Bob Zany and Costaki Economopoulos | The Daily Iowan interview
"Standup comedy is such a beautiful, fantastic little thing," said fellow comedian Costaki Economopoulos. "It's a room full of people laughing, sharing in an experience. If you watch a sitcom, you laugh a few times in a half hour, but if you watch a good comic, you're laughing every single second for a half hour. It's a very intense pure form of comedy. It's just so simple — it's a guy and a microphone." [Read More]
Comedian Dane Cook talks about the haters |
Dane Cook hears the insults, the accusations that he's not funny, that his jokes lack one little item called a punch line, that he steals material.Don't think his lofty status high above most stand-ups makes the air too thin for him to hear. Don't think he just covers his ears with his double-platinum records, or stuffs them full of the cash he pulls in for all manner of entertainment, from arena acts to TV specials to starring movie roles. He hears it. [Read More]
One comedian helps another: Jay Sierra benefit fund established
Sequim comedian Jay Sierra, known for his stand-up comedy act here and in the Seattle/Tacoma area and for his performances in community theater, is in Harborview Medical Center in Seattle suffering from pancreatitis. Another local comedian, Laura O'Neal of Port Angeles, is working to set up a fund to help the Sierra family in making ends meet during this time. The fund, she said, will be established at First Federal this week. [Read More]
Chinese Comedian Zhao Bensha's CEO Dream
China's comic laureate Zhao Benshan quietly enrolled at Hong Kong's Cheung Kong Graduate School on Monday in order to become a qualified CEO. It's no joke. The "King of Sitcom" is paying up to HK$550,000 (US$71,000) for an 18-day course that will also have classes in leafy Lausanne, London and New York. Zhao can afford it, according to, which lists him as China's richest comedian. Among his many earners are TV and film appearances, numerous product endorsements and a company with a stab... [Read More]
poll: Moms trust Ellen DeGeneres with kids | Reuters
Comedian Ellen DeGeneres and her actress partner Portia de Rossi topped a poll that asked American moms which celebrities they would feel most comfortable leaving their kids with. [Read More]
Alex Leo: Alan Alda Talks 30 Rock, Tina Fey, And His Life-Sized Cut Out Of Sarah Palin
Alan Alda, the Academy Award-nominated, Emmy award-winning actor, director, screenwriter, hasn't yet discovered that he's too big a star to be talking to me (thank god) and keeps granting us interviews. On this occasion, we were curious what his time on the set of "30 Rock" has been like, and exactly how awkward the interactions were with his newly found son (Alec Baldwin). You can catch Alda's first episode of the NBC sitcom tonight at 9:30p ET. [Read More]
Michael Winship: How Comedy Impacts Politics
In retrospect, we knew we were done for the night Johnny Carson said George McGovern sounded like Liberace. Those of us working on McGovern's 1972 presidential campaign staff had seen some highs and lows: the extraordinary campaign of primary victories that won him the Democratic nomination; the screwed-up party convention and crash dive when his vice presidential candidate Tom Eagleton was forced to withdraw after revelations of electroshock therapy. But Johnny Carson making that joke on "The T... [Read More]
Todd Barry launches tour, talks about the Swiffer | Punchline Magazine
Todd Barry might be coming to a city near you this month. You know how I know? I totally saw the tour dates on his site. Also, I chatted with the man via Skype the other day and talked about it. I recorded that conversation; then I whittled it down to what you see below. Enjoy. [Read More]
Rob Riggle on the Marines, comedy and making the two meet
Rob Riggle's comedic résumé includes enlistment in the Upright Citizens Brigade, a tenure at "Saturday Night Live," and perhaps most notably, his recruitment as a war correspondent for "The Daily Show." Somehow, through it all, Riggle has remained an active member of the Marines. Joining the Corps to further his aspirations to be a pilot, his rank is Lieutenant Colonel. Though he never ended his military service, Riggle eventually left flight school to pursue comedy. [Read More]
Comedy Matters with Artie Lange, Jay Mohr, Jim Gaffigan, more | Punchline Magazine
Yes, Artie Lange is funny, but he's also a great guy. Another great guy is Chris Mazzilli from Gotham Comedy Club, who never saw a charity he didn't like, or support. Chris donates his club for charity the way some people offer you a tissue if you sneeze. [Read More]