"What's Up Tiger Lily"? No Seriously…What's Up? (show review) | Live Comedy LA
I went to "What's Up Tiger Lily" for the first time last night at its temporary location - Pattaya Thai Restaurant. Mostly, I went to see Dana Min Goodman because I couldn't pass up the opportunity to hear her say "Titties in the house!", while elderly Thai folks slurp down Tom Yum Goong. It's priceless really. [Read More]
Wife of comedian Dane Cook's ex-manager arraigned | The Boston Globe
Investigators searching the homes of entertainer Dane Cook's former manager found hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, a prosecutor said yesterday at the arraignment of the manager's wife. In the hearing at Woburn District Court, a prosecutor said Erika L. McCauley and her husband Darryl McCauley stole millions from the Boston-born actor and comedian. [Read More]
Jackson death forces cuts to 'Bruno' comedy | AFP
Michael Jackson's death has sent studio bosses scrambling to make a last-minute edit of upcoming comedy "Bruno," the latest creation of British comic Sacha Baron Cohen, report says. According to the Wall Street Journal, a scene which lampoons Jackson's sister LaToya was cut from the Los Angeles premiere of the film. [Read More]
Show Report: Louis C.K.'s Secret Pilot Taping | Comedy Central Insider
Wednesday marked the secret taping of Louis C.K.'s new comedy show, and I was lucky enough to make the RSVP list. The currently nameless FX pilot was shot at The Comedy Cellar in Manhattan, and fans were invited to the taping through Louis's Twitter account. [Read More]
Comedian on Comedian: Hard ‘N Phirm video interview | pop-rock candy mountain
love Hardwick's expressions in this video. And the ever sweet and hysterical Mike Phirman. Could you wrap him in bacon and eat him? If you stop this video in certain designated spots, you can catch Phirman and Hardwick givin' Coree's ample bosom the -0.5 hundredth of a second- glances. Interview by Coree Spencer. [Read More]
Remembering George Carlin, The Master | STAGE TIME Magazine
George Carlin is gone, but his legacy will live forever in my mind. I feel as though I've lost a friend: a powerful, commanding, and fearless voice that I had always counted on to reveal the truth and provide a chuckle or two. Carlin's style of comedy will never be equaled. In my opinion, none of his peers have been able to perform at his level—the highest level one can achieve. He cleverly analyzed and skewered every aspect of human life and the human species with razor sharp technique. [Read More]
Myq Kaplan wins "New York Comedy Contest" | the comic's comic
Myq Kaplan is having himself a good year when it comes to competing in short-set stand-up comedy contests in Manhattan, winning the inaugural "New York Comedy Contest" last weekend. The weeklong contest included 96 comics, who performed at Comic Strip Live, Laugh Lounge, Stand-Up NY, Eastville, Broadway and The Green Room. Kaplan won the "March Madness" contest this spring at Carolines, and last fall, was a finalist in the "New York's Funniest Stand-Up" contest and third-place finisher in the Bo... [Read More]
David Brenner celebrates 40 years in comedy | Punchline Magazine
Veteran comedian David Brenner is celebrating his 40th year in comedy with a national stand-up tour. "Leave ‘Em Laughing" features some of Brenner's greatest jokes and routines from over the years. "I'm including everything from birth up to five minutes ago," he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. [Read More]
The State DVD now avail. from MTV (+ dialogue dubbing: do you care?) | AST
At long last, the day has come: you can now own the entire run of MTV's seminal sketch comedy show The State on DVD. Because The State was produced at a time when MTV shows could use almost any song from a major label without paying royalties, the series in its original form would have been prohibitively expensive to put on DVD. The solution? Replace all the pricey pop music cues with sound-alikes, which may be only a minor quibble for most viewers, but there are instances when music played unde... [Read More]
Long Island Comedy Festival Opens This Friday
This Friday, June 26 at 8 p.m. is the kickoff date for the Fourth Annual Long Island Comedy Festival at Theater Three in Port Jefferson. For tickets, call (631) 928-9100. There will be two more festival shows at that venue this weekend on Saturday, June 27 at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. [Read More]