A Guide to Comedians in Commercials: "Hey, It's That Guy!"
by Rebecca O'Neal Comedians in commercials are definitely a thing. I’m no good at trivia, but I can always impress my (non-comedy nerd) friends and family members by knowing the names of actors in commercials because so many of them are stand up and improv comics. From a 2009 episode of The Comedy N... [Read More]
Review: Conan O'Brien Cant Stop is intimate, hilarious portrait of an artist in flux | HitFix
It is funny, but it also shows a vulnerable, human side to the performer that makes me like him even more than I already did. Yes, there are some moments where he is less than a ray of sunshine, and some people have reacted to that saying that the film offers up a "negative" portrayal of him. Nonsense. It just makes him seem like a normal rational person who is working through feelings of hurt and betrayal and embarrassment, and it made me understand just how much he was invested in "The Toni... [Read More]
5 Free Tips For Booking Your Own Comedy Tour | ConnectedComedy.com
I’m considering trying to put together a series of shows across the country. What’s the best way to go about booking venues? [Read More]
I’m a moron too, and so are you: DNA interviews Auggie Smith | Antithesis Comedy
Auggie Smith is a name you might have heard rumbling underground if you keep your ear flat to the comedy scene. Smith’s accolades stack up higher than a pile of Charlie Sheen’s coke stash: Bob & Tom favorite, Last Comic Standing, Live at Gotham, winner of 2010 SF International Comedy Competition and winner of 2010 Seattle Comedy Competition. From his roughhewn beginnings in the Portland comedy scene in the early 1990’s to the polished golden set he travels the country with, Smith is a shinin... [Read More]
Sarah Vowell Interview | The A.V. Club
Vowell recently chatted to The A.V. Club about her tangents, what meddling busybodies Americans can be, and not being a jerk in her writing. [Read More]
Charlie Sheen Makes Jimmy Kimmel Live! Walk-On (video)
Charlie Sheen made a "surprise" appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight during an interview with Mark Cuban. [Read More]
Oh Boy, Is Will Arnett the New Michael Scott?
by Adam Frucci Will Arnett, previously teased by Ricky Gervais as his choice for Steve Carell's successor, is officially appearing on the hour-long season finale of the show alongside Gervais. Entertainment Weekly's sources "warn that one shouldn’t assume that just because Gervais and... [Read More]
NBC Unveils Summer Programming Slate
NBC has unveiled its slate of original series programming for Summer 2011 that includes the new alternative series "It's Worth What?" and the second-season debut of "The Marriage Ref." [Read More]
Open Call: GSN’s ‘Lingo’ Hosted by Comedian Bill Engvall
GSN (Game Show Network) is casting two-person teams to be contestants on the new version of "Lingo," hosted by comedian Bill Engvall. If you have a knack for making words and can think on your feet, then this could be the perfect chance... [Read More]
Bill Hader's Report From Inside the South Park Writer's Room
by Adam Frucci Bill Hader helps write South Park, which is written in a much different fashion than the traditional sitcom. They basically shoot ideas around with a small group of friends/writers and then Trey and Matt end up writing every episode. Here's Hader: You just go and it’s like a drea... [Read More]