Chelsea Handler departing ‘Chelsea Lately’ after her contract expires
After plenty of speculation, it has now been made official, Chelsea Handler will be leaving Chelsea Lately once her contract wraps up. Handler’s manager, Irving Azoff, made the announcement official, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “Chelsea intends to leave when her contract expires. She... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert inspires #CancelColbert hashtag on Twitter, because people hate context (Video)
If the misinformed #CancelColbert campaign teaches us anything, it should be that the premise of a joke is just as important as its punch line. Twitter erupted Thursday evening when The Colbert Report’s official Twitter page tweeted a joke from Wednesday night’s episode. On the show, Ste... [Read More]
E! becomes the latest culprits in joke theft, steals from ‘Nikki & Sara Live’
The other day, it had been pointed out that E! had allegedly stolen a bit from the MTV show Nikki & Sara LIVE. The bit that was started in season one centered around co-hosts Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer working the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, delightfully spoofing entertainment news p... [Read More]
'How I Met Your Mother' Creators Apologize for Racist Episode
by Bradford Evans The latest episode of CBS's How I Met Your Mother, which aired Monday night, has caused a bit of controversy. The episode involved Jason Segel's character traveling to China in a parody of kung fu films that saw cast members Cobie Smulders, Josh Radnor (pictured), and Alyson Hannig... [Read More]
Natasha Leggero isn’t sorry about a Pearl Harbor joke she made on New Year’s Eve Special
With the popularity of the social web, it seems everyone can weigh in on something. A great idea for things like citizen journalism. But it’s also opened the world up for a lot of often misguided criticism. Let’s go back a few days to New Year’s Eve on NBC and talk about comedian N... [Read More]
Comic Relief in hot water after investing in alcohol, tobacco, and guns
Looks like Comic Relief was looking for relief in all the wrong places. The British charity “Comedy Relief” was founded in 1985 and works hard to raise and donate millions of pounds each year to those in need. However, a recent BBC documentary found that while the charity preaches cuttin... [Read More]
China Is Demanding More From Jimmy Kimmel Over Child's Joke
by Elise Czajkowski Jimmy Kimmel Live continues to be criticized over a recent joke made by a child on the show. In a segment from Oct. 16, Kimmel asked several of six- and seven-year-olds what the US should do about its $1.3 trillion debt to China, to which one child replied, "K... [Read More]
The White House Will Be Forced to "Investigate" a Joke From 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
by Elise Czajkowski Last week, ABC issued an apology for a child's remark about China from the October 16 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Nevertheless, a petition calling for the White House to "investigate" the show continued to grow, and it has now acquired the 100,000 signatures required for t... [Read More]
ABC Apologizes for a Kid's Remark in a 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Segment
by Bradford Evans ABC has apologized for an unscripted remark made by a child during a Jimmy Kimmel Live segment that aired earlier this month. The offending comment was made during the October 16th show in a segment called "Kids' Table," which involved Kimmel having a political conversation with a ... [Read More]
New Jersey’s supreme court doesn’t want this judge to be a comedian (poll)
Note to self, if you want to moonlight as a stand-up comedian in New Jersey, you need to make sure your day job isn’t as a part-time municipal judge. Yesterday the NJ Supreme Court ruled that Vince Sicari, a part-time municipal judge, would have to step down from the bench if he wants to conti... [Read More]