Meet Me In New York: Louis Katz
Louis Katz hit the daily double this week, releasing both a digital album via Comedy Central Records and his first half-hour Comedy Central Presents. I first got to see him live a couple of years ago when he came to New Jersey to film a set for HBO's Down and Dirty with Jim Norton. Doug Stanhope gives him a testimonial for his new CD. Katz also has a seal of approval from Dave Attell, and that should be good enough for you. And like Attell, Katz is a New Yorker now. [Read More]
Gallagher collapse caught on camera (video) | TMZ
The moment Gallagher collapsed on stage last night was captured on camera. An audience member was filming the show on his mobile phone when the 64-year-old comic fell to the ground after his trademark routine of smashing a watermelon with a mallet. The footage has now been passed to celebrity website, which has posted it online.. [Read More]
53 Of Our Favorite Female Comedians (PHOTOS) | HuffingtonPost
In honor of International Women's Day and the upcoming Women In Comedy Festival in Boston, we wanted to put together a list of some of our favorite female comedians. The only problem is we ran out of time to add the couple hundred more we wanted to include. So, we admit that this list is by no means complete. Nevertheless, we hope it puts a little bit of a damper on the notion that funny women are few and far between. As you click through, you'll see some faces you recognize as well as, possibly... [Read More]
Resource: 5 Non-Fiction Films / TV Shows about Stand-Up Comedy | Joel Buxton's Premise PUNCH Tag
This Friday’s resource is a companion article to last week’s 5 Fictional Films and TV Shows About Stand-Up Comedy. This week we will look at the non-fiction side of the coin. [Read More]
Eagleheart - Season One review | The A.V. Club
But even in the episodes that don’t work, there’s plenty to like around the edges of Eagleheart. The show has a healthily sardonic attitude toward the crime shows it offers a spin on, with the marshal characters able to get away with even murder, simply because they’re marshals. Plus, it’s just nice to have Elliott back on TV on a weekly basis. His laconic persona has always made for good laughs, even when he was in utter dross, and he dials everything even further back here, until you’re quite ... [Read More]
Dave Foley fears arrest, owes $500,000 in child-support
“My income has dropped in the last 10 years, as anyone can tell from the number of s---ty movies I’ve been in,” says Foley. “I’m not exactly picking and choosing my projects.” However, four years ago, Superior Justice Nancy Backhouse denied his motion to vary his support payments. He believes his payments might have been sustainable if he could have landed another gig as lucrative as the lead on NewsRadio. ..once taxes and a 20 per cent commission are factored in, he has to earn $40,000 per mont... [Read More]
Gilda's Club Grand Rapids' Laughfest kicked off Thursday night
LaughFest is officially underway. All the proceeds from the ten day comedy festival go to Gilda's Club Grand Rapids to support people with cancer. Comedians are performing all over the city. Betty White and Bill Cosby are the headliners. LaughFest provided rubber chickens Thursday night. There were thousand rubber chickens sitting on tables for people to take and toss. Hundreds of people in Grand Rapids lined up to try to beat the world record in chicken chucking. Folks were at Rosa Parks Circl... [Read More]
Gallagher collapses during Minnesota show, hospitalized
Gallagher is hospitalized in Minnesota after collapsing during a performance. Todd Powers, owner of Whiskey Bone's Roadhouse in Rochester, said the 64-year-old Gallagher collapsed in the middle of a show there Thursday night. A witness, Chris Blade, told the Rochester Post-Bulletin that Gallagher had complained of pain in his left arm and shortness of breath earlier in the evening. Blade said Gallagher was responsive when emergency crews were taking him out of the club. [Read More]
Comedy manager Lisa Blum leaves The Collective to join New Wave Entertainment
Deadline reported today that manager Lisa Blum had joined New Wave Entertainment, taking her client roster of comedians and comedic actors with her from The Collective. Blum's biggest-name (and most active) client is Marlon Wayans -- she's ... [Read More]
Funny or Die Expands Into Books
by Adam Frucci Funny or Die just announced that it's adding a publishing arm to its operations, planning to work with authors to get their original humor writing published. Their first release will be "an e-book that will satirize the world of celebrity," written by Mike Sacks and the... [Read More]