Joe Rogan on his influences and watching Joey Diaz dance naked | Comedy Central Insider
"..when this chick would get up and tell her painfully bad jokes it was a sure bet to empty the joint every time. Joey took his clothes off, and stood behind the curtain. He was 300lbs, and his balls looked like grapefruits in an old lady's pantyhose. When she hit her punchlines he opened the curtain behind her, stuck his tongue out and danced naked. The laughs were HUGE." [Read More]
The Vigilantes of Comedy - intellectual property experts on Joe Rogan v. Carlos Mencia | NY Times
Kal Raustiala, a Professor at UCLA Law School and the UCLA International Institute, and Chris Sprigman, a Professor at the University of Virginia Law School, are counterfeiting and intellectual property experts. They have been guest-blogging for us about copyright issues; this week they write about an alternative method of enforcing intellectual property rights. [Read More]
Keeping track of late night online | AP
In only a couple of years and after much soul-searching by network executives, the Internet has transformed the late-night television experience. Staying up past midnight and switching channels trying to stay awake during the commercials? That's your dad's way to watch. [Read More]
Patton Oswalt - A Brief Conversation With Someone Smarter Than Us | GQ
Stand-up, actor, renaissance man and all-around VERGE hero Patton Oswalt emails with Dan Fierman about the state of comedy. [Read More]
Hannibal Buress profile - 'SNL' writer rules comedic stage | Chicago Sun-Times
He smooched no butts, submitted no samples, leapt through no hoops. All it took for Chicago-bred stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress to land a coveted job on the writing staff of "Saturday Night Live" last summer was a short set on NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." [Read More]
Sarah Silverman Playboy Interview - April 2010
"Silverman and I spent an afternoon in her West Hollywood apartment, lounging on the couch and snuggling with Duck, her 15-year-old Chihuahua-pug mix (he has a recurring role on The Sarah Silverman Program as Doug). She is exactly what you’d expect her to be and exactly the opposite. One minute she’ll describe how she and her comic friends enjoy saying the word raaaaaaaape while belching. The next she’ll suddenly grow sentimental, talking about how much she believes in love. Spend enough time wi... [Read More]
Previously unheard 1992 Bill Hicks audio interview surfaces | Chortle
A previously unheard interview with Bill Hicks, recorded just over year before his death, has been released online today. The recording features British stand-up Nick Doody – then a 19-year-old student just embarking on his comedy career – interviewing his comedy hero. Doody said: ‘I’ve had this interview on an old C-90 cassette tape since 1992, and, with a few exceptions, have been too excruciated at hearing myself aged 19, talking to what I suppose I’d have thought of then as a “proper comedia... [Read More]
Chris Fairbanks interview | Rooftop Comedy
Growing up in Montana, Chris Fairbanks had a choice between one of two paths: grow a wild beard and send mail bombs to university scientists, or stand up comedy. Choosing the latter, Chris found his voice for stand up in Austin, Texas, after following a member of his Improv troupe along her path South. After several years there, Los Angeles was next, and that’s where Chris hangs his hat today. [Read More]
Louis C.K., Kevin Smith, Ben Stiller, more honor George Carlin | Punchline Magazine
Hundreds of fans show up to the New York Public Library to honor the legendary George Carlin. His daughter Kelly and his co-author Tony Hendra, along with a handful of famous friends remind us why we miss George so much. [Read More]
Attack of the Show offers glimpse of inaugural Laughing Skull Comedy Fest | the comic's comic
Thanks to Steve Hofstetter, one of the comedians who helped put together the inaugural Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta earlier this month, G4's Attack of the Show aired scenes from the festival's stand-up competition. Margaret Cho was there. I saw fest winner Josh Gondelman there, too, as well as Carmen Lynch, Seaton Smith, Karl Hess, Michael Palascak. [Read More]