Stephen Colbert will host primary rally with Herman Cain
Stephen Colbert’s camp announced tonight that the Comedy Central star will host a primary rally with former presidential hopeful Herman Cain. It’s being dubbed The Rock Me Like A Hermain Cain: South Cain-Olina Primary Rally and is set to ... [Read More]
Herman Cain Has Joined Forces and Possibly Identities With Stephen Colbert
Herman Cain will tape a segment with Stephen Colbert in South Carolina on Friday, having enjoyed Colbert's Super PAC's recent endorsement. Even though Cain's out of the race, his name is still on the ballot in South Carolina, and Colbert has said that “Anybody who shares my values can show it by vot... [Read More]
Melissa McCarthy Just Sold Her Second Pilot to CBS in Four Months
Melissa McCarthy is on some kind of crazy world domination trip, man. She's already sold one pilot to CBS a few months back, and now she's sold another one about a 37-year-old man who moves back in with his parents. To be fair, McCarthy's only an executive producer of this latest script, which was w... [Read More]
Ricky Gervais Is Still Swearing He Won't Host the Golden Globes Anymore
Ricky Gervais said months ago that this year's Golden Globes would be his last, and now he's confirming it. "It's like a parachute jump. You can only really enjoy it in retrospect when you realise you didn't die and it was quite an amazing thing to do," he said. Yes, I agree, an amazing thing that o... [Read More]
On SOPA awareness day, throwing stones in Glass houses.
Hi, it’s your friendly editor here. Yesterday, one of the big boys in this comedy blogging game, Laughspin, publicly accused The Advocate of plagiarizing their article about Todd Glass coming out. There were some glaring similarities, most noticably in the quo... [Read More]
Meet the first two stars of Sarah Silverman’s new pilot for NBC
The casting process has begun for Sarah Silverman’s upcoming, still-untitled single-camera comedy for NBC. Harris Wittels will play Harris Wittels, a tenant in Silverman’s character’s apartment building, and June Diane Raphael is set to play Chelsea,... [Read More]
David Koechner Inks NBC Talent Deal, Eyes Greg Daniels' 'Friday Night Dinner' & 'Office' -
David Koechner has signed a talent holding deal with NBC. Under the pact, he is attached to star in Greg Daniels’ comedy project Friday Night Dinner and possibly do more episodes of The Office, where he has appeared occasionally since the second season. [Read More]
Dana Gould on Jimmy Kimmel Live
On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dana Gould wondered about the benefits of plastic surgery. I'll bet you he hasn't had any work done. Also, it's about time somebody made a joke about Stephen Hawking that wasn't cliche! Leave it to Mr. Dana Gould. Roll the clip!... [Read More]
Review: Showtime’s ‘Inside Comedy’ is a functional look at a wholly dysfunctional art
After watching three episodes of Showtime’s new behind-the-curtain series, Inside Comedy, any rational entertainment goer will conclude, whether you like the series or not, that documentarian Ken Burns doesn’t need to do a series called C... [Read More]
Ricky Gervais is out, so who should host the Golden Globes next year?
If there’s one thing that makes award shows palatable, it’s Ricky Gervais at the hosting helm. He rarely shies away from skewering Hollywood’s finest, from Kim Kardashian to Mel Gibson. So I have to admit to being fairly bummed that Gervais apparentl... [Read More]