Ben Stiller's Zoolander will get a sequel, but there's a catch or three: It'll be animated, online, shorts
Ben Stiller and Paramount announced a deal today that'll bring back Stiller's Zoolander character, last seen on the big screen in 2001. A Zoolander sequel has been in the works and/or rumored for the past few years, but this isn't goin... [Read More]
Review: A few words about "Words, Words, Words," on CD or DVD from Bo Burnham
If you want to know what bowled over the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August, then you can see and/or listen for yourself as Bo Burnham's Words, Words, Words is out now in separate CD and DVD formats. I was at Burnham's CD recording in Ju... [Read More]
Has The Lonely Island Drifted Away From SNL?
An SNL supersleuth wrote in today with some discerning ideas and intel about Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer's continued tenure at the program: People are speculating about The Lonely Island's presence at SNL. Jorma seems to be gone (whether perman... [Read More]
Rob Delaney: Still very funny after 140 characters, telling it like it is in Vice magazine
It's no secret that I'm a fan of comedian Rob Delaney on Twitter. I've said so on Twitter. But get to know @RobDelaney past the 140-character limit, and you'll find that he's not exactly the profane absurdist he is there, but... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Walks Off The View
On yesterday's The View, Stephen Colbert came by to chat with Whoopi, Barbara, Melissa, Suzanne, Alexis, Moon Unit, Phoebe, Double-J, Lil' Bethany and Jane, basically the whole View crew. They discussed The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fe... [Read More]
Cringe & Comix Presents THE ROAST OF JIM FLORENTINE | Features | CringeHumor
You know Jim Florentine as Special Ed, the retarded puppet. He also terrorizes telemarketers. He currently hosts a show about metal…Now see him get ass burned! All proceeds from the event will benefit the Giraldo Children’s Fund, for the family of the late Greg Giraldo. Greg was originally booked to roast, before his tragic and untimely death. [Read More]
Comedy Central’s autism benefit airs Thursday, quirky items on auction now
What’s the secret to making Hot Pockets diarrhea proof? Well, what if those Hot Pockets were signed by Jim Gaffigan? Right, you’d still have the runs, but you’d have a swell conversation piece. Gaffigan’s autographed Hot Pocke... [Read More]
Comedy Central Presents Season 15 Preview: Part One
Comedy Central Presents is back for its 15th season and the taping felt like the first day back at school. You recognize stand-ups from previous years in the audience, see some new faces and get hit on by your science teacher (Ms. Zacchi, what are y... [Read More]
Ed Asner Joins Melissa Peterman in a New Comedy Show
Help Change The World - One Laugh At A Time! More »TV veteran and legend Ed Asner, who is primarily known for his role of Lou Grant on the ”Mary Tyler Moore Show,” is returning to prime time television to star alongside ... [Read More]