'Scrubs' shocker: School's in, hospital's out! | EW
Scrubs boss Bill Lawrence said his cancellation-defying comedy would undergo an extreme makeover in its ninth season, and, man, he wasn't kidding. When the show returns next winter, the action will shift from the hospital to the classroom and make med-school professors of John C. McGinley's Dr. Cox and Donald Faison's Turk. "It'll be a lot like Paper Chase as a comedy," Lawrence tells me. "It's going to be a different show. It'll still be life-and-death stakes, but if the show is just Scrubs aga... [Read More]
Review - Marc Maron's "Scorching the Earth" | Pop- Rock Candy Mountain
"Complete happiness is like retardation" according to Marc Maron. Assuming he carries this belief into his personal life, Maron is something of a cracked genius. Of course, it helps to be aware of one's own flaws. The comic's latest endeavor, a one man show entitled Scorching the Earth, reflects on two failed relationships from marriage to divorce, resulting in something rare: a one-sided (dare I say enjoyable?) therapy session- in which the artist takes the liberty of self-diagnosis. [Read More]
Olive Garden backtracks on David Letterman ad cancellation
The Olive Garden restaurant chain is denying that it canceled all of its scheduled ads on CBS late night comic David Letterman's "Late Show" in response to a crude joke Letterman told about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter and instead contends that its ad schedule concluded. [Read More]
Mary Tyler Moore Interview | Inside TV Blog
She won an Emmy as capri-pants-sporting '60s housewife Laura Petrie on 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' and earned an Oscar nod for her dramatic turn as an embittered mother in 'Ordinary People,' but for most fans, Mary Tyler Moore will always be Mary Richards, the WJM-TV employee who could turn the world on with her smile on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show.' As the seminal workplace comedy tops AOL TV's list of the best shows of the 1970s, the 72-year-old Moore, who won four Emmys for her 'MTM Show' perform... [Read More]
4 Reasons Why Live Comedy is the Perfect Date | Live Comedy LA
Back in my single days, my go to move was to take a girl to a live comedy show. It's a no brainer for a single dude. Here's why.. [Read More]
Seattle's Kermet Apio wins Carson comedy festival in Nebraska
A Seattle man won the standup competition at this year's Great American Comedy Festival in Norfolk. Kermet Apio claimed the $5,000 top prize after the judges decided they liked his act best. Apio joked about his Hawaiian heritage, his unique name and fatherhood during his winning performance. [Read More]
Just for Laughs Chicago interview: Martin Short On His Own Character
Martin Short, the classic comic performer of SCTV, Saturday Night Live and film, came to Chicago as part of Superstation TBS "Just for Laughs" Festival, hosting and performing in the "Let Freedom Hum" revue on June 17th. Dusting off some of his famous characters, like inept talk show host Jiminy Glick, Short also introduced some of the top comedy stand-up talent in the country, including John Pinnette, Tom Papa, Greg Giraldo, Jeremy Hotz and Kathleen Madigan. HollywoodChicago.com caught up with ... [Read More]
review: Just For Laughs Chicago - Aching sides, lessons learned | chicago tribune
Like a ship passing in five nights, the first Chicago version of the Just for Laughs festival has departed, leaving venues dark, funny bones tickled, two-drink minimums met. More than 100 acts spread out across the city, trying to make something original out of universal experiences. There were successes and failures, chronicled below and in Saturday's roundup, but the festival itself came off surprisingly smooth for a first-time venture. [Read More]
JFL Chicago: Robert Smigel on creating SNL's Super Fans, "Da Bears" | the comic's comic
Robert Smigel began his comedy career in Chicago, and during the 1988 writers strike, Smigel returned to the Windy City and, with fellow SNL striking writers Conan O'Brien and Bob Odenkirk, wrote and produced a revue called Happy Happy Good Show. One of Smigel's sketches portrayed Chicago's super sports fans, which later famously became a recurring sketch on SNL called Bill Swerski's Super Fans, and people across America began emphasizing "Da Bears" and "Da Bulls." [Read More]
Sketch Comedy Saturday: Little Britain - TV Squad
For some strange reason, I was initially compelled to start this installment of Sketch Comedy Saturday with "Never fear, Little Britain is here!" I suppose there was a need for a campy intro. Then, I realized that there are actually plenty of things to fear in Little Britain: Matt Lucas wearing really tight shorts, old women violently projectile vomiting on everything in sight, more Matt Lucas wearing really, really tight shorts ... Really, the horrifying list goes on. [Read More]