Andrew Sachs thanks Ross & Brand for the career boost | Andover Advertiser
Andrew Sachs has thanked Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand for helping his career with the obscene messages affair. Last autumn the two presenters left a series of lewd messages on the Fawlty Towers actor's answering machine while recording Brand's Radio 2 show. The ensuing public outcry saw 33-year-old Brand quit the station and Ross suspended from the airwaves for 12 weeks without pay. [Read More]
New club in Boston: Tommy's Comedy Lounge | the comic's comic
The Boston comedy scene continues to evolve in an everything that's old is new again sort of way, and the news of Boston's newest comedy club is no different in that respect. Tommy's Comedy Lounge opens on Saturday, May 2, in the historic Charles Playhouse at 74 Warrenton St., in Boston's theater district. [Read More]
Martin Starr On His New Show Party Down, a Freaks and Geeks Reunion, and Having an "Iconic Cock" | /Film interview
Martin Starr talks about the creative freedom allotted by Party Down, loathing Hollywood shallowness, Freaks and Geeks past and future, and a full-frontal role that likely would have strapped his career to a hard trajectory of sex and death. [Read More]
Now Just Isn't the Time for David Wain's Lehman Brothers Rom-Com | New York Magazine
In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job? "Never the same, but often involves some combination of writing, walking, meetings, editing, shooting, laughing, debating, reading, watching, and sitting in coffee shops." How has the Wall Street crash affected you? My romantic comedy I Met Her at Lehman Brothers was put on the shelf. [Read More]
Student's letter to Stephen Colbert prompts $31,000+ in donations to charity | Stars and Stripes
Stephen Colbert read a letter from the Zukeran Elementary School second-grader during a kids shout-out segment of "The Colbert Report." Colbert also used Edson's letter to prompt viewers to donate money to support military children through, an online charity that helps schools in need. Edson wrote about how he missed his Marine father a lot when he deployed to Iraq. Donations benefit public schools attended by large numbers of military kids. As of Thursday, the site reported mor... [Read More]
Download Last Night's Daily Show Free | Comedy Central Insider
If you're not content to watch The Daily Show on TV or stream it online, but you also don't want to shell out the money for a paid download, you're in luck, you cheap, picky bastard. Starting today and for the next three Fridays, you can download a different episode of The Daily Show free. [Read More]
Judd Apatow On Sean ‘Diddy' Combs' Role In ‘Get Him To The Greek' | MTV Movies Blog
"We did a table read and I thought to myself, ‘I wonder how funny [Sean's] going to be and how much help he's going to need,' Apatow told MTV News. "And I found out the answer was none. He needs no help. He was riotously funny. As a man with one skill, I was annoyed that he was also funny. You shouldn't be allowed to be good at so many things." [Read More]
Eugene Mirman: Real life is more fun than a jellybean monster | Twin Cities Decider
Eugene Mirman doesn't need credentials to be an expert on life. Alleging to have lived through the Spanish-American War and Jerry Lee Lewis' sex scandal, the comedy vet recently channeled his vast experience and knowledge into a satirical self-help book, The Will To Whatevs: A Guide To Modern Life. Armed with eccentric wit and charm, the Russian-born comedian offers compelling insights on contemporary living, from starting a band to high school social etiquette. Mirman (who open for Sunday's Fli... [Read More]
Queer Queens Of Qomedy Bring Their All Lesbian Comedy Revue To San Francisco's Rrazz Room 5/17
QQQ is making its Rrazz Room San Francisco debut. Poppy Champlin, the producer and host of this show, continues to bring new and fresh faces to the show. Poppy is a veteran comic whose sharp wit and intuitive jokes can penetrate the heart of any discerning audience's funny bone. Poppy erupts onto the stage and with a hip, fearless and in your face style of comedy that persuades the crowd to come along for a ride that is highly personal and yet completely relate-able. [Read More]
Aukerman Talks - Comedy Death Ray Radio! | Bob and David
Scott Aukerman Sez-- Hi everyone! I'm starting to host a weekly radio show, Fridays from Noon-1pm PST on the world-famous Indie 103.1! It's called "Comedy Death-Ray Radio." My co-host Friday is Human Giant's Rob Huebel, and our special guest is Reno 911's Thomas Lennon! Yes, Indie 103 is internet-only now. But it still gets a huge audience! You can listen on your computer, phone, car... anywhere now! Go to and they have easy instructions for how to download it to play on you... [Read More]