Why Chelsea Handler's sex tape is bad news for comedians. Am I right, ladies?
Radar Online continued its ongoing coverage this morning of the long-ago sex tape Chelsea Handler made that is supposedly about to resurface for purchase. So what? [Read More]
Loni Love, Bernadette Pauly, more join as co-hosts of The Gossip Queens
Do the woman of The View have anything to worry about? They might. A new syndicated chat show, The Gossip Queens, will premiere on Sept 20th and will feature three seasoned female comedians to one man, who will share hosting duties. [Read More]
Steve Harvey on Family Feud: I can’t expose my family on national TV
Way back in January, we let you know that Steve Harvey, one of the “Original Kings of Comedy” scored the job as the new host of Family Feud. Well, yesterday, he officially began his reign, replacing former host John O’Hurley. [Read More]
Conan O'Brien will answer your questions, but only on Facebook, and only on the Facebook Team Coco page
Look at how quickly Conan O'Brien is decorating his office. Nuts! He has nuts, people. Almonds, to be specific. So that's one question you don't need to ask Conan about. For all other questions, he says he'll answer them, but only if you can follow instructions.. [Read More]
Jay Leno, Dana Carvey, more to celebrate comedy club’s 50th anniversary
It’s a Pasadena legend, and with 50 years in the biz under its built, we don’t have any trouble seeing why. The “it” in question here is the Ice House Comedy Club, and on Sunday, Oct. 10, will celebrate its 50th year as a stan... [Read More]
Colbert Rally Supporters Raise $100,000 for Teachers
Some Redditors (it's always the Redditors, isn't it?) decided to put their e-money where their iMouths are by drumming up contibutions to Donors Choose, one of Stephen's favorite charities. With an initial goal of surpassing Hillary Clinton's group's total of $29,945 in one week, the Restoring Truthiness group has raised over $100,000 in just 18 hours! [Read More]
Chris Gethard appeals to Diddy on Jimmy Fallon show
In case you missed Friday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon because you were out laughing your ass off at a comedy club like me, all you need to know is #DiddyGethard. And if you find that hashtag as inappropriately funny as I do and want to know more,... [Read More]
Review: Louis C.K.’s new stand-up film Hilarious | San Francisco StandUp
"With “Hilarious,” Louis CK has once again helped to strengthen his reputation as a prolific, intelligent and funny man. While he may be filthy at times, and while he may say shocking things just for the pleasure of offending an audience, within every joke remains a heart – an underlying sadness about the state of affairs in American life and the futility of ever making them better, despite your best efforts. That point of view may be what keeps Louis CK from gaining a gigantic audience or earni... [Read More]
Friars Club Comedy Film Festival Announces 2010 Lineup
The Friars Club Comedy Film Festival (FCCFF) has announced the lineup for its second annual event, which will take place September 23 to October 1 in New York City. More than 30 films will be screened during the festival, which this year leads up to the Friars Club Roast of director, writer and producer Quentin Tarantino. [Read More]
TV Fall Preview 2010 | The Comedy Nerds
Get ready! The new fall season is almost here! Dan and Dustin walk you through all the new comedy that will be coming to your TV screens this year. So much potential for ground-breaking, mind-blowing, world-changing comedy. So little of that potential will actually be realized. But hey, what else are you going to do with your life? [Read More]