Comedy Central To Roast Larry The Cable Guy
COMEDY CENTRAL is stocking up on the ammo and bringing out its big guns when it roasts comedian Larry the Cable Guy. The hits will be dirty, fast and hard. Larry will be making the night unfor-git-able during this star-studded evening, which will tape in Los Angeles on March 1, 2009. The "COMEDY CENTRAL Roast of Larry The Cable Guy" will air on Sunday, March 15 at 10:00 p.m. "It is an honor that COMEDY CENTRAL has chosen me to be roasted. Only a handful of folks have been dumb enough to accept.... [Read More]'s Top 10: Emerging Comedians
Today's emerging comedians have diverse styles and perspectives as different as Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Osama bin Laden. Unfortunately, many comedy clubs don't promote young emerging comedians, which makes it difficult to discover fresh talent who fits your sense of humor. Many guys who think stand-up isn't for them just haven't seen the right comedians. Here is a list of 10 emerging comedians that we think you will love. [Read More]
G4 Premiers "The Chaser" (Ambush Comedy Series)
G4's fearless new comedy series from the land down under slams US shores with a wave of stunts and sketches covering controversial topics and exploiting taboos most other shows refuse to touch. "The Chaser," a team of irreverent wise-guys and award-winning comedians, declare a "War on Everything" in this politically incorrect series, which takes on religion, media, celebrities, politicians, corporations and all kinds of authority. [Read More]
Jackie Mason's Scion Seeks the Spotlight - and What a Punim!
On a recent Friday night, Sheba Mason had nearly wrapped up her stand-up routine at the New York Comedy Club on East 24th Street, and the time had come to let the crowd know about her father: Borscht Belt comic-turned-Broadway kvetcher in chief Jackie Mason. [Read More]
Craig Robinson - The A.V. Club Interview
The A.V. Club recently spoke with Craig Robinson about The Office, D-War's mind-meltingly convoluted plot, playing characters with job titles and numbers instead of names, and improvising for Kevin Smith. [Read More]
Danny Groner: Taking the Stage for Improvisational Comedy
Anyone who has ever attempted to write a script, essay or even a joke recognizes how difficult it is to be funny. As someone who has spent countless hours editing and rethinking jokes to make them work, I decided that I could benefit from learning how others approach comedic writing, style and delivery. I enrolled in a free introduction to improv course at a local theater this week to spend time working with talented performers. I wanted to watch where their minds took them, in directions I woul... [Read More]
Craig Ferguson Secretly Weds
Fans of comedian Craig Ferguson got a surprise announcement during his CBS Late Late Show on Monday night: He got hitched! Ferguson wed his longtime girlfriend Megan Wallace Cunningham, an art dealer, from Vermont. [Read More]
Comedian Carlos Mencia takes his act on the road - The Daily Journal Interview
Carlos Mencia discusses the new political scene, huge families and the accusations floating around that he's a blatant joke-swindling hack. [Read More]
Tickets to Late Night with Conan O'Brien's Final Shows
After 16 seasons on the air, the curtain is coming down on Late Night with Conan O'Brien as Conan prepares to head out to L.A. to take over The Tonight Show. Would you like to be a member of one of Conan's last studio audiences in New York? Here's your chance! [Read More]