Patton Oswalt talks about his very funny new book, '80s nerd nostalgia and what makes a terrible stand-up comic | Salon
"I just talk my way around an idea, and the way into the core of what I'm trying to talk about is through jokes, and through a million different punch lines hidden within the sentences rather than having the thing just end with the punch line." [Read More]
Funny Or Die Presents - The Complete First Season (dvd review) | The Serious Comedy Site
Funny or Die is an HBO sketch comedy show. Like any sketch comedy show each episode is a series of hit and misses. Fortunately there are many more hits than misses and usually at least one show-your-friends funny bit per show. [Read More]
Ed Helms discusses how much further The Hangover Part II goes this time around | HitFix
"Oh, no. This one's nothing like the first one." His smile got even bigger, and he repeated, "Nothing." I asked him how it changed the dynamic shooting in Bangkok, and he said there was absolutely no comparison. In Vegas, you're a few hours from Los Angeles. You're staying in luxury hotels. Even the craziest places they shot in Vegas were still places in Vegas. By contrast, Helms admitted that the Bangkok shoot, which was four full months, was basically the comedy version of "Apocalypse No... [Read More]
I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Comedian Overlords
It's only a matter of time before we all die gruesome deaths at the unfeeling hands of the machines. That's a forgone conclusion that I think we can all agree on. But today, there's a little bit of a silver-lining. A student at Carnegi... [Read More]
Stand-Up Month Interview: Tom Rhodes
The Stand-Up Month comedy goblin delivers jokes and bits to acerbic children all month long. He also distributes a minimum of two drinks and comedian interviews to the jaded adults. Today he's brought us Tom Rhodes, a man who hates morning radio... [Read More]
The dream of the '90s is still alive and funny on IFC's new show, "Portlandia" (review, clip)
It isn't as easy as it looks to make mockery of liberal hippies, but that's usually because the jokes are coming from conservatives who are unfunny pricks about it. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein certainly aren't that. [Read More]
Great American Comedy Festival to Launch Preliminary Competitions
The Great American Comedy Festival will kick off a series of preliminary amateur comedian competitions Saturday, January 29 at Divots in Norfolk at 8pm hosted by 2008 GACF champion Deacon Gray. Additional preliminary comedy competitions are as schedu... [Read More]
"On the Laugh Track with Rob Little"
"...Well, MAXIM is all about luscious boobs, and I have an amazing rack. I love boobs; that’s why I grew my own. And I didn’t get to do a rad pictorial, but I am totally up for it if anyone wants to take me around Appleton to shoot some pics and then submit them to MAXIM..." [Read More]
Comedy Central Presents: Michael Kosta
Michael Kosta is a tennis player and the youngest child in his family. I don't need to tell you those things, however, because Kosta gets into both of those topics in his first half-hour Comedy Central Presents, which debuted on Friday night. [Read More]