Tommy Davidson tapped for Adult Swim series
Just because a movie is a box office flop, doesn’t mean it can become an excellent series. At least that’s what the folks at Adult Swim are hoping for their newly slated animated venture Black Dynamite, born from the 2009 motion picture. ... [Read More]
Alec Baldwin Says 30 Rock Is Ending Next Season
..when we asked a last, unrelated question about whether he'd follow Tina Fey's lead and write a book, he dropped a bomb. "I will tell you one thing," he said. "And that is our show next year is our last year of the show." [Read More]
"American: The Bill Hicks Story," Reviewed | IFC
Funny as it is, "American: The Bill Hicks Story" is a deeply moving tragedy about the miserable luck of an absolute genius. And I don't use the word "genius" lightly here. Hicks was like the stand-up comedian version of a five-tool baseball player. He could do it all. He had great timing. He did great impressions. He had amazing physical gifts. His humor came from a distinctive and really unique perspective. And his analysis and critique of American culture rivaled any social commentator of his ... [Read More]
7 Comedians Tell Us The Weirdest Places They've Done Stand-Up (video)
Every time we see a comedian leave the audience roaring with laughter onstage or on TV, it's easy to forget that it took years to hone that skill and foster a truly hilarious act. Part of that process is performing in strange venues, in front of hostile audiences or in just plain bizarre situations that are far less glamorous than that tight act we see on Comedy Central or at The Improv. Last month, during South By Southwest in Austin, TX, we asked several comedians about the weirdest experience... [Read More]
Norm Macdonald Rises Again on Comedy Central ‘Sports Show’ | NYTimes
As off-kilter and off-the-cuff as his comedy can seem, Mr. Macdonald has always sought precise control of it. At “Weekend Update,” he said he was “doing a specific experiment, where I was trying to strip all cleverness from the joke and try and make it as blunt as possible.” He added, “I always told everybody the perfect joke would be where the setup and punch line were identical.” [Read More]
New Doug Stanhope album cover, tracklist revealed
Early last month, we reported about Doug Stanhope signing to metal music label Roadrunner Records and about how he recorded it his first CD/DVD release for the label in a former Nazi hangout in Norway. Today I got the advance copy of the album. I ha... [Read More]
Ray Romano, James Spader join Gervais, Arnett and more in The Office finale
As most of you know, The Office is ending its seventh glorious season on May 19... producers have added Ray Romano, James Spader and Catherine Tate to the hour-long episode. [Read More]
Amy Poehler Will Give Harvard Graduation Address
Amy Poehler has been tapped to give Harvard's class day speech this year, which is technically not the same as the commencement address, but is part of a perhaps more noble comedic tradition: Seth MacFarlane (2006), Sacha Baron Cohen (in character as Ali G in 2004), Al Franken (2002), and Conan O'Brien (2000) have all delivered the same address. [Read More]
Talking Weed and 'Weeds' with Writer/Producers Stephen Falk and Victoria Morrow
in 2005, Showtime premiered a show entirely about weed: dealing, growing, baking, consuming, everything. And the biggest shocker is that the main characters were not your typical gangbangers or drug dealers. Instead, the dealer in question is a suburban mother and widow, trying to keep her family afloat. Weeds remains one of the most honest and funny shows about pot. In honor of stoner comedy week, SplitSider sat with Stephen Falk and Victoria Morrow, writers and Supervising Producers of the sho... [Read More]
A Definitive Guide to Stoner Comedies
By Bradford Evans Ever since Cheech & Chong first took to the screen in the late ‘70s, the stoner comedy has been a popular subgenre in American cinema. Cheech & Chong set up the basic format that most stoner movies have followed ever since: two weed-loving slackers set out on a specific go... [Read More]