The Bobby Slayton interview | Rooftop Comedy
Rooftop Comedy was recently fortunate enough to chat with Bobby about his upcoming Showtime special, “Born To Be Bobby,” and found The Pit-bull of Comedy to be beyond kind, enormously thoughtful, and as intelligent as all get out. [Read More]
Ladies & Gentleman – Marshall Chiles | Atlanta Stands Up
No matter who you ask within the circle of the close friends and family in our Atlanta comedy stronghold, the answers all reflect the same simple truth… Marshall Chiles is the beating heart of Atlanta Comedy. [Read More]
Comedians Cut Loose on Chris Hardwick's 'Nerdist' Podcast | TV Squad
It's always refreshing to see a showbiz vet indulge in a passion project that's actually entertaining, informative and funnier than anything he's ever done. That's exactly what 'Web Soup' host Chris Hardwick is doing with his latest venture, The Nerdist Podcast. [Read More]
Nick Thune releases "Thick Noon" without hick tunes! | the comic's comic
Nick Thune has a new comedy CD/DVD out this week. So let's celebrate. Here are a couple of behind-the-scenes videos that tell you everything you need to know if you're uncertain about liking this gent. [Read More]
Comedy Central Presents Interview - Owen Benjamin | Comedy Central Insider
A fill-in-the-blank interview with Owen Benjamin, who you might recognize as a correspondent on The Jay Leno Show. Also, a web-exclusive video and a preview clip from Owen's Comedy Central Presents which premieres this Friday at 11pm / 10c. [Read More]
Road Trip Album Picks - "Thin Pig" from Todd Glass | Comedy Is Dead
Todd Glass' superb Thin Pig is one of the best albums we've heard in the past few years. Glass' second album, this release covers material from his whole career and a gag or two first shown on his original album which nobody ever heard in the first place. [Read More]
Comedy in DC this week - Flooded Basement Edition | We Love DC
I love it when all the pent-up Snowpocalypse comedic frustration is unleashed upon an unsuspecting region. There’s a lot going on, but here are my picks for the week: [Read More]
Tearing up the rule book - Stephen Fry on last night's unusual Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson | Chortle
Scottish-born comic Craig Ferguson threw out the chat show rulebook last night, but hosting a programme with just one guest – Stephen Fry – and no studio audience. The move was daring for America’s late-night programming, but the critic at the influential Entertainment Weekly called the special edition of Ferguson’s Late Late Show ‘one of the best hours I’ve seen in a while’. [Read More]
Mo'Nique talks in the 3rd person about her honors and comedy tour | AP
"Well, when they say Mo'Nique was worried about money, I wasn't worried about money. Mo'Nique has a talk show that comes on five nights a week and she tapes six times a week for that talk show. And yes, when I leave my home, I leave my home and get paid to leave my home, so I wasn't worried about money. They simply said, "You know, well Mo'Nique we can't pay you to do that." ... We said, "OK, baby. Well, then, that's not something we can do." Because, when I leave out, why ever would I go do som... [Read More]
Ousted SNL cast member Casey Wilson joins ABC comedy pilot | Reuters
"Saturday Night Live" alumna Casey Wilson, who landed a lead in the ABC comedy pilot almost six months after her ouster from NBC's late-night program. "Endings" revolves around a couple who, after breaking up at the altar, must figure out how they and their four friends can maintain their relationship. Wilson will play one of the friends, who is bitterly single. Damon Wayans Jr. was recently cast as another friend. [Read More]