Obama a nerdy pop quiz (video) | the comic's comic
..John Hodgman's performance over the weekend at the 2009 Radio and TV Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington, D.C., where he publicly confronted and quizzed President Barack Obama on his "nerd" credentials and spoke of the nation's true culture war between jocks and nerds. [Read More]
Recap: Bob and David, together onstage in Chicago | A.V. Club
A reunion of the primary minds behind Mr. Show—the sketch-comedy godshow that you've heard of if you've ever visited The A.V. Club before—is a big deal to some people. Us people. You people. Me people. I planned a trip to L.A. around the pilot taping of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross' HBO sitcom, David's Situation, last year. And though Odenkirk and Cross decided not to pursue that show, they did decide to appear together at the inaugural Chicago Just For Laughs Festival over the weekend. Sure... [Read More]
Comic TV Appearances: Mon, 6/22 - Fri, 6/26 | STAGE TIME Magazine
Comic television appearances include Joan Rivers, Ray Romano, Larry David, Penn & Teller, Jo Koy and Christian Finnegan. [Read More]
Jesse Popp: One in 8 Million - NY Characters in Sound and Images | NY Times
The New York Times is running a black-and-white slideshow and sound profile piece called "Jesse Popp: The Struggling Stand-Up" featuring the NYC-based comedian. On Sundays starting at 9 p.m., Mr. Popp, 32, is co-host of a comedy show at the Beauty Bar in Manhattan. [Read More]