Raspberry Brothers and the many spawn of MST3K | the comic's comic
Jerm Pollet had a successful multi-year run making fun of movies before a live audience in Austin, Texas, and now that he's spending more time in New York City, he has recruited and launched a new group of comedians here called Raspberry Brothers. This is their debut weekend at the Chelsea Cinemas, with midnight mockings of Dirty Dancing on Fridays and Saturdays through May 2, with future films to follow. Of course, the Raspberry Brothers aren't the first nor the last to take a cult movie (good ... [Read More]
John Heffron's advice for new stand-ups: don't suck | the comic's comic
The easiest, shortest answer is "Get onstage as much as possible." It's in the doing that you'll find your way, or learn that you should not be a stand-up comedian. John Heffron, who won the second season of NBC's Last Comic Standing, recently gave an even shorter piece of advice to a newbie: "Don't suck." Upon further reflection, Heffron has offered up 10 tips that any beginning comedian should consider when taking to the stage in front of a live audience. [Read More]
Steve Agee / @steveagee completes the Agee5k | Punchline Magazine
At 10: 58 pm EST Saturday (7:58 pm his time) The Sarah Silverman Program's Steve Agee fulfilled his promise to read every one of his Twitter followers. The self challenge started when @steveagee announced that if he were to reach 5,000 followers by midnight Friday, he would read every one of his follower's names on a video blog. Because the logistics of posting a multi-hour vlog would be a nightmare, Agee later decided — thankfully — to simply stream the whole ordeal live. He began reading ... [Read More]
Party Down: A Premium Comedy | Dead-Frog
Starz new comedy "Party Down" has been a lot of fun, despite my initial worries about it being yet another show about show business. But the show, which revolves around a crew of a catering company who all have other aspirations (or once had them, in one case), nicely reflects the outer edges of the Hollywood dream. Meaning: you might as well not be having one. There's a little talk about audtions and scripts but very little about showbiz egos, power or anything of that sort. [Read More]
Toque-wearing brothers Bob and Doug McKenzie return to TV as animated hosers
The McKenzie brothers return to TV on Sunday in the animated Global series "Bob & Doug," finally getting a full half-hour of airtime after debuting as time-killer between "SCTV" skits on CBC-TV in 1980. Dave Thomas says neither he nor co-creator Rick Moranis thought much of the characters when they first created them. "It was just filler, we didn't think it was important." [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon to receive degree from College of Saint Rose
Former Saturday Night Live star and current "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon will finally get his diploma. The former College of Saint Rose student will receive his Bachelor's degree at commencement ceremonies on May 9 at SPAC. [Read More]
Rob Corddry takes trip down memory lane | The Daily Evergreen
The former ‘Daily Show' correspondent remembers his college days and discusses how he's grown through the years. "The best thing was doing really relevant comedy, being able to make fun of stuff that you read about that morning," he said. "I will probably never get the chance to do that again. I guess the only other chance I'll ever have to do that is on Twitter, and I don't. I do poop jokes on Twitter." [Read More]
HBO signing up for Women's Studies | Entertainment | Television | Reuters
HBO is exploring gender politics with "Women's Studies," a comedy project from former "Daily Show" and "Colbert Report" executive producer Ben Karlin and "NYPD Blue" alumna Theresa Rebeck. "Studies" is being developed as a potential starring vehicle for Tony winner Julie White and centers on a onetime famous author who, after a tumultuous period as a feminist It Girl, is now a professor at a small liberal arts college in the Northeast. [Read More]
Nudist comedy group makes N.Y. debut | Washington Square News
It's like some kind of glorious, awkward, hilarious candy store — of dicks. The monthly Naked Comedy Showcase at The Peoples Improv Theater, which consists of eight fluctuating members, has recently opened here in New York. [Read More]
Eugene Mirman to open for Conchords | Indiana Daily Student
Eugene Mirman said that as a child, he wanted to be either a computer programmer, a pirate or a comedian. He attended Hampshire College, created his own major - comedy - and performed a one-hour standup as his thesis. [Read More]