The Marc Maron-Chris Hardwick Connection
Recently I listened to Episode 212 of WTF with Marc Maron. The guest on the episode is none other than host of the Nerdist Podcast Chris Hardwick. I decided to listen, thinking it would be fairly similar to the episode of the Nerdist Podcast in which... [Read More]
Ricky Gervais says Steve Carell cameo on “Life’s Too Short” was excruciating (Video)
Ricky Gervias’ new series for HBO, Life’s Too Short — you may have heard a few musings about it already — stars Warwick Davis (Willow, Leprechaun) playing a semi-fictionalized version of himself with Gervais and frequent collaborator Step... [Read More]
Follow-up videos: Comedians join activists at Occupy Wall Street
As the Occupy Wall Street movement enters its fourth week and expands to activist protests in Los Angeles and elsewhere around America, it's becoming more difficult to dismiss this as an unorganized, unmotivated lark. In 2008, the disenchanted masses... [Read More]
SPOTTED: Ted Alexandro Occupying a Wall Street Drum Circle
What do Ted Alexandro and Todd Rundgren have in common? They both want to bang on a drum all day, of course. Ted was SPOTTED on Saturday at Occupy Wall Street, whipping the 99 percenters into a frenzy with some deep tribal beats.  Isn't all thi... [Read More]
Sean Kent wins 2011 San Francisco Comedy Competition
Congratulations go out to Sean Kent, who has become the third stand-up comedian to win both the San Francisco and Seattle comedy competitions. Kent completed the double with his victory last night in Northern California. This year's runners-up from t... [Read More]
Louis CK To Record New Special Next Month
"The material I'm touring now is all new, will be made into a special at Beacon Theater in NYC Nov 10. WORD will be a CD soon," Louie tweeted yesterday. I'm holding out hope for a solid hour of Pootie Tang zingers.---See more posts by Halle Kiefer0 comments... [Read More]
The Laughspin interview with T.J. Miller
Perhaps best known for his vomit-inducing camerawork in Cloverfield, T.J. Miller has been acting and doing comedy for almost as long as he’s been able to legally own a gun. He’s recently appeared in She’s Out of Your Leagueand Yogi Bear, and his firs... [Read More]
Baron Vaughn: “Raised By Cable” (Review)
Baron Vaughn’s debut album Raised By Cable is an hour-long set of highs and lows that will most likely polarize audiences. It’s not that you’ll either love it or hate it; it’s more that you’ll either find it highly interesting, or highly forgettable.... [Read More]
Cringe Humor to Host a Fundraiser for the Late Mike DeStefano
Back in March of 2011, New York City comedian Mike DeStafano passed away after suffering a fatal heart attack. DeStefano was a man who overcame incredible adversity, including drug addiction. Now, folks at Cringe Humor have planned a fundraiser set f... [Read More]
Roseanne inks sitcom deal with NBC
Back in August, we told you that Roseanne Barr, in the midst of the run of her Lifetime reality series Roseanne’s Nuts, was developing a new sitcom. And now, we can tell you that the show landed at NBC! The ensemble comedy, Downwardly Mobile, i... [Read More]