album review - Chad Daniels, "Busy Being Awesome"
..he has a keen comedy eye and a terrific ear for pacing and delivery. Throughout the set, Daniels takes aim at old and new targets: the overly mobile obese, the punctuation-impaired, who apparently think you indicate possession with an Apostle. [Read More]
Kristen Wiig, Now the Veteran Woman in the SNL Cast - NYTimes Interview
With the departure of Amy Poehler last month, Ms. Wiig has become, during only her fourth season, the most veteran female cast member on the show. [Read More]
Studio One Partners With New York's Gotham Comedy Club For Comedy Contest
Studio One Media Inc., announced today that it has partnered with New York's famed Gotham Comedy Club for MyStudio's first comedy contest, "The MyStudio Gotham Comedy Challenge." The contest gives MyStudio users the opportunity to participate in a nationwide comedy talent search that could launch a career in comedy. The winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to New York for a paid booking at the Gotham Comedy Club and an audition for the upcoming television program "Live At Gotham," on Co... [Read More]
DVD Review - Louis C.K.: Chewed Up
Chewed Up is the follow-up special to his successful 2007 special Shameless. Here we get a bare bones set that is just a stage with a black backdrop and a few stage lights, which is refreshing and complimentary to his style of standup. There are no flashy lights, loud music, or someone screaming his name as he comes out; it's just him, the man, Louis C.K. doing standup from his heart and gut. [Read More]
Al Franken up 225 votes in Minn. recount
Victory in Minnesota's drawn-out Senate race moved within Democrat Al Franken's grasp Saturday when he increased his lead over Republican Norm Coleman as the statewide recount drew to a close. The state Canvassing Board will reconvene Monday to declare which candidate received the most overall votes in the election. Barring court intervention, it will be Franken. [Read More]
Kathy Griffin Uses Hacky Comeback to Heckler, NY Post Loses Mind
Newest Faces on "Saturday Night Live" - Casey Wilson, Michaela Watkins and Abby Elliott
Inevitably there's an adjustment for any newcomer to a late-night television institution like "SNL." "It's certainly strange to do sketch comedy with cue cards at midnight in a skyscraper, as opposed to in a basement with your friends," Casey Wilson said. This winter two new cast members, Michaela Watkins and Abby Elliott, will have to suffer through a similar learning curve. [Read More]
MIke Epps - Las Vegas Sun Interview
Mike Epps was a class clown who went from entertaining his classmates to entertaining millions. Epps began performing stand-up comedy as a teenager and became a regular at the Comedy Act Theater in Atlanta. From there he went to New York and joined the Def Comedy Jam on tour and on HBO. He talks with the Las Vegas Sun about growing up poor and making movies with Ice Cube. [Read More]
For Chris Bliss, comedy work is hands-on - The Denver Post Interview
Being an overnight Internet sensation is great — as long as you don't mind being labeled "that guy from that video" for a few years afterward. Just ask Chris Bliss. The stand-up comedian and former rock-star juggler (yes, there is such a thing) first gained international notice when a video of him juggling at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal went viral, generating tens of millions of views in less than a month. [Read More]
Onion writer selling joke on eBay
John Harris, staff writer at The Onion, is auctioning an unknown original joke on ebay with the auction ending Jan. 5. The bidding is currently over $360. Even Harris is taken aback by it all, answering a prospective bidder this way today: "It was just something funny I was doing for the benefit of my friends. It's making me a bit uncomfortable, to be honest with you." [Read More]