Celebrating Anchorman's Brick Tamland
If you're the lead in a comedy, you absolutely need to watch your back, as more and more it's the supporting characters, without the pressure of carrying the film, who appear to be having the most fun. But is there a finer supporting comedy character in recent times than weatherman Brick Tamland? [Read More]
Quincy Newell, 'Why We Laugh': Comedy, Race, and Positive Representation
‘Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy' is a sweeping account of the evolution of black comedy in America. Inspired by comedian Darryl Littleton's book, directors Robert Townsend and Quincy Newell have crafted a no-holds-barred documentary that is both an insider's take and a critical examination of the cultural influence of black comedy. [Read More]
review - Jimmy Fallon, Much Improved
The new year means new opportunities, even for web content you've previously dismissed. And so in today's Station Conversation, Jill Weinberger and Liz Shannon Miller revisit future Late Night host Jimmy Fallon's ongoing web prelude to his on-air series - which definitely gets their vote for Most Improved. [Read More]
"Make 'Em Laugh" on PBS, dvd this week
It is the exploration of the unexpected thematic connections across generations of comedians — from Bob Hope to Woody Allen; from Buster Keaton to Lucille Ball; from Phil Silvers to Paul Lynde to Redd Foxx — that provides the structure of "Make 'Em Laugh" and gives it an excuse to showcase some of the funniest American performers of the past century. The series is released on dvd Tuesday and premiers on PBS Wednesday. [Read More]
KC improv troupes go head-to-head in a comedy smackdown
Improv ebbs and flows in Kansas City, and right now it's really, really flowing. Some argue it's getting better locally even as it gets bigger. [Read More]
Sacha Baron Cohen's black Jesus to shock America
Sacha Baron Cohen, who has been sued by several people who featured in his film Borat, will be ready for similar reactions after the release of the big-screen debut of his character Bruno. [Read More]
Connecticut Comedy Clubs Are Popular Again. Wonder Why?
In its original incarnation, during the comedy boom of the 1980s, the Joker's Wild had been an important stop on the comedy circuit: Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence all performed there. The re-opening on Wooster Street is one more sign of the healthy state of stand-up in Connecticut. [Read More]
'Hee-Haw' comedy duo member Jon Hager dead at 67
Jon Hager, who performed in the musical comedy duo The Hager Twins on "Hee-Haw," has died. He was 67. Sam Lovullo, who produced "Hee-Haw" and was a friend of Hager's, said Hager was found dead in his apartment Friday morning. He was found in bed and apparently died in his sleep. [Read More]
Roseanne premieres new radio show in LA
Roseanne Barr has launched a new weekly radio show on Los Angeles' mega-progressive station KPFK 90.7 FM. [Read More]