Alexei Sayle, Dolly Parton and payback time for critics: Edinburgh festival 2017 shows – in pictures
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Simon Brodkin: ‘I ate some off tuna and ended up in an ambulance’
The prankster character comic behind Lee Nelson dishes the dirt on the things that make him laugh the mostJerry Sadowitz. His seething, bile-fuelled, offend-all-and-don’t-give-a-fig approach to standup floats my boat. Continue reading...... [Read More]
Kiri Pritchard-McLean review – thorny issues tackled with sharp wit
Pleasance CourtyardVoluntary work with vulnerable children is an unlikely subject for comedy but this show is packed with plenty of insights – and laughsEven at a festival where comedians routinely tackle thorny subjects, the matter of Kiri Pritchard-McLean’s new show feels unlikely: App... [Read More]
Insecure’s Costume Designer Ayanna James Talks About The Show’s Fashion Choices, On The Ignant Agenda Podcast
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Dave Johns review – heartwarming tale of late-in-life change from I, Daniel Blake star
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Why I wrote a comedy show about incontinence | Elaine Miller
As a physiotherapist, I know a third of women don’t have reliable body control. I wanted to raise awareness of this taboo subject at Edinburgh festivalI’m a physiotherapist, and as a fresh-faced graduate, my ambition was to work in elite sports. I did it, too, thriving on team spirit, tr... [Read More]
Amanda Seales Returns To The Breakfast Club: Shares ‘Smart, Funny, And Black’ Series Still In The Works, And Revealed She Auditioned For ‘Girls Trip’
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Aditi Mittal review – sharp reality checks amid Bollywood and Kama Sutra gags
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