Rob Delaney draws a crowd | Boston Comedy interview
When Rob Delaney left Marblehead to go to New York University, he thought he might want to be an actor. But by the time he got out to Los Angeles after graduation, he'd realized, as he told me last year, that he "enjoyed saying things that I thought of myself more than things that came out of a script or somebody else's brain." Ever since, he's been doing stand-up, improv, and acting, and even singing the national anthem at the occasional Dodgers or Red Sox game. He also shot a short film with h... [Read More]
Comic TV Appearances: Mon, 5/25 - Sat, 5/30 | STAGE TIME Magazine
Pete Correale: The Things We Do For Love premieres Saturday, May 30 at 11pm ET on Comedy Central. Comic television appearances include Jeff Foxworthy, Whoopi Goldberg, Wanda Sykes, Janeane Garofalo, Greg Proops and Jo Koy. [Read More]
Mimi Gonzalez' ‘Beautiful partnership' in comedy | San Francisco Examiner
Comedian Mimi Gonzalez always wanted to make people laugh, even if it meant choosing a career that was not necessarily lucrative. "I wanted to make people laugh and didn't think I could make money from it, which turned out to be true. But that's not why I do it; I do it for the love of laughter," she says, emphatically. "I do it because I don't want a day job, and I do it because I don't fit into a 9-to-5 environment." [Read More]
Chris Rock: 'Good Hair' Film Coming To Theaters This Fall | Black Voices
Chris Rock's next movie will be unlike anything he's done before. 'Good Hair,' an in-depth and hilarious look at hair culture in the black community, will hit movie theaters this fall - thanks in large part to his deal with Roadside Attractions and Liddell Entertainment. [Read More]
Jon Lajoie: One comedian's scourge on pop music | Punchline Magazine
When musical comedian Jon Lajoie uploads a new video to YouTube, it's almost guaranteed to get at least a million views. So it was a no-brainer for the Canadian star to release an album — available now on iTunes — with all of his hits. Two years ago, Canadian Jon Lajoie was a virtually unknown actor, working on a TV show in Montreal. Today, he is one of the fastest-rising stars in the comedy scene, singled out by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell as one of the funniest contributors to FunnyorDie.... [Read More]
Laughing Skull Lounge stands up for intown comedy in Atlanta | Creative Loafing
"It's about the art of comedy. This room isn't for mainstream comics who do the normal clubs, it's for real, progressive comedians. Our contract with the Vortex actually states that we're not allowed to do homogenous, family-friendly comedy." - Marshall Chiles [Read More]
Chris Gethard's Magic Box of Stories (birthday edition) - review | the comic's comic
I was one of about 100 fortunate souls to witness a special edition of Chris Gethard's "Magic Box of Stories," the comedian's engaging and entertaining autobiographical storytelling series at the UCB. Chris Gethard is an improv superstar these days at the UCB's New York City theater, performing regularly with The Stepfathers, teaching classes, and receiving a lot of applause and attention each year during the Del Close Marathon. Gethard also has a lot of interesting tales to tell from his life e... [Read More]
Mary Mack: Amble on the Absurd Side - album release show review | NashvilleStandUp
Mary Mack's humor isn't purely absurd, but I'm at a loss how precisely to describe it. The most remarkable description I can give of her performance is that it's both rambling and compact. Her thoughts flow like a meandering steam — one which, magically, loops back to earlier points with ease — yet the jokes are quick, craftily worded, expertly timed, and (ironically, given my stream analogy) bone dry. To put it another way, many excellent one-liners could be plucked from her material ("I do... [Read More]
'2009 MTV Movie Awards' Honors Ben Stiller With 'MTV Generation Award' | TheFutonCritic
The 2009 MTV Movie Awards pays tribute to Ben Stiller with the coveted "MTV Generation Award" for his amazing contribution to Hollywood and for entertaining the MTV audience for years. The award is the MTV Movie Awards' highest honor, acknowledging an actor who has captured the attention of the MTV audience throughout his or her career. Past recipients include Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey. Hosted by Andy Samberg, the 2009 MTV Movie Awards will be broadcast LIVE from the G... [Read More]
Christopher Titus Makes Us Laugh at Divorce - "Love Is Evol" CD review | Suite101
After building a production company, creating the critically-acclaimed television series that bears his name, and recording two successful comedy albums -- Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding and The 5th Annual End of the World Tour -- Christopher Titus says that he asked God for some new material. Perhaps the lesson in his newest work, then, is to be careful what we ask for -- especially in our petitions to the Almighty. God, Ttus says, gave him a struggling marriage to an unstable woman and a gut-wren... [Read More]