Amanda Seales on Late Night with Seth Meyers
Catcalling still happens, and Amanda Seales wants us to know it’s still not considered a compliment. Seales performed Monday on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and also explained why Donald Trump could not possibly look good for his age, let alone good for his money. Roll the clip. [Read More]
'This has been a huge error!'
Romesh Ranganathan sells just 200 tickets in a 5,900-seat venue [Read More]
Tim Baltz Heads to a Roy Moore Rally in Alabama on ‘The Opposition’
Here’s a clip from last night’s The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, where Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz heads down to Alabama to speak with voters about Senate candidate Roy Moore but mostly just hang out with his fellow Moore supporters at a rally where everyone agrees that it’s ac... [Read More]
A cracker of a joke?
Winners of Gold's festive gag contest revealed [Read More]
ABC Orders a Family Comedy from Kenya Barris, Julie Bean, and Alec Baldwin
ABC just handed out a straight-to-series order to a new comedy from Black-ish creator Kenya Barris and Julie Bean with Alec Baldwin attached to potentially star. According to Deadline, the multi-cam series is written by Barris and Bean and centers on “a stuck-in-his-ways, opinionated, fading T... [Read More]
How to Be Good at Comedy, by Johnny G: Comedian and Owner of House of Yuks, Canton Ohio’s #1 Choice for Comedy, by Luke Schneider
So you’re funny around the water cooler, huh? You think you got what it takes to make it big in showbiz? Well, take some notes and listen closely, because you’re about to get some tips that’ll help you make the big time in this breakneck industry. A little about me: I’ve been... [Read More]
Tig Notaro on Louis C.K.’s Removal from ‘One Mississippi’: “It’s a Huge Relief”
Back in August, Tig Notaro spoke up about the long-running Louis C.K. rumors, saying in interviews with Time and The Daily Beast that she thought it was important for C.K. to “take care of” the rumors by addressing them directly. C.K. responded to Notaro’s comments soon after ... [Read More]
Inside ‘Snowy Bing Bongs Across the North Star Combat Zone’ with Cocoon Central Dance Team
In their new film, Snowy Bing Bongs Across the North Star Combat Zone, the ladies of Cocoon Central Dance Team execute the daintiest fart joke I’ve ever seen. Sunita Mani, Tallie Medel, and Eleanore Pienta stretch out luxuriously on a soundstage beach, their graceful movements undercut by exag... [Read More]