Paul Rudd embraces his role in My Idiot Brother (video)
"My Idiot Brother" surprised many during its Saturday night premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival by being a bit more heartwarming than the pre-screening buzz had indicated. After talking to director Jesse Peretz and star Paul Rudd, that shouldn't have come as a surprise. In fact, the movie turned out to be something of a family and friend affair. Take five minutes to check out Rudd and Peretz's thoughts on "Brother" and their relief of the film's big sale to The Weinstein Company just h... [Read More]
ABC Picks Up Two Comedy Pilots - "Lost and Found" and "Work It"
Work It follows two unemployed car salesmen who come to realize it’s to their benefit to pose as women and take jobs as pharmaceutical sales reps. ABC also picked up Lost and Found, the pilot follows a New York bartender and a “party girl” whose biological son, whom she gave up for adoption, returns to shake up her life. [Read More]
Interpreting Feedback
So I just finished a level 2 improv class this past Sunday--I felt pretty good about it! Really rode some serious synergy waves that night. After the graduation show, my instructor pulled everybody aside for some one-on-one notes. He said I should tr... [Read More]
Why More Women Should Write Comedy: A Mathematical (But Not Boring) Study
by Sarah Schneider The notion that women aren’t funny is as old as the people still bringing it up. These days in comedy, funny women are everywhere. And yet the men writing comedy still outnumber the women by a wide margin. So while the idea that women aren’t funny has been soundly defeated, a new ... [Read More]
Stand-Up Month Interview: Dan Levy
Lower case letters are for the weak. A man who uses all upper case letters is a man who knows what he wants. He needs no shift keys, just a CAPS LOCK. If you were looking for such a man, look no further than stand-up Dan Levy. He answered all our qu... [Read More]
Funny or Die, HBO repeat as Sundance short-film winner with "Brick Novax's Diary"
Looks like the jury at the Sundance Film Festival has the same sense of humor as the folks at Funny or Die, because for the second straight year, they've picked a short from FoD's Funny or Die Presents on HBO series as the best of the fest.... [Read More]
Meet Me In New York: Sheng Wang
What do they say about New York City: There are eight million stories, and sometimes it seems as though eight million of the people telling them think they're comedians? No, that's not it. It is a fact, though, that America's biggest c... [Read More]
A Day in the Life of Julie Klausner, a Woman in Comedy
by Julie Klausner (Ghostwritten by Alex Scordelis, a man) 3 AM: My alarm goes off. Women in comedy have to be early risers! My alarm clock is a giant TV screen that plays this, the perfect sketch, to wake me up and inspire me. 3:30 AM: Commence the baking! I pop a batch of blueberry muffins in the o... [Read More]
Poor Mike Birbiglia Is Now Living in a Macy's Window
by Adam Frucci In a relatively perplexing publicity stunt for Ultra Downy April Fresh, Mike Birbiglia is living in a window display at the 34th street Macy's for a week, starting this morning. You can watch him live on the internet here, if you can get the stream working, which I cannot. But I ... [Read More]
Comedians launch tour to promote sobriety, seek funds for documentary
One of my favorite web entities these days is Kickstarter, an organization that facilitates crowd-sourced fundraising for projects of any and all varieties. That’s no exaggeration: users can help support films, the invention of edible and vegan cups,... [Read More]