John Cleese announces dates for 'Final Wave at the World or The Alimony Tour' | Chortle
John Cleese is planning a world tour to help pay off the £12million his third divorce will cost him. Yesterday it was announced that he has finalised the terms of his divorce from third wife Alyce Eichelberger, handing over assets worth $13 million, followed by alimony of $1 million a year for the next seven years. The settlement is said to represent more than half of Cleese's total wealth. So far 15 American dates have been announced for his Final Wave at the World or The Alimony Tour, Year One... [Read More]
'Aborted' Family Guy episode goes public | Chortle
The cast of Family Guy are to perform a live version of the notorious abortion episode deemed too contentious for TV. Executives at the Fox network have chosen not to air the episode, in which matriarch Lois agrees to be a surrogate mother - but then has to decide what t do with the foetus when the friend she is carrying the baby for unexpectedly dies. But now actors including creator Seth MacFarlane are to stage a public reading of the script at Hollywood's Ricardo Montalban Theatre next Wednes... [Read More]
Sacha Baron Cohen to play Eurovision singer in next movie | Chortle
Sacha Baron Cohen is set to play an outrageous Eurovision singer for his next movie. He had originally planned a plot in which he entered the contest for Austria in his Bruno alter-ego. But since he has decided to put the camp creation to rest, he is now dreaming up a new character for the mockumentary. [Read More]
Aborted! Fox pulls Family Guy episode about abortion | Chortle
A Family Guy episode has been pulled from broadcast because it revolves around abortion. The Fox network had previously given creator Seth MacFarlane and his team the go-ahead to make the contentious episode - but has since decided it does not want to air it. The episode, Partial Terms of Endearment, had been penciled in as the tenth episode in series eight, which starts in the US in late September. [Read More]
More Burgundy? Will Ferrell says Anchorman sequel may be on the cards | Chortle
"We have talked about setting it in the Eighties. Do you try to change it up and try a different era, or is it better seeing these guys stuck in the Seventies? I don't know yet." [Read More]
Richard Herring to sue The Guardian for suggesting his act is racist? | Chortle
Richard Herring is considering taking legal action against the Guardian after an article suggested his act was racist. A pre-Edinburgh piece by comedy reviewer Brian Logan entitled The New Offenders Of Stand-Up Comedy mentioned a podcast and stand-up routine in which Herring expressed a ‘purported hatred of Pakistanis' and another routine in which he ‘claims to support the BNP's policy to deport all black people from the UK'. Elsewhere it said: ‘This year, veteran comic Richard Herring is ... [Read More]
Jonah Hill: 'I could never be a stand-up' | Chortle
Movie comedian Jonah Hill has given up hopes of a career in stand-up - because he was terrible at it. He spent six months performing at American comedy clubs for his role in the new movie Funny People, along with his co-star Seth Rogen. But Hill admits that he got heckled a lot and that Rogen - who started his career as a stand-up - far outclassed him on stage. [Read More]
Review of Latitude 2009 Festival | Chortle
Latitude is the festival you get when you do everything right. It's a manageable size, in a glorious wooded location around a picturesque lake, and everything from the good cheer of the security staff to the zeal to recycle everything - leading to a near litter-free site - makes the whole experience a joy, A better class of festival attracts a better class of punter, too; there may be a touch of Guardianista smugness to it all, but that's a small price to pray for the very low drunken twat index... [Read More]
A Monty Python reunion.. of sorts | Chortle
Monty Python stars Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam are to appear in a one-off London concert to celebrate the show's 40th anniversary. But John Cleese will not be appear at the European premiere of Idle's musical Not The Messiah (He's A Very Naughty Boy) at the Royal Albert Hall on October 23. He said he had prior engagements. [Read More]