Lisa Landry says stand-up is better than acting | Zoinks! Online interview
Comedienne Lisa Landry began doing stand-up because she kept on getting fired from her job. And that's a good thing. Not getting fired, but getting into stand-up comedy. That's because, Landry is one of the funniest comedians working today. Zoiks! Online recently called in to chat with her. [Read More]
Brüno Film review | A.V. Club
Bruno finds Cohen traveling once again to our shores in dogged pursuit of the American Dream, circa 2009: becoming famous for no discernible reason. In his dogged pursuit of celebrity at all costs, Cohen attempts to seduce Ron Paul, horrifies a TV focus group by showing them a dancing naked penis, invites Paula Abdul to eat sushi off a fat naked man, and instigates a full-frontal assault on propriety and sexual repression. [Read More]
Cain Lopez dies of lung cancer at age 30 | SHECKYmagazine
Cain Lopez has died, at the age of 30, from lung cancer. Multiple tributes are popping up on status reports on Facebook, from friends of Lopez. [Read More]
Todd Glass - Thin Pig (album review) | the comic's comic
Right from the get-go of Thin Pig, comedian Todd Glass shows how he can weave both old jokes, inside jokes and in-the-moment jokes all at once, making every performance of his a magically unique experience. [Read More]
Tom Green dispels rumours he was seriously injured in fight | The Canadian Press
Tom Green says there's no truth to recent Internet rumours that he was seriously injured in a fight. Earlier this week, several blogs reported that Green was in serious condition in hospital after a scuffle at the scene of a minor car accident in Fullerton, Calif., southeast of Los Angeles. But in a posting on his website, the Ottawa-raised film and TV star assures fans he is "alive and well." He says the false news was a result of hackers who tapped into his site, sent out a mass email, and dis... [Read More]
Featuring Wesley Hofmann, profile of a San Francisco comedian |
Everyone needs a good laugh now and again. When times are tough and life gets you down, there's nothing like a good belly laugh to pick up the spirits! Wesley Hofmann is a Bay Area comedian who knows just how to get that job done. [Read More]
Adam Dread's campaign against guns in bars | The Nantucket Independent Newspaper
Nashville politician and sometime comedian Adam Dread is trying to reverse a recently passed Tennessee law that allows guns in bars and is campaigning to make sure the law does not get passed in Massachusetts as well as in other states. [Read More]
Jay Leno to roll out in style on new show / showing off car collection on tv
When Jay Leno's new 10 p.m. show goes on air in September, some of his vintage cars will be making guest appearances. The host intends to drive his prized possessions onstage some nights. While Leno's plan to roll onstage in an expensive car could be viewed as an unnecessary display of opulence in the midst of a recession, he might be using his car collection as a Trojan horse to position his show as the place to advertise automobiles. [Read More]
‘Napoleon Dynamite' Star Jon Heder Gets Comedy Central Series | NYTimes
Having embodied the role of the quintessential nerd so completely in the 2004 comedy "Napoleon Dynamite," Jon Heder has either been rewarded or punished with another geeky role — this time as the star of his own Comedy Central show. On Thursday, the cable channel said in a news release that it had ordered a new scripted series starring Mr. Heder to be produced by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy. The as-yet untitled series, slated to premiere in 2010, would star Mr. Heder as "an out o... [Read More]
Michael and Michael Have Issues With ‘The State' | NYTimes
in an interview with Mr. Black and Mr. Showalter, we couldn't resist asking for their thoughts about "The State," a cult series which is finally being released on DVD on Tuesday. One might think that this would be a cause for celebration for the two — that they would be pleased that, after more than 15 years, the show that introduced them to a national audience and gave disaffected members of Generation X a sketch series they could call their own, will at last be available in digital perpetuit... [Read More]