Woody Allen is already thinking beyond 'You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger' | la times
"I always start out thinking I'm going to make the greatest thing in the world, and I always hate my film when I'm finished. It's just automatic," Allen said. [Read More]
Win the first season of Community on DVD | The A.V. Club
The second season of Community will begin airing this Thursday and what better way to study up for it than by pulling an all-nighter to watch Community: The Complete First Season on DVD in its entirety? [Read More]
NBC Taps Mo Mandel For 20-Something Sitcom | Deadline
NBC is taking a chance this development season with a high-concept comedy from up-and-coming comic Mo Mandel. The project, produced by 3 Arts, chronicles what a group of twentysomethings do in the last five years of their lives before the Earth is destroyed by a meteor. [Read More]
John Hodgman Filming Talk Show Pilot for HBO, World Rejoices | Splitsider
The beloved author, comical spokesperson and Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman is shooting a pilot for HBO in New York a week from tomorrow. It will be titled Good Evening, My Name Is John Hodgman. To be shot and directed by Spike Jonze and Lance Bangs, it will be a talk/variety show, and it sounds wonderful. [Read More]
Deaf comedy jam - Highlight Comedy club employs sign language interpreter | Chortle
A comedy club is to introduce a sign-language interpreter to its gigs, to help deaf people enjoy the show. Although signers are not unusual in solo theatre-style shows, Highlight in Leicester is thought to be the first regular stand-up club to employed one. The venue is testing the water with a one-off show next month, but if it takes off could be adopted across the chain’s ten sites. [Read More]
Dead-Frog tracks The Comedy Week in North America
Dead-Frog comedy blogger Todd Jackson may not be blogging as much, but that's because he has been tinkering in his online workshop, and he has figured out how to track stand-up comedy headliners across North America, week by week, in case you're ever wondering when the comedian you like will be performing in a city near you. It's called The Comedy Week. [Read More]
Hannibal Buress shares a short film about his Gathering of the Juggalos experience
For stand-up comedians, hecklers oftentimes seem not so much a nuisance as they are extra material to generate more audience laughs. So imagine what it must have been like for comic and former SNL writer (current 30 Rock scribe) Hannibal Buress to entertain the fine folks at the Gathering of the Juggalos a few weeks ago. [Read More]
Louis C.K. keeps it real and fresh — and funny: Madison, WI show review
Louis C.K. is more saying out loud what we deeply hope we're not thinking, but suspect that, in our direst moments, we might. And yet no matter how dark or raunchy his material gets, there's always a smile tucking up the corner of C.K.'s mouth, as if he knows what he's saying is wrong, he can't help it, and that makes it OK." [Read More]
Mike Sacks ("And Here’s the Kicker," "Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk") Interview
While many people dream of being on David Letterman or hosting Saturday Night Live, Mike wondered who wrote all the jokes and sketches he was enjoying. Following his inquisitive nature through college led Mike down a path of freelance writing humor pieces and eventually landed him an editorial position at Vanity Fair. From there, he became a member of The Pleasure Syndicate, a humor writing group consisting of Scott Jacobson of The Daily Show, Todd Levin from The Tonight Show, Jason Roeder of Th... [Read More]
'Outsourced' Creator Ken Kwapis Defends Indians' Portrayal
"Are we trying to perpetuate stereotypes? Absolutely not, we're trying to explore them. We're trying to humanize these characters. This is all about putting a human face on the voice at the other end of the phone line. What frustrates me most is when I hear people who are angry about outsourcing and they hang the problem on the call-center workers themselves. As if the Indian call-center worker has the power to decide to bring jobs there! My hope is that for an audience, the show will allow you ... [Read More]