Jay Leno is a joke robot on auto-pilot with zero self-awareness | Las Vegas Sun
"Ninety minutes melted away for Jay Leno the network TV comic Saturday night at The Mirage, with nary a mention of Jay Leno the network TV newsmaker. Astounding. He might as well have performed with a giant, inflatable elephant in the corner. That's what seemed to share the stage with the gray-haired, blue-suited comedy conveyor belt at a packed Terry Fator Theater." [Read More]
SNL #35.12 with Sigourney Weaver, The Ting Tings recap | the comic's comic
After a full week of NBC-bashing by the various late-night TV talk-show hosts, how would the reigning big daddy of late-night TV comedy handle its own mockery? Not quite the way you'd think, or hope, even when it looked like they might just surprise you with something magically great. Not once. Not twice. Three times this happened on last night's Saturday Night Live. [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon @ The 9th Annual NY Times Arts & Leisure Weekend - 1.8.10 | The Apiary
He loves what he does and he proclaimed as such at his recent talk at the 9th Annual NY Times Leisure & Arts Weekend. Jimmy Fallon discussed how staying at home helped him succeed, why he was never destined to become a big-time movie star and how he stays connected to fans. [Read More]
Broad Minds Encourage Broad Laughter | NY Times
It's often been said that stand-up comedy is the most subjective art form. What's side-splitting to one person is seditious to the next. Yet while the evolving dynamics of the Bay Area entertainment scene have broadened traditional definitions of what constitutes comedy, some of the audience still takes a narrow view of what's funny and what isn't. [Read More]
Aziz Ansari premieres ‘Intimate Moments' on Comedy Central
Comedy Central is about to get up-close and personal with Aziz Ansari. Filmed in front of a packed house at the Brentwood Theater in Los Angeles, the world television premiere of "Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening" debuts at 10 p.m. Sunday. [Read More]
Why Some Comics Aren't Laughing at Jay Leno (Essay) | WSJ
..why has seemingly the sum of the comedy world turned on Leno with shocking viciousness? Why has he raced past the reviled likes of Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia on the list of popular stand-ups comedians love to hate? What is behind the widespread sense that Leno sold his soul when he took over "The Tonight Show"? [Read More]
Colbert Doesn't Know Dick (Ebersol) - but he will.. | Third Beat
Next Wednesday night - possibly 2 nights before Conan O'Brien goes off the air - NBC co-executive-douchebag Dick Ebersol will be the guest on the competing Colbert Report. In the red trunks, Ebersol: head of NBC Sports, known among Saturday Night Live fans as the idiot who ruined the show in the early '80s, and now known among everyone for calling O'Brien a "failure" and "chicken-hearted" yesterday.. [Read More]
Comedians for Haiti - Earthquake relief fund-raisers | the comic's comic
It has been heartening to see the comedy community come together and help in the fund-raising efforts in Haiti following the devastating 7.0 earthquake that hit the already-impoverished island nation earlier this week. [Read More]