Coming to 30 Rock: Reality Show Parodies and More Kabletown Fun
by Adam Frucci Here's a mildly spoilerish interview with 30 Rock executive producer Robert Carlock about some of the storylines we can expect on the rest of this season. @ 4:11 pm 0 Comments... [Read More]
Margaret Cho Gives Us a Lesson in Comedy | Lemondrop interview
Lemondrop had the chance to chat with Cho to find out find out about her new tour, what she did to maintain her funny and how to be a loud and proud woman on the stand-up stage. [Read More]
Cartoon Network Renews Adventure Time, Regular Show and MAD | Deadline
Cartoon Network has renewed its Monday night animated comedy series Adventure Time, Regular Show and MAD. [Read More]
R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen (pretty good career retrospective with videos) | The A.V. Club
He always seemed to be having a blast with his late-career renaissance and kept gamely plugging away in that same spoof genre right up until last year’s Stan Helsing and Spanish Movie. It’s not getting caught in the gears of a combine or having your nuts bit off by a Laplander, but goofing around is also a pretty good way for a man to die. [Read More]
Larry King is planning stand-up comedy tour
In a recent interview with New York Magazine, veteran interviewer Larry King made a surprising statement about his plans for after the end of his long running talk show. “I’m funny,” said King. “I’m going to do stand-up. That’s what I love.” Now, mos... [Read More]
Kelly Meyersfield: Aural Sex (review) | Punchline Magazine
Going blue is a double-edged sword. A filthy word can take a joke into unexpected territory and pull huge laughs. But dirty for dirty’s sake gets tiring quickly. So while, we’d love to praise Kelly Meyersfield’s new musical comedy album Aural Sex as a start to finish laugh riot, it’s best to take it in chunks. [Read More]
Bill Oakley: How We Wrote Classic Simpsons Episodes | SplitSider
Bill Oakley was a writer at The Simpsons from seasons 4-6 and an executive producer/showrunner with his writing partner Josh Weinstein from seasons 7-8. SplitSider talked to him at length about his experiences in that famous writer's room. [Read More]
Fox Developing Sitcom Starring Owen Benjamin | Deadline
Fox is developing a half-hour project starring comedian Owen Benjamin and written by comedy veteran Marsh McCall. Benjamin and McCall co-created the ABC Studios-produced sitcom, which stars Benjamin as a question-everything high school counselor balancing bachelorhood and his eccentric family. [Read More]
Dwayne Kennedy: Behind The Scenes
"...with Letterman, you can sit down, which I have never done. If you’re just doing the stand up set, you work more with the producers. There’s a cat named Eddie Brill; he’s the comedy producer, so you really just work with him, he walks you through everything, tells you where you’ll be standing. The only time I’ve ever seen David Letterman is when after I’ve done my set, he walks over says “Thank you, thanks for coming.” And I turn around and he vanishes like a ghost. ..." [Read More]
Stand-Up Comic TV Appearances: Mon, 11/29 – Sat, 12/4 | Stage Time Magazine
Comedian television appearances this week include Bill Cosby, George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer, Louis C.K., Chelsea Handler, Greg Proops, Judah Friedlander, Bo Burnham, Heather McDonald, John Caparulo and Matt Braunger. [Read More]