Ed Asner Joins Melissa Peterman in a New Comedy Show
Help Change The World - One Laugh At A Time! More »TV veteran and legend Ed Asner, who is primarily known for his role of Lou Grant on the ”Mary Tyler Moore Show,” is returning to prime time television to star alongside ... [Read More]
Jokes.com Interview: Donnell Rawlings
Best friends, host negotiators and comedy interviewers all know one key fact: good telephone conversations make for good relationships. I was able to talk with Donnell Rawlings over the phone and ask him some questions about comedy, heckling and Antoine Dodson. [Read More]
Watch Ian Roberts improvise with Conan O'Brien in the Conan TBS blimp
If you'd like even more out of your TBS promos of Conan O'Brien's upcoming talk show, Conan, and you'd also like to see something from behind the scenes, then you are doubly in luck! Because this clip shows you some fun improvised... [Read More]
Nick Swardson on getting network notes about donkey semen | The A.V. Club
Before Pretend Time premiered, Swardson spoke with The A.V. Club about underestimating his workload, reassessing his stand-up career, and getting network notes about donkey semen. [Read More]
CBS signs Demetri Martin to a deal, because CBS = Comedians Be Scripting but not be getting TV series?
I know I'm supposed to be excited by the exclusive news that CBS has signed comedian Demetri Martin to a script deal, but who is going to be the person to tell Demetri that, in recent years, CBS also has supposedly been ready to grant TV shows t... [Read More]
Congrats to all of the winners of the 11th annual Canadian Comedy Awards
congratulations are in order for the following winners of CCAs last night (us Americans and other non-Canadians should recognize a few of the names, too!) [Read More]
The Wit of The Onion's Jean Teasdale, Now in Book Format
Hey Jeanketeers--The Onion's cherished human interest columnist, Jean Teasdale, wrote a book. Here's a paragraph from the intro of A Book of Jean's Own! that cracked me up: "Should I call myself an average, humble homemaker who lives at 1567 Blossom... [Read More]
Demetri Martin inks deal with CBS
It may seem like Demetri Martin has been a bit quiet as of late, but as it turns out, he’s been busy behind the scenes striking deals that will hopefully have us laughing into primetime. Though details are sparse, the Hollywood Reporter just posted t... [Read More]