A Tight 5ive Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter Interview
Dylan Gadino of Punchline Magazine interviews Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter on Rooftop Comedy. [Read More]
Simon & Schuster taps Greg Fitzsimmons to write memoir | the comic's comic
Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons has a treasure trove of disciplinary letters sent to him from teachers, school officials, rejection letters, newspaper reviews and more -- and he'll be putting them to use again in retelling his life story as a memoir, Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons. Simon & Schuster bought the book idea at auction, negotiated with The Steinberg Agency and United Talent Agency. Publication date: 2010. [Read More]
Ricky Gervais: "I can't stand Brit comedy" | The Sun
Ricky Gervais says British TV comedy is so bad he cannot bear to watch it. The Office star, 48, reckons our shows are just lazy copies of more ambitious US series. In a scathing attack he also claimed American comedy is more sophisticated than home-grown attempts at humour. Fed-up Ricky added: "I don't watch TV comedy in the UK anymore. We've got some poor copies of Curb Your Enthusiasm, some poor copies of Entourage and some poor copies of Seinfeld. With a few exceptions the Americans seem to b... [Read More]
Interview with Mike Sacks, author of "And Here's the Kicker.." | The Brooklyn Paper
What makes something funny? And, more important, how can you get your screenplay made? Park Slope writer Mike Sacks wanted to know the answer to both questions, so he called up dozens of our top humor writers — from TV, movies, books, stories and even Kazakhstan (we're kidding!) — and asked them. From the great Harold Ramis ("Ghostbusters") to Marx Brothers writer Irving Brecher to Woody Allen's pal Marshall Brickman to "Borat" co-writer Dan Mazer, laughmeisters offered tips, secrets and sto... [Read More]
Comedy Central's Jokes.com Launches Stand-Up Comedy Video Contest | STAGE TIME Magazine
COMEDY CENTRAL's Jokes.com has launched Open Mic Challenge, the monthly multi-platform-themed stand-up video challenge gives users the opportunity to upload homemade stand-up videos that will be featured on Jokes.com, comedycentral.com, Facebook and mobile handsets. Some of the best videos, selected by users as well as the COMEDY CENTRAL and Jokes.com staff, will be announced and featured on-air on COMEDY CENTRAL. [Read More]
Under Conan O'Brien, "Tonight Show" Audience Grows Younger | NYTimes
In Mr. O'Brien's first month as host, the median age of "Tonight Show" viewers has fallen by a decade — to 45 from 55, a startling shift in such a short time. This audience composition means advertisers can now address almost exclusively young viewers on "Tonight," and NBC is already contemplating a shift in how it sells the show. [Read More]
VH1's "Great Debate" week copies familiar concept | the comic's comic
Tonight, VH1 kicks off five nights of comedians and celebrities debating pop culture icons in a new series called The Great Debate. If it seems like it's VH1's attempt to put its own "I Love the 80s" spin on 2008's Comedy Central show, Lewis Black's Root of All Evil, well, then you had the same thought that I had. In fact, the show does come from the "I Love the" folks, so it's not that much of a stretch Even if we feel like we've seen it all before. And we have. [Read More]
Ventriloquist Carla Rhodes manipulates pop culture | The Courier-Journal
Keith Richards is hanging from the chandelier, and Mick Jagger is throwing money everywhere in a tiny New York apartment. Enter their roommate: Carla Rhodes, a petite woman with wild, red curly hair. She scolds them for their lack of control — and for making her computer freeze on the American Association of Retired Persons Web site. It's a scene from the new Web show "Positively 5th Street," starring Rhodes, 27, a rising star and rock 'n' roll ventriloquist, along with two very convincing Mic... [Read More]
Kathy Griffin Announced as Joan Rivers Roast Master | Comedy Central Insider
Comedic icon and COMEDY CENTRAL Roastee Joan Rivers is in for one fiery evening. COMEDY CENTRAL announced today that double Emmy Award-winning and Grammy-nominated comedienne Kathy Griffin has been tapped as Roast Master for this year's "COMEDY CENTRAL Roast Of Joan Rivers." The event tapes in Los Angeles at CBS Studios - Radford on Sunday, July 26. The "COMEDY CENTRAL Roast Of Joan Rivers" airs on Sunday, August 9 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. [Read More]
Deadpan tips turn hosting on its head; Comedian Amy Sedaris offers offbeat hints | ajc.com
Amy Sedaris, a comedian who has developed a cult following on the Comedy Central cable channel, drew about 400 people to hear her plug her book, "I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence." About 200 unlucky souls were turned away at the door. Sedaris is something of a domestic goddess —- Martha Stewart minus the mannerisms, the money and those roasted plums with creme fraiche. A peasant Martha Stewart, if you will. [Read More]