Punchline Magazine giving away Denis Leary’s “Douchebags and Donuts”
As you may know, Denis Leary is hosting a new stand-up comedy special on Comedy Central; it’s going down Jan. 16 at 10 pm EST. It’s called Denis Leary and Friends Presents Douchebags and Donuts. There’s going to be a lot of cursing and, of course, because of silly laws, a lot of bleeping during the airing. Lucky for you dirty-minded comedy fiends, however, Comedy Central will release a completely uncensored version — 50 minutes of extra footage and bonus features! — on DVD Jan. 18. And we’re giv... [Read More]
The Ricky Gervais Show returns to HBO Jan. 14; watch some previews
On the heels of the premiere of Out of England 2, Ricky Gervais’ newest HBO stand-up special, the worldwide comedy giant will soon hit the network again, albeit, in cartoon fashion. On Jan. 14 at 9 pm EST The Ricky Gervais Show kicks off its se... [Read More]
San Francisco Sketchfest lineup is pretty incredible (Jan. 13 - Feb. 5)
Highlights include: Inside Joke - Saturday Night Live: The Originals, featuring Laraine Newman, Dan Aykroyd, Tom Davis and Don Novello; Airplane! Tribute to Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker, interview with James L. Brooks; Celebrity Autobiography; Hot Tub with Kristen Schaal; Bob's Burgers Preunion; Invite Them Up; Kasper Hauser; RiffTrax; It's Garry Shandling's Show 25th Anniversary; WTF with Marc Maron; Mike Birbiglia; The Sound Of Young America; The Paul F. Tompkins Show; RISK! wi... [Read More]
"Important Things", "Michael & Michael Have Issues" DVDs available through Amazon | AST
DVDs of the second season of "Important Things With Demetri Martin" and the first (and only) season of "Michael & Michael Have Issues" are available from Amazon.com as manufactured DVD-Rs on demand. Although according to Amazon the DVDs are "manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media", they appear to otherwise be official-looking releases, with cover art and, according to customer comments, bonus features including deleted scenes on the "Important Things" set. [Read More]
Tom Lennon And Robert Ben Garant Board ‘Wee McGinty’ | Deadline
The Wee McGinty has just been creatively taken over by Night at the Museum scribes Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. Said an insider: "Think Bourne Identity, but plug in a leprechaun instead of Matt Damon." [Read More]
Kirsten Gillibrand Credits Daily Show for Helping Pass 9/11 First Responders Bill
You knew it, and I knew it, but it was nice to hear a sitting US Senator say aloud last night that The Daily Show's efforts made a real difference in the passage of the 9/11 first responders health care bill. [Read More]
Some People Got to Sing Karaoke with Bill Murray and You Didn't
I think I speak for most if not all of us when I say I've never sung karaoke with Bill Murray. I've never even played foosball with Ernie Hudson! But some dudes in New York City were out singing karaoke at a bar the other night and Bill Mur... [Read More]
Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly possibly recording Step Brothers rap album  | The A.V. Club
Prestige Worldwide—the killer combination of financial portfolios, insurance, computers, and black leather gloves that is Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s Step Brothers international music corporation-cum-rap duo Huff 'N Doback—is reportedly at work on releasing an actual album, according to Adam McKay. The director of the 2008 comedy recently tweeted the answer to a question no one thought to ask, saying, “Are we currently working on a Step Bros rap album? Yup.” [Read More]
Patton Oswalt embarks on book tour
As you may know, Patton Oswalt’s new book of comedic essays, Zombie Spaceship Wasteland, was released this week. Much of the tome is a personal memoir – he discusses his teenage summers working at a Cineplex, snow forts, and playing Dungeons and Drag... [Read More]
Bob Odenkirk and David Cross to Reunite In Annie Jenkins: A Not Very Romantic Comedy
It has been four years since Bob Odenkirk directed a feature film but the "Mr. Show" veteran is preparing to step behind the camera again for the indie comedy "Annie Jenkins: A Not Very Romantic Comedy," Odenkirk has told TheWrap. While Odenkirk did not disclose details of the project, he did reveal that he has an impressive cast lined up, including Krysten Ritter, Rainn Wilson, Dennis Farina and longtime collaborator David Cross. [Read More]