48 Hours staffer / CBS Employee Arrested in Letterman Case | CBS News
David Letterman acknowledged on Thursday's show that he had sexual relationships with female employees and that someone tried to extort $2 million from him over the affairs. CBS was made aware of an ongoing police investigation involving David Letterman and an employee at "48 Hours," who was subsequently arrested yesterday on charges of attempted grand larceny in the first degree. [Read More]
The Boston Comedy Interview - Paula Poundstone
Paula Poundstone released her first CD, I Heart Jokes, earlier this year, and she's working on her second book, trying to work a tad faster than the nine years it took her to get the first one out. She talked to the Boston Comedy Blog about her book, her influences, her time in the Boston Comedy scene and stupid cat jokes on the internet. [Read More]
John C. Reilly joins Ed Helms in 'Cedar Rapids' | THR
John C. Reilly is joining Ed Helms in "Cedar Rapids," Fox Searchlight's ensemble road-trip comedy that Miguel Arteta is directing. The story, by Phil Johnston, centers on a wholesome and naive small-town Wisconsin man (Helms) who, when his role model dies, must represent his company at a regional insurance conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where his mind is blown by the big-town experience. Reilly's character also is attending the conference and is a family man who sees the event as a vacation a... [Read More]
Artie Lange pleads guilty to July 10 DUI in NJ | AP
Artie Lange has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of a habit-producing drug in a minor traffic accident in New Jersey. The 41-year-old Lange was charged following the July 10 accident in Toms River, about 40 miles southeast of Trenton. He entered his plea Wednesday in municipal court. [Read More]
David Letterman says he was victim of $2-million extortion attempt in sex case | Los Angeles Times
Talk host David Letterman said Thursday that he was the victim of a $2-million extortion attempt related to his sexual relationships with staffers on CBS' "The Late Show." During a taping for tonight's broadcast, Letterman told viewers that three weeks ago he was approached by a person who claimed to have information about the host's affairs with female staff members. This person, Letterman said, threatened to expose the relationships unless payment of $2 million was received. The CBS star appro... [Read More]
Mitch Fatel is Magical DVD Review | comedians.about.com
Mitch Fatel thinks sex is funny. I don't believe that he thinks only sex is funny, but you not be similarly convinced after watching his new stand-up special Mitch Fatel is Magical. It's an hour-plus of Fatel riffing on sex -- his experiences, the experiences he wishes he'd had, his observations about women and so on and so on. [Read More]
NBC's Jay Leno not feeling all the love | Show Tracker | Los Angeles Times
ABC and CBS have asked their stars not to appear on Leno's new 10 p.m. show because they don't want to take the chance of stealing viewers from their own networks that air expensive dramas in the 10 p.m. slot. [Read More]
Chris Rock Examines "Good Hair" in New Film | Washington Informer
Despite the informative value of certain aspects of the production, "Good Hair" is anything but a documentary. In fact, with few exceptions, the film offers little more than a moving comedy sketch, such as the film "Borat," in which the regulars of Black barbershops, nail salons and beauty supply shops, play bit parts. [Read More]
The Invention Of Lying review | A.V. Club
Lying remains sweetly pleasant but threatens to become as bland as the world in which it's set, and previously took such pleasure in exploring. But maybe, in the spirit of the film, it's best to look past the flaws of those later scenes and concentrate on the meaningful material that precedes them and the great film that might have been. [Read More]
Funny Business comedy club ready to laugh it up | Mountain Xpress
..a new comedy club is set to open Nov. 6 in the basement of the former S&W cafeteria building in downtown Asheville. The venture brings together Charlie Gerencer, a producer of the successful annual Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival and an Emmy-nominated former producer of NBC's Last Comic Standing, and John Yoder, whose Funny Business comedy booking agency represents comedians in 63 cities around the U.S. Yoder works with his sons Jamison and Eric, who will also be a part of the Funny B... [Read More]