Best bets in SF Sketchfest's lineup | SF Gate
..the festival is a bounty for hard-core comedy fans. And this year even more than previous years, some of the below-the-radar shows have enormous potential. Below are several picks for Sketchfest events that should be missed at your own risk.. [Read More]
Kids In the Hall - recap of 'Death Comes to Town' Q&A at CBC in Toronto | Third Beat
Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson gathered in the atrium of the CBC building in Toronto for a Q&A moderated by Jian Ghomeshi. Well, more of a Q & A & A & tangent & talk-over-each-other marathon of silliness. [Read More]
Get Tickets to a Live Taping of Important Things with Demetri Martin | Comedy Central Insider
Want to sit in a real-live television studio to have your laughter recorded for eventual re-broadcast to a television audience? Come to a live taping of Important Things with Demetri Martin in San Francisco this February. [Read More]
Comedy meets whodunnit; Kids in the Hall's "Death Comes To Town" debuts Tuesday; Bruce McCulloch interview | Kelowna
Bruce McCulloch is executive producer, and the show is his brainchild. He recently spoke with Canwest News Service about wearing a fat suit, the appeal of Death as a character, and how the Kids are all grown up. [Read More]
Behind the scenes at raucous, comedians-only Sketchfest revue "Sketchubator" | chicago tribune
when you jam dozens of funny people into a cramped room and dilute their inhibitions with alcohol and pizza, the raucousness that ensues is a sight to behold. The humor, a tinge teal earlier in the evening, bore a Smurf-blue after hours. And it's a different type of laugh when comedians entertain each other -- a heavy, cacophonous noise from the belly that erupts simultaneously from different parts of the room. [Read More]
Dana Carvey plots sketch show comeback with Spike Feresten on FOX | Variety
Dana Carvey is plotting a TV comeback, partnering with scribe-turned-TV host Spike Feresten to develop and star in a new sketch comedy series for Fox. [Read More]
SketchFest's creativity puts 'SNL' to shame | chicago tribune
Opening weekend at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival saw a man choke (fake), a drunken woman hurl her dinner (real) and an unsuspecting audience member get plowed in the face with a cream pie (real, but fake -- he was planted in the audience). [Read More]
Jerry Seinfeld's "The Marriage Ref" hosted by Tom Papa to debut after Winter Olympics | the comic's comic
there is good news coming today for comedian Tom Papa, who is hosting Jerry Seinfeld's new reality TV project, The Marriage Ref. It's the last session of the day at the TCA winter press tour (so nighttime here on the East Coast), but the network already posted a press release, saying that viewers will get a first-look preview of the show immediately following the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. [Read More]
Sources say NBC violated Conan O'Brien deal | UPI
O'Brien now has three options as to how to respond to NBC's decision to return comedian Jay Leno to a late-night position after an unsuccessful stint in prime time. [Read More]